This was the plot bunny that kept annoying me, so I wrote it and I will probably continue it. It is 622 words and a little over 1 page. ENJOY!

Dimension Crosser

Chapter 1

I was sitting in Mr. Lancer's class next to Samantha, Sam, Manson and Tucker Foley, my 2 best friends. Sam wore a black and purple plaid skirt and a black crop-top with a purple oval in the center. Some of her hair was pulled back into a small ponytail on the top of her head and combat boots adorned her feet. Tucker wore green cargo pants, a yellow long-sleeved shirt and brown boots. He had glasses and a red beret on his head as well. I don't know how he got away with the hat at school.

I had been late today, again. I had been kept up all night by ghosts attacking the town. I was never given a break from my responsibility as Danny Phantom. It haunted me day and night. Heh haunted, heheh. Nothing like a play on words, even if I am too tired to laugh.

I watched Mr. Lancer's mouth move and heard his voice drone on and on and on...

I awoke as a chill ran down my spine. I opened my mouth in time to see a blue wisp disappear. I jerked up and was on full alert. I raised my hand and waited until Mr. Lancer called on me.

"Yes, Mr. Fenton?"

"Can I go to the bathroom?"

Mr. Lancer rolled his eyes in a bored manner before gesturing towards the door. I stood up and walked to the front of the class. I opened the door and walked out, closing the door behind me. I checked it was in place and that no one was in the hall before bolting to the bathroom. I ran around a couple of corners before I ran towards the bathroom door.

I was stopped however when I ran into the person just coming out. I landed on my butt and looked up to see Dash sneering at me.

"Outta the way, Fen-ton," He said spitting on my face at the last part. I looked at him in disgust as he walked away. I pulled my white shirt sleeve up and wiped my face before walking into the bathroom and locking myself in one of the stalls.

"GOING GHOST!" I shouted. A ring appeared around my waist before splitting and turning my white and red tee-shirt and blue jeans into a silver and black HAZMAT suit with a DP symbol on my chest. My hair turned from raven black to a snowy silver-white. My eyes turned from a sky blue into a glowing neon green. When my transformation was complete I shot through the roof of the school and looked around for the ghost.

I saw floating boxes near the front of the school and rolled my eyes as a loud "BEWARE!" rang out. I flew over to where the boxes were and dodged them as they were shot at me. Once all the boxes were gone my eyes widened in shock, the box ghost was in a cage and next to them were two people with their weapons aimed at me.

My mother was on the left with her teal HAZMAT suit on and the hood and goggles on. She was aiming two pistol ectoguns at me. My dad stood on the right with his orange and black HAZMAT suit on. He had a Fenton Bazooka mounted on his shoulder with the barrel pointing straight at me. I didn't have time to process this before they both shot at me. A net came out of one of my mom's pistols after both ectoshots from the bazooka and her other pistol hit me.

My only thought before I passed out was: That's new. I felt relief when I didn't see light as I lost consciousness.

Okay, that's a wrap! Hope you liked it!

Question of the update: What torture methods (scientific ones!) should be used on Danny? I have a few I think I will use, I'll use some from Max Ride and others from a project I did a while back on torture methods.