Unless you want PWP I suggest you read 'An Unlikely Company' first.

"I meant what I said earlier; I shall not leave you. Not for another dwarf or man. Not even if you ordered me away. I'm afraid you're stuck with me."

"I'm sure I will cope." Thorin said into the crook of her neck, pressing soft kisses into the skin. "Stay with me tonight?"

Aire didn't reply, but pulled his lips to hers, leading him backwards up the stairs.

The others had already locked themselves in their rooms and there was no one to see the dwarf king pulling the half-blood into his bedroom. He spun Airelotwen so that her back was against the wall and he was pressed firmly against her front. He buried his thick fingers in her braided hair, pulling her face up to meet hers in a hungry kiss. His alcohol consumption earlier in the night had not clouded his mind in the slightest. He'd refrained from drinking too much in order to keep his wits sharp around the Master of the town. Yet, even as he pulled her head back to expose her neck to him, he wondered if he was making the right decision. Their relationship had barely been established a fortnight. He didn't want to rush her. "Do you want this?" He asked, pulling back to look at the blue-eyed half-elf before him.

"I want you." Aire smiled, reaching up to grip at his hair and pull him down to her level. "I need you." She joined their lips together as his hands slipped under the collar of her tunic. She moaned softly against his lips as his hands traced the top of her breasts, his thumbs dipping between fabric and skin to caress her nipples. She arched her chest into him at the sensations of his cold hands against her warm skin and he took it as a sign to remove her tunic. Her undershirt followed quickly, his hands serving in place of the undershirt's support. He kneaded, pinched and rolled her breasts between his hands and fingers until the sensations from that alone was enough to bring Aire close to the edge.

He ceased his ministrations when her mewling grew loud and travelled downwards to the top of her trousers. He waited patiently for her to remove her boots before he broke their kiss and pushed her trousers from her legs. He gently kissed each of her hips before removing her underwear and stepping back to view her pale form. His gaze turned hungry as he traced her curves with his eyes, noting faint lines from injuries during their previous trails in the woods. He made a silent promise to her that he would not let any more harm befall her.

Aire was disturbed by his staring, not entirely sure what it meant. Her arms moved to cover herself, a blush staining her cheeks as she hid her face. Thorin was momentarily confused by her embarrassment before the pieces slid into place. "Do not be embarrassed." He took hold of her wrists pinning them gently to the wall either side of her head.

"I have never… You're the… I haven't…" Aire struggled to find the right words but Thorin knew what she was trying to convey.

"It is fine."

"But I won't know what to-"

"Airelotwen Sandhelm look me in the eye. It does not bother me that you have never bed another man. In fact it makes me happy. The thought of another man seeing you like this… it is never going to happen." He dropped her wrists, cupping her face and kissing her gently.

Her hands began to work at his coat, pushing it from his shoulders and unlacing his shirt ties. He helped her, making quick word of his vest and trousers. He soon stood naked before her as she had before him. Like him Aire paused to take in the sight of his muscled form, dusted in dark, curly hair. She smiled, glancing up to meet his darkening gaze.

Their lips joined once more, the fiery passion between them growing with each passing second.

He hooked her right leg over his hip, keeping a firm grip on her thigh as he bit down hard on her collar bone. Aire cried out in pain but it sent bursts of arousal through her body. Although his teeth were sharp against her skin she trusted him enough to not break it and draw blood. She tangled her hand in his hair, pulling his lips back to hers. She moaned pitifully against his lips as he rubbed against her entrance. "Thorin…" she moaned, tightening her hold even more.

"Not here." he said against her lips, stepping back half a step. She whined at the loss of contact but her breath caught in her throat when he picked her up with ease, carrying her over to the bed. He lay her down gently on the mattress, crawling over her body to her lips. "Has anyone ever told you that you're beautiful?" all Aire could do was shake her head as his hands travelled down the length of her body, tracing lines over her stomach and thighs. "Remind me to say it more often then." Goosebumps rose along the path that Thorin's fingers traced and her body spasmed involuntarily when he traced a particularly sensitive part of her body.

His mouth left her lips, tracing a line to her chest. He nipped and sucked at them, smiling as Airelotwen writhed under him. It appeared that he had not lost his touch. His beard scratched against her skin but only heightened the sensations. She was so lost in the sensations he was delivering to her breasts that she was not expecting the foreign feeling he delivered next.

"Thorin!" Aire suddenly squeaked as one of his fingers pushed its way in between her legs. It was a completely foreign feeling to her and a slight twang of pain accompanied it, making her question if she liked it.

"It's okay." Thorin smiled against the crook of her neck. "Trust me." He twitched his finger in a 'come hither' motion and smiled in satisfaction as Aire's hips bucked against his hand. She pressed her lips to the hollow of his collarbone in order to try and muffled her moans. It wasn't an overly effective strategy. "See?" Thorin rumbled in a light chuckle. "I won't hurt you." Aire could only let out a strangled moan as Thorin's fingers repeatedly stoked against a very sensitive part of her inside walls. He chuckled again as he kissed down her body, pressing his lips to the folds between her legs. His tongue flicked at her oversensitive bud and her hands tangled in the sheets either side of her hips, body twisting to try and escape from the onslaught of feelings. He wouldn't need to spend too long giving her such attention. He only needed to suck on her clit and he could feel her orgasm building inside of her.

"Thorin… Thorin, please!"

Thorin smirked against Aire's body, lifting his head and moving slowly back up her body to her lips, leaving her body to withdraw from the crest of the wave. His hands followed, propping his body up a few millimetres from hers. He pressed a kiss to the hollow behind her ear before speaking. "If I hurt you then you must tell me."

"I trust you." Aire smiled up at him. It was the truth but it didn't stop her from stealing a final kiss before Thorin lined himself up. He tangled one hand in her hair, the loose braids finally coming undone under his fingers, and took her right hand in his other one. He kissed her again as he gently pushed inside her, trying to disguise some of the pain she would feel.

The pain Thorin brought her this time was stronger than when he'd just used his fingers, but the pleasure was far greater. Thorin released her lips so that he could pull back and look at her, ensuring she was comfortable before he began to move.

Aire hissed through her teeth at the waves of pure pleasure each thrust sent rolling through her body. Once the pain had subsided she shifted her body under Thorin's, wrapping her legs around his and meeting him thrust for thrust. She was already close to the edge after Thorin's previous teasing. Her spare hand wrapped itself around her neck, providing some form of anchorage. "No other being – man, dwarf and certainly not elf – will ever see you like this again." Thorin growled in her ear, breaking contact with her lips. "I am the only one who gets to see you like this. You are mine and I do not share."

Aire nodded breathlessly. "Yours."

Thorin untangled his hand from her hair, tracing down her body. It paid a small amount of attention to her sensitive breasts before continuing its journey down. His thrusts were becoming more and more erratic as his hand pressed against her sensitive nib. "Let go, Airelotwen. Let go for me." He circled his thumb twice and she let go, screaming his name as her orgasm took her. He came soon after her, her name tearing its way from his throat. His body relaxed onto hers, hands still joined. His free hand clutched at her waist as he fought to regain control of his breathing. "I love you." He breathed heavily into her neck, nuzzling at the spot where it joined her shoulder. The first tendrils of sleep were beginning to claw at his mind, the long day starting to take its toll.

He removed himself from her, rolling onto his back and pulling her with him. She lay sprawled across his chest, skin covered in a thin layer of sweat. Bruises were already forming where he'd attacked her skin with his mouth and teeth. She was truly a beautiful sight to behold. "Sleep, my beautiful love. I will be here when you wake."