A/N: OK this is my first fanfic. Been thinking about this for awhile. Any and all reviews are welcome. Sorry for any typos or spelling errors. All credit where its due, EL James.

So its been a week since that awful incident at Escala with Christian. I can't believe that I asked him to show me how bad it could be. I just never realized that it would be that bad! I know now that I can't be with someone that enjoys hurting others that much but I over the past week I've come to realize that I spoke no truer words to him than when I told him that I loved him. He's contacted me a few times, sending flowers my first day of work, he's sent me emails (I deleted them without reading them, my heart just wouldn't let me look to see what he said), he even sent Taylor over one day with food! UGH he can be so exacerbating. I am doing my best to ignore him so that my heart can heal. It's so new and fresh, this pain that I feel, but as long as I can keep occupied I think that I'll be able to put Christian Grey behind me. I know you always remember your first love and I do want to remember parts of us. Like Georgia and soaring with him. But the hurt and self preservation win right now. So I have made the decision not to think about him - as much as that's possible.

I started my new job at SIP which I love! Not only am I doing what I wanted to do with my career and learning a lot to be able to further my aspirations of actually being an editor/writer one day but from 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday I actually have a reason NOT to think of Christian Grey! My boss Jack Hyde has been really patient with me and has been showing me the ropes of the editing process, even if I think that he might be a little creepy and overly friendly on occasion. But I can deal with that, I will continue to do my job well and prove that he wasn't wrong in hiring me straight out of college with no real work experience other than Clayton's Hardware.

Kate is due back from Barbados tonight. She sent me a text asking if I could pick her up from the airport as Elliot, her boyfriend and Christian's brother, had to take an earlier flight home. I'm so happy that she is coming home. I've needed Kate more this past week than I can remember. My best friend is fiercely loyal and protective of me but I just needed to talk to her. I haven't talked to her yet about me and Christian. It's hard because of that damn NDA is signed and well with her dating Elliot I don't want to cause her any problems with her relationship. And I know her cutting off Christian's balls and serving them to him on a silver platter would seriously piss Elliot off! But I also know that I will have to deal with the Katherine Kavanaugh Inquisition soon and I'm gonna have to be prepared.