Chapter 69

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I left Gideon in the bedroom to dress as I hurriedly ran to the door of the suite. The incessant knocking continually getting louder. Lord, don't the waiters know better than to bang on a guest's door like that?

Just as I reach the door I holler out, "Coming, one sec!" and make sure that my robe is closed and tightly knotted.

Gideon was not happy that I was going to open the door for our breakfast delivery in what I had on but it's better than him opening the door in nothing but a towel.

Throwing open the door I say 'come in' before I realize that it wasn't the wait staff bringing up our breakfast but a beautiful, supermodelesque woman.

"Don't mind if I do?" She says with a lightly accented voice as she sashays right by me.

I turn to look at her and know that my face registers confusion.

"Excuse me, but who are you?"

"No one you need concern yourself with little girl. I'm here to see Gideon." She responds in a haughty manner. She had turned away from me and slowly walked over to the coffee table in and set her purse down as she casually, and quite gracefully I might add, sank into one of the overstuffed chairs and crossed her long legs.

"Well, aren't you going to go get him or would you rather I pulled him out of the shower myself?" She continued as she arches her brow pinning me with a 'get on with it' look.

Well WTF? Not that simple sweetheart. You're not going to breeze into my room and demand to see MY man. Yes, I know. I just choose him recently, but he's still mine. And who the fuck are you?!

Before I could say anything though, another knock on the door. Opening it, I find the busboy delivering our breakfast. Telling him to set it up on the terrace and as he headed that direction, I watch until he opened the doors to the terrace and started setting up the table before turning back to this woman, this complete stranger who waltzed right in and started making demands upon me about MY boyfriend.

"Look lady. I don't know who you are but barging into someone's hotel room at 7:30 am and demanding to see their boyfriend doesn't set well with me. So, who are you and what do you want with Gideon."

The stunning beauty just looks at me and smugly, raises to her feet, "well, I am someone who isn't trying to catch a man by pinning someone else's child on him."

Wow. Really. I'm stunned and I know that my mouth is agape and my eyes grew even larger than they already were at her words. Just then the busboy came back into the room clearing his throat, with a sheepish look on his face, holding the check presenter for my signature. Obviously not only did he hear what she-monster said, but understood her perfectly as well.

I signed the slip and handed the presenter back to the busboy and watched as he turned to leave. I was not going to have a tête-à-tête with a woman I don't know, in an unfamiliar country, where she obviously has preconceived notions about me, in front of the hotel staff. When the door closed, I turned to her royal bitchiness to address her outrageous comment.

"Excuse me? First of all, you may think you know Gideon, but you don't know me. And if you think for one minute Gideon would allow anyone to pin someone else's child on him, as you put it, then you don't know if as well as you think you do. Now, I asked you once, who are you and what do you need with Gideon this early in the morning that couldn't have waited? Or did you show up just to spew negative nasty and hateful words to a woman you don't know? I mean, I'm sure your parents raised you better than to stop unannounced at a man's hotel room; one he shares with another woman, demanding to see him yet refusing to even admit who your are all the while spouting off about things you know nothing about. I would think you would want to show some dignity and self-control once you made it into his room?"

She stands there looking at me with what I am sure is something akin to the look that I just gave her after her awful comment but before she could answer, I see both Angus and Sawyer in my peripheral vision. Turning I see that Sawyer has stopped just inside the door while Angus' steely blue gaze is on the woman. Sawyer standing next to the door as Angus comes to stand beside me and addresses the woman still unknown to me.

"I'd like an answer to that question myself Ms. Perez."

Oh. Of course if SHE knows Gideon, it serves that Angus would know her as well. But what are Angus and Sawyer doing here? Gideon gave them both the day off last night.

"Angus?" I question.

Turning slightly, I see his eyes soften a bit and he not unkindly says, "Miss Ana, let me introduce you to Ms. Magdalene Perez. A former friend of Mr. Cross'. Would you please let him know she's here and…" his voice trails off as his eyes glide quickly over my barely covered body and then to Sawyer, who is stoically standing by the door to the room with his eyes focused on the beautiful Ms. Perez.

Glancing down, I realize the sash of my short dressing gown has worked itself loose and I am standing in front of this woman, and my boyfriend's security half-dressed. Immediately I can feel the heat raise to my face.

I nod my head, "Of course, Angus."

I hurry through the suite to the bedroom and to Gideon but not before I hear Angus ask Magdalene, "Is she here too? Is Corrine here as well?"

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