Okay so my first one shot, the timeline for this is just after season during during the summer most likely. Hope you like it.

Stiles hadn't heard much from Addie in the last week. For the most part, he had been out practicing lacrosse with Scott, but the other times when he tried to reach out she hadn't returned any of his calls or text messages. The insecure part of his mind thought that she was avoiding him, putting distance between them because she was second guessing their relationship, wanting to break up.

Thoughts like those plagued his mind constantly. He knew from the very beginning that she was too good for him; he was the reacher and she was the settler, as some might say. But after desiring and finally tasting the sweet taste of Addison Moore, he was going to ever want anything less. She was his, and he was hers, and no one was going to take that away from him without a fight.

But the question at hand still made him curious and confused.

Where the hell was she?

After nearly eight days of constant paranoia Stiles sucked up his dignity and asked Scott. He had avoided talking to Scott about his situation, because he didn't want to drag him into possible relationship issues. Especially considering Scott's current rocky relationship with Allison, or lack there of.

Shoving his lacrosse stick into his gym bag, he turned to Scott who was doing the same.

"So uh, have you heard from Addie lately?" he asked timidly, shifting his eyes to appear casual.

Scott turned his head and looked at Stiles with a furrowed brow. "Yeah, we passed each other at the clinic yesterday and talked a little bit... Why?"

Stiles fumbled with the strap on his bag and let it eventually come to rest heavily on his shoulder. "Did she say anything about me? About us?" he asked as he finally lifted his eyes and looked up at his werewolf friend.

Scott folded his arms over his torso and shrugged. "She asked how practice was going, but that's about it." he paused for a second before continuing with a small laugh. "She was kinda in a hurry."

"Why, did Deaton have cake in the back room or something?" Stiles sarcastically asked.

Scott shook his head and laughed, "No, one of the dogs we're taking care of finally had her puppies a couple of weeks ago. Addie has been practically living in the back room ever since."

Stiles let a sigh leave his body, and the relief that flood over his body was overwhelming. Puppies, of course. She's not dumping me for another guy, she's just choosing to spend her time with adorable puppies.

Stiles walked through the front door of the vet clinic, and vaguely noticed the bell ding above him, that was supposed to alert the workers that a customer had just came in. He rolled his eyes though when no one came to the front to greet him, Great customer service we've got here.

Walking over to the door that led to the examination room, he dropped his gym bag at the foot of the desk before pushing his way through the door.

The examination room was empty and dimly lit, but the door toward the far end of the room which led to the back room was illuminated brightly.

Stiles walked across the room and pushed the door open, peaking inside. A smile graced his lips, as he leaned against the door frame and saw his girlfriend for the first time in over a week.

Addie sat crossed legged in the middle of the room, her back to the door, with about half a dozen calico puppies stumbling to walk around her.

Stiles remained in the doorway for a few minutes before a laugh escaped his lips, he just couldn't stifle his laugh as he heard Addie continuous coo and talk to the little animals.

Addie quickly spun around surprised, and tossed him a fake angry glare when she noticed who it was. "Jesus Christ, don't sneak up on me like that!"

Stiles pushed himself off the door frame and mimicked her position, taking a seat on the ground beside her. "I've actually been here for a few minutes, so maybe you just need to get a better grip on your surroundings." he playfully replied as he reached his hand out and gently rubbed the head of one of the nearest puppies.

Addie straightened her shoulders, "Well sorry, but my mind was preoccupied." she sarcastically said, but the end of her sentence turned into a coo as she playfully tapped the nose of the little puppy in her lap.

Stiles rolled his eyes again. "I haven't heard from you in over a week." he said in almost a scolding way, but he added a smile at the end to prove that he wasn't actually mad.

Addie turned her head to face him and frowned. "I'm sorry... But look!" she exclaimed as she quickly little the baby animal in her hands and practically shoved it in his face.

Stiles laughed and gently directed the puppy back into her lap, while simultaneously lifting one in front of him and bringing it into his lap as well. "It's okay." he said, which caused her to smile over at him. "And you're forgiven." He leaned over and captured his lips with hers, he groaned slightly missing the feeling of her lips on his. He pulled away when the puppy in his lap suddenly bit his finger; it didn't hurt but it definitely wasn't expected.

Addie giggled before turning her attention back to the puppy in her lap. "I call this one Sir Chubbs, because well, as you can see he is the chubbiest of them all." Her smile slowly morphed into a pout and Stiles sent her a questioning look. "I want him." she answered his silent question. "I want them all! But Deaton won't let me, and the owner said she wasn't planning on selling them."

Stiles furrowed his brow, "So the owner is willing to have-" he paused and counted the wandering pups. "Seven puppies just roaming around in their house?"

"She said she was going to give to friends and family." Addie sadly answered. "I could be her friend!" she suddenly exclaimed with an angry, annoyed tone. "I'm a freaking awesome person, and if she doesn't want to be my friend so that she could then give me one of her puppies, then she's just stupid."

"Breathe." Stiles instructed as she ended her long sentence with a huff.

"But he's so cute!" Addie complained with a pout.

"I know, I can see that." Stiles agreed. "But that doesn't mean you're allowed to steal them."

Addie glared at him. "I wasn't planning of stealing them." she defended, but Stiles rose a mocking eyebrow at her and she sighed. "Okay fine, maybe it crossed my mind. But I never would have acted on it... Probably."

Stiles grabbed the puppy in his lap, and set in down in hers next to Sir Chubbs, hoping that the more cutest near her would cheer her up. "Why won't Deaton let you have a dog?" he asked when a smile painted her face once again.

Addie scoffed, "He says I'm not responsible enough."

Stiles raised his eyebrows in surprise. "You? Not responsible?"

Addie nodded her head. "Exactly. I think he just doesn't want to mix his work and personal life, which is fine for him but not for me."

"Or he might think that with you being a teenager and always away at school or with me, that he might be the one that has to take care of it." Stiles countered.

Addie shoulders sagged. "That might be true as well." A silence lulled the room before she spoke again. "Do you think I could convince your dad to get a dog? I mean like you said, I'm with you most of the time anyway!"

Stiles laughed, "Honestly, I wouldn't doubt it. My dad freaking loves you."