Kensi ducked in and out of the aisles at the general pharmacy that catered to anyone who had last minute bits and pieces to buy as well as general items. Deeks was out in the car impatiently waiting for her to grab whatever it was she needed and get back out so they could head back to OSP, but she was having troubles locating exactly what it was she needed. She was half jogging down the second to last aisle when she had to double back a few feet to grab a bag of Dove chocolates and then continued on. The chocolates would serve as a distraction for her real purchase. She didn't need her partner questioning her on that one. Finally she came to the end of the aisle and she spotted what she needed. Double A batteries. She grabbed the 20-pack and jogged her way back up to the check-out counter, nipping up a pack of winter mint gum to use as leverage if needed. Once she'd forked over the money in exchange for the white plastic bag that carried her items, she headed back out to the car, trying to put on her cool and collected face. When she arrived at her car she climbed into the driver's seat and unceremoniously tossed the bag as far back as possible into the car, hoping it would be out of his reach.

"About time woman!" Deeks whined with his arms crossed over his chest, giving her a rather impressive pouting face. "I was beginning to think that maybe you'd gotten lost in there or something!"

"Nope," Kensi chirped while digging the keys out to start the car.

"So what'd you get anyway?" Deeks asked, perking up just a little. "Oooooh! Anything for me?!" He started to reach back but she slapped him hard on the hand before he could grab the bag. "Ow!"

"If you peak, I'm not giving you what I bought you…" Kensi threatened, trying to sound confident, but really more worried that he'll still peak. Her concern was valid when he proved traitorous after they'd gotten on the road and he snapped up the bag before she could stop him. "DEEKS!"

Kensi reached across to try and steal the bag back, but the car swerved some and he pulled the bag out of reach.

"Tut, tut, tut," Deeks shook his finger at her in a disappointed gesture. "You drive, I'll take a look in the bag."

Kensi frowned and squirmed a little in her seat.

"Let's see here," Deeks practically stuck his head in the bag along with a hand to sort it all out. "Chocolate… check. Ooooo, my favorite gum! Check. Batteries?" He glanced up at her to see she was keeping her face neutral.

"Yeah for my flashlight," Kensi countered, trying to keep her chin high.

"Flashlight… right…" Deeks gave her a raised eyebrow. "I bet you couldn't even locate your 'flashlight' in that apartment of yours."

"I can too!" Kensi huffed. "It's… under the kitchen sink!"

"Nope, I put it in the top drawer of your bedside table," Deeks grinned.

"But – " Kensi's mouth slammed shut in consternation. "Well, my TV remote ran out of batteries as well."

"Now that I would believe if I hadn't heard your TV in the background on the phone this morning and I know you wouldn't actually get up to change the channel or turn it on," Deeks countered and deeply enjoyed the frustrated flush creeping up onto his partner's cheeks. She really was hot as hell when she was angry and that's when it hit him. "Oh my God… it's for – "

"Don't even say it!" Kensi half screeched. "Don't!"

"Your – "


"SEX TOY!" Deeks practically shouted to be heard over his partner.

"What?! No…" Kensi countered and even she could hear how lame her response sounded.

"Wow… I mean – wow…" Deeks whistled under his breath and when she glanced over at him he appeared to be looking at her in a whole new light.

"Stop thinking whatever it is you're thinking or I will kill you," Kensi growled, slugging him hard in the shoulder.

"Ow! Hey!" Deeks whined. "So is it an external vibrator or one of those animal themed ones that – OW!"

Kensi had slugged him again and he was sure his arm was never going to heal from the second punch.

"No more talking," Kensi huffed, straightening her back and refocusing on the road before her. "Talk and you will wish you hadn't."

Deeks gave her another pouting face before taking the gum from the bag and eating a piece to distract his mouth from saying anymore. He remained quiet but thoughtful all the way back to OSP and even through paperwork, but he noticed Kensi still gave him suspicious glances as if waiting for the dam of sense to break and the questions to spill forth, but he kept his mouth shut. At least until they'd climbed back into her car on the way to the boat shed to interview a suspect.

"Why would you even need something like that?" Deeks finally spilled.

Kensi's shoulders tightened before she sighed and released the tension. She knew it was only a matter of time and maybe if she answered his questions he'd forget about it altogether.

"Just a bit of a dry spell is all," she answered casually.

"I find it hard to believe that you don't have men lining up and begging to be with you, especially twenty batteries worth," Deeks commented.

Kensi just shrugged and tried to look blasé. "I guess we've just had a large caseload lately and I don't have time to go out and meet guys and then they end up wanting something more and I'm just not into that level of complicated right now."

Deeks nodded and looked thoughtful. Frankly, he was thrilled that she wasn't out meeting new guys every other night and even more happy that she wasn't bringing guys home to meet her mom. Even though he's told himself for the last couple years that they could never be more, it hadn't stopped his traitorous heart from hoping all this time. Kensi was just beginning to relax, thinking that all the questions were over with and they could get back to the case at hand when he spoke up again and dashed that hope against the pavement.

"Well if you wanted a fix, you should've just said something, princess," Deeks drawled and gave her a wink and grin.

Kensi rolled her eyes and laughed.

"What?" Deeks was taken aback by her hearty laugh. "I'm being serious."

Kensi laughed even harder and almost had tears building up in her eyes from laughing so hard.

"I'll have you know that the Marty-express has gotten many rave reviews and repeat business," Deeks pointed out, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Wait – you're actually serious?" Kensi's laugh was quickly dying down and she gave him furtive glances from her peripheral vision.

"I don't see why not… Just a fix, no strings attached, simple…" Deeks listed, getting into his own idea. If he couldn't have her in a real relationship then this might be the next best thing. Partners with benefits. They could still be great friends and while their lives were currently being consumed by work, they could still get a sexual fix.

"Deeks… that sounds like the exact opposite of simple," Kensi pointed out with a raised eyebrow, but he could see her mind working a mile a minute. "We work together – our lives depend on both of us being at the top of our game and if one of us gets distracted staring at the other person's ass and someone gets killed…"

"Are you saying you'd be distracted by my ass?" Deeks waggled his eyebrows suggestively and Kensi punched him in the arm. "Ow! You've gotta find a new spot to hit – that isn't the crown jewels!"

"Then be serious for once," Kensi huffed. "It would never work and who says I want you anyway?"

Deeks gave her a 'you're kidding me, right?' look and she rolled her eyes. "So how about whatever hanky panky we get on stays off the job – no exceptions. On the job we are partners, an amazingly hot cop and a sexy agent, but then outside the job we can cave into more carnal desires."

"Carnal? Really?" Kensi snorted and rolled her eyes, but she was really thinking about it now and she alternated between asking herself 'why not?' and kicking her own ass for even thinking about it.

"Yes carnal," Deeks smiled a toothy grin. "You have no idea just how thoroughly I can rock your world, Kensi Marie Blye."

The tone of his voice sent a wave of heat to her core and her mind leapt to the image of him on top of her, pinning her to the bed as he molded hot and wet kisses down her throat and down… down…


She snapped to awareness just in time to swerve the car away from the pedestrians walking along the road.

"You really do need to get some," Deeks sighed. "Tonight. Your place. I'll bring dinner and booze."

Kensi bit her lower lip and after a minute's hesitation, nodded her consent.

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