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Kensi felt fortunate that she was able to get home a few hours before Deeks would be arriving. It gave her time to tidy her place, shower, shave, and find something to wear. Just running through her to-do list in her made her feel stressed, but maybe keeping busy would help her not think about the fact that her partner was coming over for a booty call in just a few short hours…

She gasped for air as she realized that in her panic she had started holding her breath. Best to get started before she booked a flight to some secluded location and ran for it. With that last thought she began performing the rare but deadly cleaning tornado routine. It was a couple hours before her place was reasonable and actually looked livable. All she wanted to do was collapse onto her now clean sofa and crash but when she glanced at the clock a new rush of adrenaline hit her. Veering around the sofa she made a beeline for her bathroom, already stripping on the way so that she could be in the shower that much sooner. She made record time in the shower and proceeded to put minimal makeup on and warred over what she could possibly wear to an occasion like the one that was about to happen. If she dressed up then it was like she was trying to please him and affirming that she wanted this to happen, but what if he had changed his mind and was just coming over for dinner and then let her down gently. Kensi growled in frustration before throwing on a pair of jeans over a matching set of black panties and bra, and a black tank that she normally wore to the gym.

A knock on her door startled her and her heart beat went through the roof as she fumbled to tie her wet mass of hair into a sloppy bun before heading to the door. Fear and adrenaline spiked within her as she took in her shaggy haired partner who was dressed just as casually and carrying a bottle of red wine and a takeout bag.

"Hey," he smiled, looking a little nervous himself. "You gonna let me in?"

Kensi nodded, trying to relearn how to breathe before he noticed and stepped aside to let him by.

"I hope you don't mind Chinese," Deeks babbled, slipping past her to set everything down on the kitchen island. "I got you the beef and broccoli that you love so much with a side of fried rice."

"Sounds great," Kensi's voice cracked and she silently cursed her nerves.

"Hey," Deeks closed the distance between them now that his hands were free and took her left hand in his. "Nothing has to happen, k? Let's just start with dinner and do what feels right."

Kensi nodded fervently and then returned his smile. She was beginning to feel silly for being so scared. This was Deeks after all, and he was her friend.

"Good," Deeks smiled a little wider and turned back to her kitchen. "Now do you have wine glasses? I thought we'd classy it up tonight with something other than beer."

"Uh, no, but I've got cups," Kensi shrugged and passed him to pull out two hard plastic cups.

"And that's what you're getting for your next birthday; wine glasses," Deeks chuckled before uncorking the bottle and motioning her over so he could poor them some of the drink.

Together they carried their food and drinks, along with the bottle to her living room. Deeks whistled and shook his head.

"Holy crap, Fern," Deeks said in astonishment. "You cleaned for me!"

"I'd hit you if you weren't carrying my food…" Kensi pouted and glared at him.

Deeks laughed but kept the distance between them in case she changed her mind. She definitely did not hit like a girl after all and the only kind of bruises he was okay with were any he might get from a night of passion with his partner. He tried not to think about that right now since he was trying to play it cool and get the both of them to relax. They ended up choosing a random movie from her collection to watch and to be honest he had no idea what it was and he didn't care because it took all his effort and attention not to choke on his food as they ate and drank their wine in companionable silence. After they'd each had two cups of wine, he started noticing the screen some more and took note that they were watching My Best Friend's Wedding. Definitely a classic Kensi type movie, which would explain why she was actually watching it and he was being a creep and watching her from his peripheral vision. His mind wondered to tugging her hair tie out so her chocolate waves would be down and fanned out across a pillow as he earned a scream of passion from her lips that sounded a lot like his name. Deeks bit down hard on the inside of his cheek to bring his mind back to the present. He couldn't think like that; not yet at least.

Finally the credits began to play to a slow romantic type song that he couldn't name, but he seized the opportunity to get her closer. Getting to his feet, he held a hand down to her and she eyed him warily.

"Dance with me?" He asked, trying to sound charming.

Kensi bit her lower lip before taking his hand and letting him help her up to her feet. He lightly tugged her into his arms so that there was only an inch between them and his arms were wrapped snuggly around her waist. With almost no hesitation she moved her arms up and around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder as they started to sway. Kensi's stomach erupted in butterflies as she realized that she never wanted to leave his arms. Being here just felt right and safe; a feeling she's never experienced before in her life. She was so focused on that feeling that she gasped when the scruff of his jaw brushed along her cheek and his breathing tickled her ear.

"You just have to say 'no', Kensi," Deeks whispered huskily in her ear, causing her knees to revert to a gelatin-like state so that his arms were the only thing keeping her in place. When she made no further response, he placed a soft kiss along the shell of her ear before brushing his lips down along her throat with a feather light touch. She could almost convince herself that they weren't even there if it weren't for the rush of heat coursing through her body doing battle with the butterflies. Kensi gasped when he got to her shoulder and bit down gently before tracing the area with his tongue and kissing the red spot.

"Yessssss," she gasped, her body pushing forward into his so that she could feel his body's reaction to what they were doing and he could feel hers.

Deeks groaned low in his throat as he felt her hardened nipples through the tank and his own shirt and the heat from her hips as they ground into his. The feel of her like this was almost overwhelming and he had to fight to keep control of his body so that he didn't take her on the living room floor, though the idea was growing more and more appealing as soft whimpers spilled from her lips as his kisses grew more bold, tracing her collar bone and down to the tops of her breasts. Her hands dropped from around his neck to his waist and then to his backside and he growled in satisfaction when she grabbed his ass and pulled him closer so she could grind her hips into his. She took his moment of surprise and capitalized on it by latching her mouth to his throat and placing wet and sucking kisses until she found his pulse point making his breath hitch and his arousal to grow even harder. It occurred to him in that moment that maybe jeans weren't such a great idea as their current activities were making things in his pants painful. He wanted to take things slow to savor every moment, but he wasn't so sure he was going to make it past five minutes if they continued with their current pace.

"Kens…" Deeks groaned her name, trying to draw her attention back for a moment. "Clothes…"

She nodded and tugged his shirt up and over his head, tossing it onto the sofa and he followed suit with her tank top. Deeks was eager to feel her bare skin against his, but he needed his pants off and he wanted hers off too so he fumbled with the button of her jeans and she caught on to the plan quick enough and worked away at his own jeans. A hiss of pleasure broke through the air when her finger tips brushed his erection through his boxers and he had to fight to keep his hips from jerking forward into her touch. Tonight was meant to be about her so that he could prove she didn't need batteries for her pleasure. If he had his way there probably wouldn't even be actual sex, but he knew he wouldn't be able to resist her when she cupped him through the thin fabric then caressed up the length of him. He was going to be putty in her hands in about five seconds if he didn't turn the tables. Pulling away from her touch he worked on tugging her jeans down and then let his drop to the ground so they stood before each other in nothing but under garments. Her chest moved with each deep breath and he nearly lost himself in her darkened gaze. Her lips were slightly parted for breathing and she was boldly soaking in every inch of him. He was beginning to feel like a steak after she had starved herself for weeks and a shiver of pleasure raced through his body at just how thorough tonight would probably be if her face was anything to go by.

Deeks reached out to pull her closer and quickly unsnapped her bra so that it fell to the floor and then replaced the fabric with both hands. Her head tipped back and she moaned as his hands worked to tease and bring her pleasure.

"Need you, now," she gasped, when he gently tweaked the peeks of her breasts and Deeks found that he couldn't say 'no' or even delay her a little longer.

Deeks slipped her panties from her hips down so that they dropped to the floor and his boxers soon followed. They walked back until the backs of Deeks' calves hit the sofa and let his body fall into a seated position with his back against the backrest and stared up at his partner in all her naked glory. She was more breathtaking than he could've ever imagined and he couldn't keep the words to himself.

"You're absolutely gorgeous," he whispered just loud enough for her to hear and the admiration was clear in his voice. For a moment, all he wanted to do was kiss her – properly. He wanted to feel her lips against his and let his tongue explore her from the inside out, but he knew that would be too real. This arrangement they had was all about sex and helping her, and kissing wasn't going to do anything but get them in trouble. He's not sure he could keep all the pent up love he has for her out of a kiss and so he reaches up to her hips and pulls her down to the sofa so that she is straddling him and her breasts are right there in his face. Deeks softly nuzzles the soft skin of her breast, making her squirm into him so that he can feel the dampness against his hard member. In one swift movement, he captures a nipple with his mouth and rolls it with his tongue and a soft yelp of pleasure escapes her lips.

"Marty!" She calls out his first name as waves of pleasure course through her body and she can feel she's already so close and he hasn't even really touched her down south yet. Kensi wriggles her body closer to his so that the shaft of his arousal presses against her clit and she's a breath away from finishing right then and there. Sensing her desperation, he wraps his hands around her hips and lifts her just enough so that he is poised at her entrance.

"Kensi?" His voice is low and filled with desire, but there is a hint of her everyday partner there too. He's giving her an opportunity to back out and her response is to force her weight down so that she envelopes him inside of her. "Kensi…" This time her name is a low moan of pleasure and it tightens her core to hear him say her name in that tone.

Kensi gyrated her hips down onto his, creating delicious friction and keeping him as deep inside of her possible. His hands grip her hips tighter as his head tipped back in abandon. Deeks wants more than anything to take over. To lift her up before thrusting her down, over and over, but this is about her and to be honest, watching her roll her body against his and the look on her face as she grows closer to the edge is absolutely priceless. He's pretty sure he could watch her ride him all night if he could only last that long, which he won't if he doesn't help her along and soon. Deciding to take some action he leans forward and captures the other breast he hadn't gotten to yet with his mouth and with teeth, tongue, and lips he coaxes cries of abandon from her while she rides him until she careens over the edge, screaming his name.

"MARTY!" She cried out and her body clenched tight around him and it's all he can do not to join her in oblivion. Her body goes rigid for a moment as she's undoubtedly seeing stars and he places sweet and lingering kisses across her chest to ease her down from her high.

"You, Kensi Marie Blye, are the hottest thing I've ever seen," Deeks murmurs into her shoulder as he places soft kisses on the bare skin.

"If that's true, then why haven't you come yet?" Kensi challenged with a lazy grin.

Deeks growled low in his throat before he flipped them around so that Kensi was laid out along the couch and he hovered over her, still buried inside of her to the hilt. A soft squeak escaped her as she lightly bounced on her back and she chuckled a little before he began moving and her laughter turned into a long moan. Her legs moved to wrap lightly around his hips as he rolled his body into hers so that his strokes were long and deep. He kept a slow and steady pace and she met him thrust for thrust, her eyes burning with desire as he laid claim to her body. Deeks knew he wasn't going to be able to last much longer though and picked his pace up to the point where he'd be worried about hurting her if she weren't just as lost in the moment as he was. Beneath him she alternated between whimpers, gasps, and short moans that matched their pace and finally he felt her body begin to tighten around him as she came around him again, pulling him with her this time.

"Kensi…" Deeks murmured her name as he thrust one last time into her and remained still. With one last bit of effort, he managed to roll off to the side, pulling her body against his side. "Please tell me that was better than anything battery powered that you might have hidden." He said with a grin as he slowly caught his breath again.

"Well…" Kensi pretended to look thoughtful before laughing at his shocked expression. "Yeah, I think it's safe to say that was better than the man replacement."

"Good," Deeks smiled brightly, knowing he probably looked like a fool, but he couldn't bring himself to care.

The both remained cuddled on the couch for several minutes until the air around them grew colder.

"I should probably get going," Deeks sighed, wishing he could stay, but knowing that would be some kind of breach of contract. "We do have work in the morning."

"Yeah, I suppose," Kensi murmured, not wanting to let him go just yet. "What – I mean, how do we do this?"

"I believe we just did do this," Deeks responded cheekily.

Kensi slugged him in the shoulder and he winced.

"Okay, okay," Deeks backpedaled. "How about you just give me a call whenever you're tempted to use other methods."

"You're sure? You might get a lot of calls," Kensi deliberated out loud.

Deeks felt something stir in his lower belly at the thought of doing this as often as it sounded. "Yeah, I'm sure." His voice was rough with lust but he moved to get up anyway so that he wouldn't be tempted to take her again. Once he standing he slipped on his boxers before offering her a hand up. She gladly took it because she was still feeling a little weak in the knees. They each redressed slowly, finding items of clothing in scattered around the ten foot area around them until they were fully clothed again.

"Ummm, I'll see you tomorrow?" Deeks half asked and said, looking a little bashful now.

"Yeah, I think it would be hard not to since our desks do kinda face each other," Kensi grinned, trying to ease the nervousness.

"Yeah, suppose you're right," Deeks chuckled. "Good night Kens," Deeks said before heading out her front door and shutting it behind himself.

Kensi's knees wobbled dangerously before she plopped herself on the floor in front of her front door. She took a few deep breaths before she was able to calm her warring thoughts. That had been by far the best sex she'd ever participated in and she couldn't imagine trading her new sex-partner for any other man, but it was just sex. Already she could feel the emotion called love swarming her mind with thoughts of actual dates, sleeping together in a bed just to be together and not for sex, and holding hands as they took walks along the beach. These things wouldn't happen though and couldn't so she needed to be content with the amazing sex he was offering her. Knowing this mental battle wasn't going to be won in the next five minutes, Kensi got to her feet and decided she should wash up before bed. It wouldn't do to have to call him first thing tomorrow morning because she'd slept with the smell of him and sex on her all night. She did have some self-control. Right?

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