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Addie's sneaker clad feet were propped up on the dashboard of the jeep. The windows were rolled down as they sped down the interstate, trying to cool down the occupants from their adventurous day.

"I told you I wouldn't regret it," Addie said with her eyes closed, and her head laid back against the top of the seat, "It may have been cold this morning, but it definitely got hotter. Shorts and a tank top were the perfect outfit for today."

Stiles laughed lightly, not taking his eyes off the road as he rolled them. "I didn't say you would regret it, I just said it would've been smart to bring a coat this morning. Because as you pointed out for most of the morning, most of the 7 hour drive, it was cold."

Addie lifted her head up and glared, "You're the one that wanted to leave at 3 in the morning!"

"We had to!" Stiles exclaimed while lifting one of his hands and flailing it slightly, "If we wanted to get there and be home at a reasonable time."

Addie pouted and crossed her arms over her stomach, knowing he was right. "Okay, no more arguing about who is right and who is wrong-"

"I am right." Stiles interrupted with a smirk.

Addie stuck her tongue out at him, before continuing. "Anyway! Can we just agree that today was freaking awesome?"

Stiles laughed. "You go to Sea World like every year, I don't get how you can be so excited every time."

"Dolphins and whales and sea lions are awesome! That's why!" Addie defended excitedly.

"Well I hope you got your fix, because I'm not taking you again this summer." Stiles said casting a glance over at her, whose face immediately fell.

"But-but-but why?" She whined.

"Because like I pointed out before, it's a 7 hour drive," Stiles replied. "And don't even get me started on the gas money."

Addie reached over and smacked his arm, to which he didn't flinch at since he was expecting it. "I gave you gas money!" she exclaimed as he laughed.

"I know but still! We shoulda just took the train." Stiles countered once she was firmly situated back into her seat. "It would have cost less and we wouldn't have had to leave so early."

"Yeah but if you took the train, then we couldn't pull off the interstate onto a nice cozy forest surrounded rest stop and make out." Addie countered with a shrug of her shoulders.

The jeep silenced as Stiles took his eyes off the road to peek at her bare legs that were propped up on his dashboard. Without another moment of hesitation, his left hand flicked upward to activate the jeep's right turn signal and he turned his head to check to make sure it was clear to change lanes.

Addie let out a loud laugh before she leaned over and kissed his cheek, while his eyes frantically searched ahead for the nearest exit. "We still have two hours. Wait until we are a little closer to home."

Stiles sighed and continued driving forward, passing the exit. "You are such a tease."

Addie smirked, "Oh hush, you know you love me."

Stiles grumbled in response, which caused her to giggle slightly.

After a few moments of silence, Addie spoke up again. "So how do you think Scott is doing?"

Stiles shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know... He hasn't texted either one of us saying 'Mayday' or 'help SOS' or anything. So I'm pretty sure he will survive the next couple of hours until we get home."

"I trust Scott, don't get me wrong, but I think maybe we should have asked Allison instead." she said with a guilty frown.

Stiles rolled his eyes, "Scott works at a vet clinic, and he's a werewolf! I think he is more equipped to handle things."

"Exactly!" Addie exclaimed. "He's a werewolf, I don't want him using his freaky mojo and trying to be his alpha or something. We need to be the boss, we are in control!"

"As much as I appreciate this 'we' thing, don't go dragging me into all of this. If Deaton finds out, I am totally throwing you under the bus and running for the hills." Stiles responded.

Addie glared and crossed her arms over her chest, while sliding her feet off the dashboard and planting them firmly on the cars floor. "Well, I see where your loyalties truly lie... "

"You were the one that went 3 towns over and spent most of your saved up money to buy a puppy! Not me!" Stiles said with a laugh, to show that he trying to start a fight.

Addie stuck her tongue out at him. "If you had just gotten me one when I asked, then I wouldn't have had to."

"I asked, and Deaton said no." he replied.

Addie shrugged, "That's why you shouldn't have asked in general. What he doesn't know won't hurt him."

"And I'm sure constantly hiding it in your room, isn't frustrating at all." Stiles countered.

Addie pointed her finger at him and glared. "It has a name! Boo Waggly loves you, you should be a little nicer to him!"

Stiles laughed, "And I love Boo too, but you are still going to get in a lot of trouble if, no scratch that, when Deaton finds out."

Addie pouted, knowing he was right. "Maybe we can ask your dad, and have him stay with you?" she suggested.

Stiles sighed, but his eyes still twinkled with amusement. "You better butter him up first," he said, finally conceding. "You know, laundry, cooking, cleaning, all that jazz."

Addie tilted her head and raised an eyebrow, "Am I buttering him up or you?"

Stiles shrugged, trying not to let his smile slip through. "I guess it would be both, since we live in the same house of course."

Addie rolled her eyes as a small smile graced her lips. "Oh how very convenient for you." Reaching her left hand out, she grabbed his right hand from the steering wheel and wove their fingers together. Peaking through her bangs that fell over her face, she saw a smile grow on his face though his eyes still watched the road. Letting their joined hands rest of her lap, she scooted over a little and leaned her head against his shoulder.

"Don't go falling asleep on me." Stiles said. "If I can't sleep then neither can you."

Addie twisted her head, so now her chin rested against his shoulder. "I'm not gonna fall asleep."

Stiles scoffed lightly. "Well you weren't talking-"

"Just because I'm not talking, doesn't automatically mean I'm sleeping!" she interrupted with a laugh, before playfully blowing air into his ear.

Stiles twitched a little and cringed away, "Hey don't distract the driver!" he said with a slight laugh.

Addie un-wove her hand from his and playfully ran her fingers through his hair. "But it's so much fun!"

Stiles turned his head slightly and eyed her. "It won't be fun if we crash."

Addie rolled her eyes in response, but conceded to stop messing with him. With a sigh, she rested her head back down on his shoulder and stared out the front windshield.

After a few minutes her eyes began to flutter. Each time she caught herself, she blinked rapidly and tried to force herself to stay awake.

"Just go to sleep." Stiles said in a soft voice, interrupting her internal battle.

Addie fought back a yawn, "But you said-"

"I know what I said." he interrupted. "But it's fine," He turned his head and kissed the crown of hers. "Just go to sleep."

And without further instruction, she did.

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