Notes: As always, thank you Sakura's Unicorn for having the sharpest highlighter around! I'm making a bacon sacrifice for you as I type this. He-he! And also Les, for always saying 'DO IT' whenever I tell her I have an idea. As for the story, it's just a collection of drabbles of what I imagine Sasuke and Sakura's relationship to be like. Happy Valentine's, everyone! Drink wine and be merry with me!

Burning Desire

Sasuke winced when Sakura let go of his waist to reach into his nin-pouch for the key to their apartment.

"Sorry," she said, unlocking the door and gripping his hip again. "Just to the couch. We're almost there."

Sasuke nodded, gritting his teeth and leaning the bulk of his weight against Sakura's side. His reaction time had been a second off and now the broken tip of a blade was lodged in his thigh. He was pissed. It was a stupid injury that he should've been able to avoid.


The blade shifted, biting into his flesh, as he lowered himself onto the couch. He ripped off his ANBU mask, panting, his arms shaking. Spots floated across his vision as he listened to Sakura's hurried footsteps. Thoughts of the blade being yanked out made him choke down a whimper.

Something nudged his shoulder. Sasuke cracked his eyes open and found a bottle of whisky staring him in the face.

"Liquid courage."

He took the liquor with a sardonic smile. "Thanks."

Sakura sat on the edge of the coffee table and propped up Sasuke's leg, the blade digging into his muscle again. He took a long pull as she ripped open the leg of his pants and inspected the wound. Sasuke took another swallow of whisky as she made an incision with the edge of her green chakra scalpel, making room to pull the blade out.

Sakura slipped forceps onto her fingers. "Brace yourself."

Sasuke tipped his head back, bottle against his lips. He focused on the burn of the whisky, only to choke on it as hellfire ignited through his leg. He sputtered, coughing and curling in on himself.

"It's done. It's over," said Sakura. The bloody tip of the blade clattered against the table and she closed the wound with healing chakra, the pain evaporating. Sasuke's muscles uncoiled in relief and he took a triumphant swallow as Sakura cleaned off the blood.

He propped the half empty bottle against his knee and sank into the couch, his belly warm and limbs heavy from the alcohol.

"I think you've had enough." Sakura settled onto his lap, setting the whisky aside and running her cool fingers up his neck and through his hair. Brushing her lips over his, she asked, "You all right?"

He watched her mouth as she spoke, blood pounding in his ears. "Yeah," he said, leaning forward to kiss her, eyes glazed and his belly growing hot. "Yeah."

She stopped his lips with her fingers and tilted her head, planting wet kisses along his jaw. Sasuke closed his eyes, groaning. They popped back open when she flicked open the button on his pants and yanked the zipper down.

"Someone's impat—"

"Shut up," said Sakura, standing long enough to shimmy out of her pants and underwear. She kicked them aside and straddled his lap again. Curling her hands around his neck, she kissed him hard on the mouth.

Sasuke's flesh was on fire. Urgency overtook him as he squeezed Sakura's ass and lifted her, working his pants and boxers lower. He was mesmerized by the dark green of her hooded eyes and the bold, black line of her lashes. She was tugging her bottom lip with her teeth as she looked at him and Sasuke almost lost it when she finally sank down.

He threw his head against the back of the couch, muttering a string of curses. Sakura cut him off by slipping her fingers into his mouth.

"Do-don't," she said, breathless. "Don't talk." Her brow was furrowed, eyes squeezed shut. She rocked against him with a force that threatened the frame of the couch. She wasn't interested in drawing this out. He groaned, burying his face between her breasts.

In a matter of minutes, she melted into him, her body trembling.

A fire was still raging in Sasuke and he flipped Sakura onto her back, driving into her with an unbridled need, but it wasn't enough. Curses flew from his mouth. Desperately, he hooked his arm under her knee, pulling her leg up as he propped his hands against the arm of the couch. Sinking deeper into her, the pleasure threatened to strangle him.

His chest ached and his lungs were screaming. The pressure in his groin was unbearable. "Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck."

Restraint left him and his thrusts became savage, his head spinning. He was mad with a single desire. It came crashing down on him in spasms. His mouth fell open in a deep, strangled cry of relief. Eyes wide, he stared down at Sakura.

She smoothed the sweaty hair from his face, a lazy smile on her lips. He was gasping, unable to catch his breath as his body turned to liquid. He couldn't even keep his eyes open anymore, let alone hold himself up.

"Damn," he said, collapsing onto Sakura.

She laughed, breath tickling his ear. "Jus' sleep here?"

His mind already a foggy haze, he grunted in affirmation.