Thanks to everyone who has read this and reviewed especially smooshie55, debslmac & aelita48 who reviewed nearly every chapter of the original 70 that posted over the first two days – thanks so much!

The story is dedicated to two very special people who's birthdays were the week of the Drabble War, and I never intended for it to be so long before I finished this. These ladies are Ffaddward & Dreamofrob10.

Sorry if you feel disappointed by the ending, but to complete this would have taken FOREVER in this style, and I always intended to leave this ending opening, you can make your own mind what happened,maybe I will write a sequel, maybe I won't who knows!

MASSIVE thanks go out to Pamela who has pre-read this for me and kicked my butt to finish it, I have needed the support for this one, it kinda ran away from me and I wasn't sure that I would finish it.

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