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*Takes place immediately after the events of The Vegas Renormalization.

Penny stood next to the bed for a moment after Sheldon had rudely demanded that she leave because he was sleepy now. Typical Sheldon behavior—do what he wants, get his needs met, and then throw her out. She wondered for a split second if there was a person on this planet that was as self-centered as Sheldon Cooper was, then she shrugged as she climbed back on the couch. Probably not, but then again, he was a genius and they always seemed to have 'special needs'. Maybe just being that smart killed any part of the brain that covered interpersonal relationships—then again, maybe Sheldon was just an ass.

As she moved around to find a comfortable position, she chastised herself. Stupid to give up your bed to Dracula. Stupid to think that he could or would be grateful. Stupid to think that he might actually be a gentleman and share the bed with her. She was just stupid.

She dozed off finally, wishing that she had some alcohol to lubricate her mind and make it a lot easier to shut down her inner voice so she could get some sleep.

Penny had her own little quirks, just as we all do, but she was far more adept at keeping them under wraps than Sheldon was. Her shoes were kept in their boxes with photographs on the outside so she could see at a glance which pair would be her best choice. She was almost as anal-retentive over her makeup as Sheldon was everything else; her mascara and eyeliner had a little white dot with the date opened and she was faithful about replacing them every three months. The one quirk that she really had no control over was her sleepwalking.

It wasn't just security that forced her to put several locks on the door. It was to keep her inside when she walked around in her sleep; she usually gave up after one lock, sometimes two, but she never made it through all four. It kept her in the apartment and more important, it kept her safe.

Tonight was no different from any other night.

She climbed off the couch and went to the front door to mess with the locks. The lock on the doorknob was no barrier, but when she went to open the door, she couldn't pull it open, so she gave up. She went to the kitchen and got a drink of water, then headed back to bed, forgetting that she had a guest.

Sheldon had roused when she was messing with the front door. He leaned up and watched her as she wandered around the apartment and froze in shock when she made her way to the bedroom, raised the comforter, and climbed into the bed with him.

She curled around him, purring in her sleep. He tried to move away from her and she grabbed him, throwing her leg over the lower half of his body to keep him in place. He waited until she was still and silent before he tried to move again, but his slightest movement alerted her and she pulled him closer, gripping him tighter to keep him from moving away.

He laid there awake with his heart pounding and eyes wide open, wondering exactly how to extract himself from her embrace. He really didn't know how she could invade his space when he was so adamant about not touching him; he had no idea she was still asleep.

He almost jumped out of his clothes when her lips touched the spot under his ear.

He turned his head, preparing to chastise her thoroughly and she pressed her mouth to his, her lips soft and gentle against his own. He couldn't help himself; he closed his eyes and let her plunder his mouth with her tongue. The sensations were completely foreign to him but he stilled his natural impulses to run, scream, scrub himself off with antibacterial wipes and sanitizers; he was naturally curious about the whole 'friends with benefits' paradigm and it was in his nature to perform experiments to understand things. This experience was one that he would classify as an experiment and he would just have to suffer whatever indignities Penny put upon him to obtain the results that he needed for his own peace of mind.

Penny was naturally affectionate and never more so than when she was asleep. She curled up next to his warm body and snuggled on his shoulder, impulsively kissing him under his ear. She had found out early on that this was usually a sensitive spot and she used that frequently to jumpstart many of her sexual encounters. She was a woman with healthy sexual appetites, no matter what Sheldon Cooper said; that was not promiscuity, in her book, just a way of trying on a partner, much like you would try on a shoe before you bought it.

She reached for him and found his mouth. Oh, kissing! She loved kissing. She pressed her lips against his and found them soft and warm, little pillows of love that she pressed and molded with her own mouth until they were parted and lax, ready for her to slip her tongue inside.

At first, it seemed like he was resisting her, trying to get away, but then all the fight went out of him and she was actually able to kiss him. Her tongue explored his mouth and she reveled in the clean taste of him on her taste buds. He started responding, his tongue touching her own tentatively. Her hand came up to caress his jaw and her nails rasped along the slight stubble as their tongues caressed one another.

Wow, this was really turning her on. Too bad it was only a dream.

She reached down to touch his chest and found layers and layers of clothes. She slipped her hand under his shirts and found his stomach underneath them, her hand traveling upwards and moving the shirt out of the way to expose the skin beneath it. Impatiently, she pulled the bottom of the shirt up and over his head and he gasped at her forward behavior. She didn't care; he was in her bed and she was sure that he knew what that meant when he came home with her.

When his chest was bare, she started working her way down, her mouth trailing fire across his body. She flicked her tongue across his nipple and heard his sharply indrawn breath, then nibbled it with the edges of her teeth, careful not to bite too hard or break the skin. Her hands were busy as well, caressing his skin and the light sprinkle of hair in the center of his chest.

She threw her leg over him and sat on top of his pelvis. Oh, my—she could already feel his erection poking her and it felt wonderful. It had been too long since her last encounter; she was feeling quite randy, to tell the truth. Wait—why did she still have her clothes on? She reached down and pulled her robe and shirt off in one smooth motion, baring her flesh to the cool night air in the room.

Sheldon was shocked to his core. Penny had just taken off her clothes in front of him, leaving herself dressed only in her tiny little sleep shorts. He was frozen in place, his body betraying him as she moved on top of him, touched him with her mouth and teeth. He could do nothing but watch as the situation unfolded; it really didn't matter, since she had told him that she liked to initiate coitus. She was doing all the work and he was reaping the benefits. Maybe that was the origin of the friends with benefits paradigm. Perhaps if he regained his courage, he would ask her later.

She stroked down his sides with her hands, feeling the muscles in his stomach bunch as she touched him. He was slightly thinner than her usual pickups, but that was okay; she had found herself more attracted to the skinny, nerdy type than before, probably because she was so attracted to Sheldon.

He still had his pants on. Well, that wouldn't do, that wouldn't do at all. Her nimble fingers made short work of his zipper and button, and then she was at his feet, yanking his pants down over his legs and throwing them on the floor with his shirt. His hands came over to cover himself and she pushed them aside, opening her eyes so she could see the beautiful bulge that had been pressed against her so tightly a moment before.

It was probably one of the most beautiful cocks that she had ever seen. It was thick, long, and hard as steel, the glans purpled and glistening with the vestiges of pre-come oozing slowly from the slit at the tip. She grasped it with her hand and it leaped at her touch, thrilling her to no end. She had the sudden urge to taste it so she leaned forward, her tongue stroking the tip lightly as she gave him a sniff. That was one of her quirks; if a man didn't smell clean, he came nowhere near her. There were many hand jobs in her past since she made that rule, especially back in Nebraska. This man smelled heavenly, cleanly masculine, and she couldn't help herself—she bent her head and took him in her mouth, pulling him in deep until he nudged the back of her throat.

She heard him grunt, and then a long, rolling moan erupted from his throat. His hands fluttered around her shoulders before grabbing her hair, holding it out of her way. Oh, she did love doing this—it gave her such a feeling of power, of dominance, knowing that their pleasure depended on her mouth and tongue and what it could do. What she couldn't fit inside her mouth, she grasped with her hand, stroking up and down the shaft in time with her oral ministrations until she was too excited to continue. She dragged her shorts down one handed and kicked them off to the side as she moved up his legs to his pelvis.

She reached her hand down and touched herself, finding her pussy already wet and ready, and then she steadied his cock in her hand. She teased herself for a moment, brushing the glans over her clit before she positioned him at her entrance and let it slide deep inside her.

He could not believe what she was doing. Touching him with her mouth—so unsanitary. Did she know how many rules she had broken, how many strikes that she had incurred in this one incident? Knowing Penny, it didn't matter to her. One strike, ten strikes, nothing seemed to faze her.

When she impaled himself on his erection, though—it erased every strike, as well as every conscious thought from his mind. He was too enraptured by the sensation of her body wrapped around his to register that they had not used a condom.

Penny remained still, allowing her body to get accustomed to the size of him and the incredibly full feeling inside her. God, she could get used to feeling like this. She leaned down and sucked on his lower lip before nipping it with her teeth, then grabbed his hands and pressed them to her breasts, holding them there as she tensed her thighs and raised her body slowly. He must have got the idea then because his hands tightened on her breasts, her nipples pinched between his fingers.

She couldn't keep her hands off him. His skin seemed so soft under her hands and she let herself touch him everywhere, from his shoulders down his arms to his beautiful hands that still rested on her breasts. She brought one up to her mouth and sucked on each finger as she rose and fell and she heard him groan in response. "Feel good, baby?" she asked, and she took two fingers into her mouth, drawing them out slowly and nipping the tips. She guided it between her breasts down to her stomach and pressed them to her clitoris. "Touch me," she commanded.

He fumbled around for a moment, and then seemed to find his way as he pressed his fingertips against her. She fell forward, gasping into his mouth as he stimulated her in the most delicious way; she rotated her hips and clenched her inner muscles on him as she fucked his mouth with her tongue. His hands grabbed her hips, stilling her. "I want to be on top," he rasped. She moved off him and fell onto the bed, pulling him to her with palpable eagerness.

"Please, Sheldon, fuck me. Oh, please," she moaned. He froze in place and then she touched him, pulling him into her and he began to move his hips in time with hers. He was slow and hesitant at first, his motions revealing his lack of experience. As he plunged into her, he gained confidence; he touched her like she had touched him, sweeping his hands over her skin in broad strokes from her shoulders to chest, down her stomach, and then back up to bring her breasts to his mouth.

He touched his tongue to her nipple and it crinkled under his touch, sending a thrill down his spine. Her hands held him in place against her, crushing her breast into his mouth. She twisted her fingers in his hair, teased his ear, stroked his neck and shoulders as he tormented her, teasing her nipples as he thrust in and out of her slowly.

She cupped his face in her hands and drew his head up over her, looking up at him in the dim light from the bathroom. "Sheldon," she said breathily, then pulled his head down and took possession of his mouth. He let himself get lost in her mouth, her eyes, her body as she let herself go over the edge of completion, her orgasm overtaking her easily.

He watched her as she came apart beneath him, fascinated by the pained pleasure on her face. It was a paradox, the combination of agony and ecstasy that painted her features. He studied it closely, intrigued by the contrasts it presented, not realizing that he had stopped moving altogether until she grabbed his ass and buried her nails in his flesh, forcing him into her to evade the pleasurable pain.

With a jolt, he remembered exactly what he was doing when she braced her feet on the back of his thighs and arched into him, her hips rising off the bed to meet his. "God, don't stop. Please, don't tease me, Sheldon. Fuck me, sweetie…really fuck me."

"Very well." He braced his hands against the bed next to her shoulders and let himself follow his biological imperative to move and so he did, his shallow, slow thrusts deepening and speeding up until he was sweating, droplets of moisture dripping from his hair and chin. She stroked his face to wipe away the sweat and he dropped his forehead to rest against hers, their harsh gasps and the slapping of flesh the only sounds in the room.

His ears picked up a low whimper and he opened his eyes to see her writhing beneath him. The pressure was building for him as well; he wanted to examine how this was affecting him, but he could barely think straight right now, his brain tearing off in too many directions as the stimulus overwhelmed his logical mind. He decided to attempt to relax and had to force himself to relinquish his normal reserve.

Her mouth was on his throat again, her teeth nipping at the skin and he started to shiver, an unknown sensation growing strong in his gut. This was different from what he knew; his only experience with orgasm was by his own hand and he could anticipate each feeling with alacrity. This, however, was entirely new and untested, at least by him.

She moved her legs and he was banging his pelvis against hers, fearful of hurting her but unable to stop himself. Suddenly the pressure ruptured inside him and he was coming hard, his eyes clenched shut as the sensations overwhelmed him, shorting out his nervous system. He heard her whimper as it erupted from her throat in a groan that tore through him, his name falling repeatedly from her lips as she tightened in exquisite agony once again.

He collapsed on her, panting harshly, his arms too weak to hold himself upright any longer. Her arms came around his back and held him close to her, her whispers unintelligible as he came down from the high of his completion. He rolled off to the side, she turned to face him, her arm across his chest, and her legs wrapped around his thigh. She cuddled close and fell asleep almost instantly, her head on his chest.

He laid there awake, evaluating the events of the night as he tried to quiet his mind enough to sleep once again. He was uncomfortable naked; he had never been comfortable enough with his own body (or his upbringing, if he was honest) to remain naked for long, but it seemed wrong to climb out of bed and dress when he really had no place else to go. He looked down at the soft, sweet-smelling woman in the bed with him and, with a mental shrug, he closed his eyes and forced his mind to grind to a halt for the night.

Before he knew it, he was asleep, his arms still around Penny and her head still pillowed on his chest.

Sheldon woke at his normal time, 6:15am. He extricated himself from Penny's clutches and eased out of the bed, dressing in the bathroom. He glanced down at her as she reached for him, searching the bed with her hand before giving up and falling into a deep slumber.

Since his friends had not yet returned, he busied himself on the couch with his laptop, checking email and answering the most banal inquiries. He was imminently relieved when he heard Leonard climbing the stairs, happy to be heading home to his own apartment.

He really needed to catalog the thoughts and opinions from their activities the night before. He would do so at home where he could logically distinguish his reactions in the safety of his bedroom. He had the feeling that Leonard would not take kindly to their carnal activities from the night before.

Penny woke up at eleven. She was in her own bed, naked, the room reeking of sex. She thought back to the night before and realized that there was not a stranger in her bed, it was Sheldon. Sheldon had been in her bed, she was naked now—, and sticky, she realized.

Oh my god, what had she done?

She showered and dressed, picked up the extra blankets and pillows out of the living room and threw them on her bed, then picked up her clothes and sorted them into piles that she mentally labeled clean and dirty. She picked up the house as she thought about her problem—had she just dreamed she fucked Sheldon or had she really done it, and what should she do about it?

She decided to do nothing if he did nothing. If he didn't mention it, she wouldn't either; it was the only way to handle it, really.

There was no spring in her step as she crossed the hall. She refused to allow her shoulders to slump from the uncertainty, but she just couldn't get in her usual good mood when she thought she crossed a line with Sheldon.

He looked up at her when she entered, nodded her way, then turned his back and continued talking on the phone.

Okay, that was…weird. She looked at a magazine (one of theirs—she had left hers at home) until Sheldon was off the phone, then she walked up to him, pressing her hand to his arm.

He looked down at it, then back up at her face. He flushed slightly, but that could be from anything, not necessarily from anything that she had done.

"Sheldon, is Leonard here?"

"No, Penny. He went to the comic book store. He should be gone about an hour."

"Okay, thanks." She started toward the door and paused, turning back to look at him. "How did you sleep, baby?"

She wanted to bite her tongue when that came out, but Sheldon simply smiled. "I slept well when I finally dropped off to sleep. How did you sleep, Penny?"

"Good, good—though I woke up in my bed this morning instead of on the couch. Know anything about that?"

"Yes—you seem to have somnambulistic tendencies."


"You sleepwalk."

"Oh." She had reached for the doorknob when he stopped her. "You don't remember anything?"

Oh my god, she did. She had. She just knew it in her gut. And if her dream was anything to go by, it was good. "No," she said softly, refusing to turn and face him. "I don't usually remember my dreams, Sheldon. Do you?"

"Oh, Penny, I remember everything."

She did stop to look at him then. He stood by his desk, holding his finger in a book as a placeholder as he watched her closely. "Well, I think that I'm going home now. I'll talk to you later, Sheldon."

"Yes, Penny, I'm sure that we will."

She paused outside the door, pressing her back against the cool metal. She was fatalistic about what had happened—she couldn't change it now, nor would she. It was a fantastic instance that happened between them and that was that.

She would love to believe that.

She thought that Sheldon might. She didn't, though. She knew the truth and things would never be the same again.