Hurricane Ketos.

I'm sure you all have heard the tale of Hurricane Sandy, which recently past over most of the East Coast and hit New York pretty hard. Let me just tell you that the news coverage DID NOT do it justice. It was, in reality, way worse. Even now, after 4 years, it still astonishes me how strong the Mist is. That's pretty much a good thing. If most of you mortals knew what went on outside, you'd be scared to leave your front door. No offense of course. The following is the account of what actually happened. Read at your own risk.

In the middle of the night most people like to sleep. this includes demigods. unfortunately, it's just my luck that in the middle of the night I get woken up by Blackjack my Pegasus because some hippocampi has gotten in some mess or other. And because I'm the son of Poseidon I have to be the one to help. Lucky me.

This particular night I would have gone back to sleep if I hadn't had a distressed flying horse nickering and stamping outside my cabin. I didn't, though. I got up, through on some jeans and a T-shirt, and headed for the beach. Looking back, I really wish I had gone back to sleep, flying horse or no flying horse.

When I got the beach there were no hippocampis calling from the water, and no mythical anything. Just the sea, the sand, and a lone night fished sitting on a fold out chair, rod in hand. Great. Okay, lone fishers may or may not be heard of where you come from, but here at Camp Halfblood, nobody is supposed to make it past the magically protected borders. There have only been two instances that I'm aware of. One was a seriously confused pizza delivery guy, and a another was a lost 6 year old who was no demigod, but had eyesight that was way to good. That was a mess. Anyway, I headed for the fisherman.

"Hey, Dad," I greeted, and I sat beside him. Yep, my Dad the sea god was fishing at my summer camp in the middle of the night.

"Hello, Percy," he replied, and he tugged on his line. "I'm sorry to disturb you, but I kind of need some help."

Uh Oh, a god admitting he needed help? Red lights were flashing in my head.

"Okay, with what?"

" You know the Mariana trench?" he asked.

"Umm, yeah, isn't that the deepest trench in the ocean?"

"Yes, and it's also the location of the sea world's form of Tartarus."


"Well, after the war this summer, the Titan Lord Oceanus and his followers were thrown into the trench. My best officers were in charge of guarding it's borders, on the off chance one did escape. Well, one did in fact, and it hasn't been stopped."

"Okay, what kind of monster are we talking about exactly?" I asked.

"The Ketos."

Call me dumb, but I had no idea what that was. Figuring that the fact alone that my dad was asking for help, meant it must be pretty bad. Which is what I said.

"So Ummm, pretty bad?"

"Very bad," my Dad confirmed. "I need your help Percy."

"Alright. So I need to go stop this monster then. Where am I going exactly?"

"Not far. If you don't stop Ketos by tomorrow evening, he'll reach Manhattan, cause a lot of damage. And make me the laughing stock of Olympus. I'd prefer him to be dealt with before that happens."

"Okay, but why hasn't he been stopped yet?"

"We've been trying to. The Ketos hasn't responded to any of our attacks."

Wonderful. Add to checklist, need to stop rampaging sea monster that is impervious to godly attacks. No biggy. There was a vibrating noise, and my Dad checked his watch.

"Well, I'm afraid that's all the time I have. I wish you luck Percy."

Then he was gone. I sat there for a few seconds, wondering if I hadn't just sleep waked to the beach and I had dreamed that. I shook myself. After 4 years you're still going to try that excuse? Sighing I got up and headed for my cabin. I grabbed a few things necessary for a life threatening quest. Ambrosia, flashlight, pen/double edged sword, thermos of nectar, and a spare change of clothes. I slipped back outside. The sun was just peeking over the tops of the woods, but everyone should still be asleep. Blackjack had disappeared while I was inside. I whistled softly for him. "Blackjack," I called.

Blackjack came around the corner of the cabin, followed by a girl, blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail, and a knife in hand.

"Annabeth?" I asked, feeling a bit guilty about sneaking out without telling her. Especially considering she's my girl friend.

"Hey Seaweed brain, what's going on? Blackjack woke me up just now and nearly scared me out of my wits. Be glad he didn't wake the whole cabin."

I glared at the Pegasus. He nickered, and tossed his head. Yo boss, I thought you could use some help, he said. Did I mention I can understand horses? Son of Poseidon thing.

Not HER help, I told him.

"Listen Annabeth, I have to leave camp. I'll be back by tonight." I didn't add the hopefully that automatically came to mind. I attempted to step toward Blackjack, but she stepped in front of me, blocking the way.

"Where are you going?" she asked, blinking those incredible distracting gray eyes. She may not be a daughter of Aphrodite but... wow. I coughed.

"Ummm, you know, places..."

Boss, deadline, remember? Total destruction on the line?

"Okay, fine," I said in defeat. Did I mention I crumble easily when faced with a determined girl friend who can plunge a knife into me as easily as cut a piece of paper?

"My dad showed up last night, or early this morning, I was kind of half asleep. Anyway, he told me there's a monster on the lose which I have to stop before it reaches Manhattan, which it will tonight."

"What monster?"

"Ummm, The Ketos, I think."

"The Ketos?" she gasped. "As in the monster who was sent to devour Andromeda?"

"I guess so," I drew out. Annabeth sighed, and shook her head at me.

"Typical Percy Jackson. Come on, I'll tell you the story on the way."

"Wait, who says you're coming?" I asked, as she swung astride Blackjack.

"I do," she answered. "Besides, you'll need my help."

"What makes you say that?"

"Right now, you don't even know what The Ketos is."

I grinned and swung up beside her.

To Be Continued