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Dimension Crosser

Chapter 2

I slowly came too. I tried to move my hands up, but I couldn't they were restrained. I opened my eyes and was met with the sight of my parents' lab. My head was pounding and I couldn't think straight. I closed my eyes and recollected my thoughts.

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and Quickly opened my eyes and looked down at myself, sighing in relief to see I still had my HAZMAT suit on and not my normal clothes. I hadn't changed when I had passed out, which was unusual for my. I tried to turn my head to the door, but something held it in place. I heard the footsteps stop when they reached the basement before continuing to walk towards me.

My mother's face came into my field of vision before I heard some heavy footsteps come crashing down the stairs. Dad I thought rolling my eyes.

"Madds! Please, please, PLEASE! Can I take the blood sample?" My dad begged.

"No, it requires a delicate touch. I need to do it Jack!" replied my mother. I groaned inwardly. Blood sample... I hate needles!

"Then at least let me be the one to pluck his hairs!"

"NO! For the last time!"

I winced as I heard the click of a box opening. A metallic cling ran out as a needle was pulled out. My mom attached it to a cord before walking over to me with the blood drawing needle. I gulped and closed my eyes. I felt a stabbing pain in my arm, she wasn't as gentle as a doctor would be. She had to poke it in a couple of times and dig around before she finally found my blood stream. I bit my lip as I felt the blood leave my body. I sighed in relief when the needle was taken out of my arm.

"Jack, sweetie, please put this blood sample away," My mom said handing the bag of my green and red blood to my dad. "I'm going to take a hair and cell sample."

My dad groaned with disappointment at not being able to perform any of the 'experiments' on me, but did as he was told. My mom walked back over to me with a small kit of tools. She took a small swab out of a vial.

"Open your mouth," she commanded and I obeyed. She stuck the swab in my mouth and poked around a little bit before removing the swab, which was now covered on saliva and cheek cells. She put the swab back into the vial and twisted it shut. Putting the vial back in the kit she took out a pair of tweezers.

"Jack! I need your help, we need to get a sample of hair from every part of his body! Along with a urine sample," she said waving a small jar at him. My cheeks turned slightly pink. This is so wrong...

My dad came bounding over, ready to work. He helped my mother strip me down naked before taking the urine sample while my mom plucked some hairs off of my head. She moved down to my chest and arms putting several hairs from each place in a different container. My dad closed the container with the urine sample, but not before spilling some of the yellowy liquid onto my leg making me cringe in disgust. My mom slowly made her way down and I winced as she plucked hair from a place only I should see. She made her way down my legs plucking hairs as she went.

When she was finished she labeled the vials with my hair in them and put them on the kit. She walked away to put the kit up before turning back to Jack and facing his question.

"Madds what's next? Can we see if he likes fudge?"

"No, Jack, we are done for the day," I sigh as my mom heads towards the stairs. That's all, I thought it would be worse. They always threaten to rip me apart molecule by molecule. My mom turned back to me at the last minute. "It will be a lot more painful tomorrow."

I gulped as my mom and dad both went up stairs. I thought about what they would do to me. I don't think I could live through it. I would die, and fully this time, unless I was to prevent it somehow. I thought about possible escapes before I slowly drifted off into a sleep filled with dreams of tortures.

I was woken in the middle of the night my a thumping coming from the staircase. The dark room was lit with a dull light as a flashlight was shined across the room. I heard my dad bumbling about in the dark and heard as he hit a table and knocked over a couple of his inventions before coming in front of me.

"So, ghost, I have a question. Do you like fudge and My Little Pony: Friendship is magic?" My dad said with an eager look on his face.

"Yes, I like fudge, but I've never watched My Little Pony, I always thought it was for girls..."

A look of rage came across my dad's face.

"It is for anyone who wants to watch!" He shouted. "Oh, you like fudge? Good here's some."

He shoved a piece of fudge into my mouth before pulling out his tablet. He looked at the screen touching it every now and then before bringing it in front of me. I saw a brightly colored Pegasus flash across the screen dropping papers as she (he?) went. She (as I found out by her voice) was dropping papers for some kind of announcement. A few papers flew down and one went into the face of another pony with a cream coat and pink hair. She shrieked when she saw the paper before she ran off.

I watched as the show slowly progressed getting better and better. It was over way too soon, I was hooked to this amazing show about cheerful ponies. I don't know how or why, but it was amazing and addicting. My favorite pony was now officially Rainbow Dash! I was saddened when my dad took his tablet away separating me from the amazing show. I fell back to sleep happy that my dad had shown me at least a little bit of kindness and showed me My Little Pony.

A little rushed at the end, but I think it was pretty good, I didn't want to write out the full episode of MLP, but it was season 2 episode 22 as suggested by princessbinas.

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