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P.S. Like Team Tao (I'll get back to that sooner or later) I will not be using insects or arachnids as characters and everyone will be more humanoid.

Prologue: Fall of a Hero

"We interrupt this program to bring you a special news bulletin: Empire City's one and only hero and beloved guardian sacrificed his life for all of us. Earlier this evening an unknown terrorist group took the entire Wellington International building hostage and threatened to kill everyone if the police or any other law enforcement tried to interfere."

Images of a huge, silver skyscraper that had a giant, neon green 'W' and 'I' initials on the front and a fountain in the driveway was shown as it was surrounded by unidentifiable black vans. Other images showed police, SWAT, and FBI surrounding the outer perimeter of the building, but kept a fair distance away as not to provoke the terrorists to do anything rash.

"Moments after law enforcement arrived, a most disturbing broadcast was aired."

The image changed to a very dark room with seven figures, each with a black cloak and different colored (White, black, green, red, yellow, violet, and blue) mask with creepy looking smiles and little X's where the eyes should be. The figure with the white mask, who seemed to be the leader began to speak in a completely deep, warped voice as if to keep people of his tail.

"Greetings, citizens of Empire City. If you are wondering about what our identities are, don't; it doesn't matter who we are, but what does matter is our plan. What our plan is, I shall not say. But I shall say this: what you think is terrorism is actually salvation for Wellington International is one of many signs of oppression. It may have provided jobs to those in need, payed to every single charity, and placed funds into the budget; it is all a cover-up for the so-called company to manipulate and control each and every citizen who reside in our fair city. The unfortunate workers of this company have chosen the wrong path and thus we have sought to free them from such. Even more unfortunate, they will have to be eliminate should any law enforcement. It would be a mercy killing if we did, but there is a second chance for these people to live and be released unharmed. Instructions have been sent to the head superiors of the company; there is no time limit. However, every second that they take, will be another step towards to everyone's demise. End transmission . . ."

The image becomes static until going completely black.

"Not long after the broadcast aired, Empire City's hero, The Dragon, appeared almost instantly and entered through the twenty-first floor."

An image of an apparent muscular male wearing a completely silver suit with a golden Chinese dragon on the chest, red gloves, red boots, a golden mask with one way lenses over the eyes and only left his ursidae-like muzzle bare. A belt with a Yin and Yang symbol adorned his waist with a pair of nunchucks on the left and right side, a short baton on the back, and two three-in-a-half foot long batons on his back. Al weapons were gold with silver Chinese dragons designs.

"Minuets after Dragon had successful infiltration small explosions, occurred on certain parts of the floors of the 30's to the signal tower, until a larger explosion blew the tower straight to the ground below."

Images showed parts of the building blowing up, but was nothing compared to the explosion at the very top of the skyscraper where the enormous signal tower fell from where it was.

"However, Dragon was able to prevent the tower from impacting on any civilian in the vicinity. Unfortunately, this would be his finally act of kindness . . ."

Images showed Dragon, now engulfed in crimson-red flames, struggling with the tower. Then in a bright flash, Both the tower and Dragon seem to vanish into thin air, leaving no trace either existed.

"After this mysterious flash occurred, The Dragon, the tower, and the terrorist group were nowhere to be seen. Though the tower was located near Turtle Cove and a shred of the Dragon's mask was discovered on the beach, The Dragon and the mysterious terrorist group were never seen again. Miraculously, the people held hostage were found unharmed and safely escorted home. Though no one could recollect what had happened, some recall being rescued by Dragon and were told to find safety. Some of the workers who recovered from the shock found the courage to speak of their experiences."

An image of a middle-aged goat with rectangular-rimmed glasses and a business suit.

"Hey, I thought the guy was a nut, despite what everyone else thought. In the end, he was every bit of the hero that people claimed he was."

Another image showed a buck horse in his early thirties wearing a janitor's uniform, complete with cap.

"The guy was here to help the day he first appeared and he went down in style, I've always supported him and I always will; even if he's gone."

A third image showed a young tabby in her mid twenties wearing a business suit with a matching skirt and was sobbing as she spoke.

"SNIFF . . . T-t-there were gunmen everywhere . . . SNIFF . . . they were going to k-k-kill . . . SNIFF . . . They were g-going to kill us . . . SNIFF . . . But then, he came and took them out and t-took us to safety . . . SNIFF . . . I'll never forget what he did for me, for us, for everyone in Empire City. . . SNIFF . . ."

a fourth image showed a German shepherd in his mid-thirties wearing a security guards outfit.

"It's because of him that everyone survived, it's because of him that no one died, and it's because of him that I was able to go back home with my wife and children. Words cannot express how I thankful I am. I hope everyone knows that, especially the ones who thought he was otherwise."

The scene shifts to a large, illuminating golden statue of The Dragon in the Empire City park, which displayed the fallen hero in all of his glory.

"People from far and wide are now gathering at the statue of Dragon as we speak to pay tribute and their respects as we speak. Mayor Thomas Ramos even prepared this speech in honor of Dragon."

The scene changes to the park at night with the statue of Dragon surrounded by endless groups of city and suburban dwellers wearing black mourning clothes as they turned their attention to a small stage wear a middle-aged Chihuahua stood in front of a microphone and cleared his throat to begin his speech.

"Today, a most tragic event has folded upon our fair city. For as of this moment, we bid farewell to, not just a person, but a legend. A legacy. A hero. The Dragon did everything he could to protect us when we were in danger and need a helping hand. Today, however, would be the most devastating loss we of Empire City will endure. He owed no one anything at all, and yet he gave his life for us. He will be missed. He's not fully gone, for he will always be in our hearts, wherever we will be and wherever his spirit resides. He was as much a part of this city as you and I; he always was, and he always will be for as long as we remember him. Now let us bow our heads."

As everyone bowed their heads, the camera zoomed out to show the many people mourning the loss of the now deceased hero with their heads bowed. The final scene showed the close up of the statue.

"The man. The myth. The legacy. The Dragon proved every time that he was the hero everyone needed and will live on as long as we remember all the good he has accomplished. For as long as Empire City is prosperous, the spirit of Dragon will never die. Farewell Dragon. May you rest in peace. This has been Channel 5 news with Claude Bukowski; we now return you to your regularly schedule program."

Battered . . .

Bruised . . .

Bleeding . . .

Gasping. . .

His eyes opened quickly as he gasped for breath and looked around to see where he was. He quickly found out he was in an alleyway somewhere in Downtown and struggled to stand up right. This was proving to be quite the challenge as it was painful to move any parts of his body; what he did earlier was starting to take its tow on him, but he been through worse and managed to get to his feet. As soon as he found his way out of the alley, he saw just the place he was looking for and with what energy he had left, jump onto the fire-escape and climbed to one of the highest rooms.

That very same night, a female mountain lion in her early thirties with long curly, jet black hair tied back in a ponytail, black nearly pointed ears with tan patches, dark tan fur all over her body and tail (excluding the black tip), emerald-green eyes, flat pink nose, and creamy white on the front of her muzzle that went down the front middle of her body. She wore a teal long-sleeved turtle-neck sweater, white jeans that were held up by a brown leather belt, and silver locket around her neck. She looked to be some sort of supermodel, what with her hourglass figure and athletically lithe, but slender body, and appeared to be 'well-endowed' in the chest are. The feline stood frozen as she looked towards in horror at the television, which showed the newscast on The Dragon's supposed death.

She was snapped out of her shock as she heard a tap on the window near the fire-escape. As soon as she looked, she nearly scream for many reasons, most of which were shock and happiness. There, outside of the window, was none other than The Dragon himself, only he appeared to be heavily injured. His costume was ripped and tattered in many places, he was missing a glove, and half of his mask was torn off. The mountain lioness rushed over to the widow and opened it to let the wounded hero in. As soon as the window was opened, Dragon fell to the floor with a hard THUD! He groaned in pain as the mountain lioness came to his side and helped him sit upright.

"Robert! Robbie! You okay baby?" The feline asked in concern.

"Not really . . ." Robert, as his name was revealed to be, hissed. "I feel like I was thrown into a meat grinder . . ."

He then too off what was left of his mask to reveal that he was a grizzly bear in his late thirties with short-cropped dark chestnut-brown hair, rounded ears, pointed muzzle, and dark piercing chestnut-brown eyes. As soon as the mask was off his eyes then wondered to the television and what he saw caught his attention more than anything in his entire life. Could it be true? Did everyone really think . . ?

"Everyone thinks I'm dead . . ."

"Pretty much." The mountain lioness responded, caressing the side of the grizzly's bruised face. "I think it's time to, well, you know . . ."

She was right, he couldn't keep this up forever; after all he had doing all of this for twenty-five. Even with everyone supporting him, he know he'd have to learn when his time had come. Apparently that time . . . was now.

"Amber . . . Where's Po?" Robert asked, gazing to the floor.

"Spending the night at Jeff's." Amber, the mountain lioness, answered.

"Good . . . I don't want him to see me like this . . ."

"I know, he's my foster son, too, you know."

"I know . . . ARGH!" Robert cringed as he tried to stand.

"Easy! Easy! Let's take it slow." Amber said as she helped the grizzly to the bedroom.

After a few hours of recovering, Robert found himself his secret room in his study staring at a glass case that held an extra undamaged suit. Others that were displayed in the case were magazine and newspaper articles, Chinese martial arts pamphlets, even his weapons: the nunchucks, the pole, and the batons. Currently, Robert was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and a pair of blue Levi's. He stared at the displayed, then breathed deeply as he performed a little Tai Chi and cupped his hands. As his eyes opened, they began to slit and glow a bright golden color and as he opened his hands, a golden baseball-shaped orb appeared in his hands. He then placed the orb in a case right next to the case with the suit and closed it.

"Goodbye, old friend; This is where we go our separate ways."

"Rob . . . you coming to bed?" Amber called from the bedroom.

"Yeah . . . be right there." Robert called back as he turned around and proceeded to walk out of the room.

As soon as he reached the entrance, he stopped and glanced over his should to look at the suit before he turned in for the night.

"I'm sorry, master."

He reverted his attention back ahead of him, took a deep breath as his head slumped, flipped a switch to turn off the lights, then closed the door as the room became pitch black.

Robert Glover was walking home, until he heard a commotion coming from an alley. Even without super power, Robert was skilled enough in Jeet Kune Do to defend himself perfectly. As soon as he reached the end of the ally, he saw something he did not like what so ever. In the ally were two young boys, one nine years of age and the other nine.

one of the boys was a young panda, who was a little on the chubby side, with short raven-black hair, black and white fur, rounded ears, and bright green eyes. He was wearing a black AC-DC shirt, blue hoodie, like blue jeans, black Vans sneakers, and a white baseball cap.

The other boy was a young snow leopard with long shoulder-length cyan colored hair, snowy-grey fur with black spots all over, black ears that were slightly pointed, and amber-yellow eyes. He wore a blank white shirt, black jean shorts, and black combat boots.

What Robert didn't like was the fact that the snow leopard was playing keep away with a black notebook that most likely belonged to the panda boy. As he did so, he laughed cruelly as the younger boy tried in vain to reclaim his stolen property.

"Come on, Tai Lung, give it back!" The panda pleaded.

"Why don't you make me, fatty!" Tai Lung, the snow leopard, retorted and shoved the panda to the ground. "This'll teach you to get me in trouble!"

That did it, one way or another, Robert was going to set that boy straight. Before he could move, however, the grizzly spotted another boy approaching Tai Lung from behind. This boy was a nine-year old German shepherd pup, with brown and black fur, black triangular pointed ears, short blonde hair, and crystal blue eyes that were glaring daggers at the snow leopard. His clothing was not, but a simple white Karategi with a green belt.

As soon as the German shepherd was behind Tai Lung, who didn't notice that someone was sneaking up behind him, he swiped the note-book from the snow leopard's hand and swatted him in the back of the head. Tai Lung, now angered, turned to see the German shepherd's angry glare as he walked past him to help the panda to his feet.

"You okay, Po?" He asked in concern.

"Yeah, I think so." Po, the panda, replied with a sigh. "Thanks a lot, Jeff."


"Hey, Speakman, get lost!" Tai Lung forcefully said. "This doesn't concern you"

"Why don't you just back off!" Jeff Speakman, the German shepherd, shot back. "He didn't do anything wrong!"

"He's the reason I've been suspended from school!"

"You were suspended because you beat on him and left him a bleeding mess!"

"So what? It's not my that butterball here can't defend himself!"

As the two argued, Robert approached from the side, undetected. As soon as he was close enough he stopped and waited for the right moment to step in.

"Okay, I don't know what your problem with Po is, but I'm not going to let you hurt my friend!" Jeff stated with the look of absolute disgust in his eyes. "Now, for the last time. Back. Off. Or else."

"Or else, what?" Tai Lung challenged, ready to start a fight with this little punk, but . . .

"Yes, Mr. Speakman, what will you do?" Robert asked, which gained the attention of all three boys, much to the relief of Po and Jeff and horror of Tai Lung.


"Mr. Glover!"

"Uh . . . H-hi M-mr. Glover, h-how are you today?" Tai Lung asked in a trembling voice.

"Well, the most strangest thing happened. As I was on my way home today, I happened to be passing by an alley, until I could have sworn I heard that someone was in said ally. As I checked to see what was all the commotion, I saw that a certain young feline was bullying my foster son."

"Uh, oh, that, I-I was only playing around . . ."

"As I recall: you pushed him to the ground and called him "fatty", or am I mistaken?" Robert pointed out in a low subtle voice.

"Well . . . You see . . . I . . ." Tai Lung sputtered as he tried to think of an excuse, but failed miserably and was stopped as soon as Robert held up a hand.

"I think it's time you went home, Tai Lung. Right. Now."

Tai Lung began to slowly walk out of the ally, but not before casting one last glare at Po and Jeff, which was returned with glares of their own.

"Git!" Robert yelled, which made Tai Lung hightail it away from the alley.

As soon as the young feline was gone, Robert turned his attention to his foster son as he kneeled down to see if he was hurt.

"You alright, Po?"

"I'm fine, good thing he wasn't feeling punchy." Po joked as Tai Lung was a student of one of Empire City's martial arts instructors; Master Jack Shifu (or just Shifu since very few people call him Jack) teacher of Kung Fu.

"Well, I'm still impressed; you know enough JKD to defend yourself and yet you don't fight back." Robert said, proud that the panda never got in a fight, despite always being picked on and having Jeff come to his rescue.

"What would that prove? Martial arts are about defense not causing fights when you want to."

"Nicely spoken, that's what Sensei Parker's teaching us to do in Kenpo." Jeff commented wholeheartedly about his Sensei, who was none other than Edward Parker, another one of Empire City's top martial arts instructors that was a teacher in Kenpo Karate.

"Speaking of which, Doesn't your class start in a few minuets?" Robert asked curiously.

"Oh, shoot, you're right!" Jeff exclaimed as he ran to gather his things and rushed out of the alley while waving goodbye to the two bears. "Later guys!"

"Later!" Both bears called back then made their way home.

Later that night, Po, Robert, and Amber (still as lovely and youthful as ever) were seated at the dinner table while eating bowls of New England-style clam chowder with shredded cheese and crackers. One might think fifteen years of marriage would be hell, but Robert never regretted proposing to Amber. Not one single, microscopic iota. He loved her like no man could ever love a woman in their entire and the feline felt the same way about him. Amber was a cool girl, she was gorgeous, she had a nice body, she was a great cook, she had a singing voice like an angel, she had excellent medical skills, she could dance the night away, she could kick butt, she was great with children, and she knew how to take charge when she needed to.

Amber loved Po so much, for she understood how it was to lose one parents and did everything she could to become an ideal mother for the young panda. Robert was best friends with Po's father, Fred Ping, while Amber was good friends with the mother Yu. All four had the same Jeet Kune Do teacher and grew up all together. It was also thanks to Yu that Robert and Amber were together in the first place. Just a few months ago, both parents died in an explosion at a hospital where they both worked. Po was very shaken up by the loss of his parents and blamed their deaths on Shifu since he saw his father arguing with the Kung Fu teacher. Due to being unable to sire any children and in honor of their friends, the brought up Po as their own, though it would be some time before their could truly adopt him.

Po became a huge fan of The Dragon and the hero team known as the Furious Five (Iron Tiger, Silver Crane, Steel Monkey, Bronze Viper, Brass Mantis), and many more. As soon as he heard that The Dragon had "died", he was beyond devastated and cried himself to sleep for a whole week. Po didn't know that Robert, his own foster-father, was said hero. One day they'd have to tell him, but it would have to be when he was older, he wasn't ready to hear news like this. After finishing up, Robert helped Amber with the dishes and called Po to the den.

"Po, I think it's time." The grizzly stated seriously, which confused the little panda.

"Time for what?" Po asked, not getting where his foster-father was coming from.

"To put your training to the next level."

This both shocked and surprised both Po as Amber smiled mother at him.


"Of course, we wouldn't be telling you if we were lying." The mountain lioness replied with a chuckle.

"Awe man, this is gonna be sweet!"

"But . . ." Robert spoke up and raised a hand so that he could speak. "This involves us going away for a while."

"You mean . . . we're moving?" Po asked sadly.

"No, no, no, far from it." Amber said as she tussled his hair. "We'll be gone for a little bit, but we'll come back."

The panda remained silent for a few minuets. This was all happening so fast that he had mixed feelings. He then realized that he need to do this if he was to become a master in Jeet Kune Do. He hated the thought of leaving Jeff; they were friends since they were four and did everything together.

"Can I at least say 'goodbye' to Jeff?" The panda asked in a low, quivering voice.

"Oh, honey, of course you can." Amber said as she hugged her foster son, which her husband followed in suit.

"And remember this: this is not goodbye forever." The grizzly said in a comforting tone. "We're coming back as soon as we're finished and we're not going anywhere after that."

Po looked at both of his foster parents with a tearful smile and nodded.

"Jeff'll understand, I promise." Amber said, giving the panda a kiss on the cheek. "Now get ready for bed, we leave first thing in the morning."

"We'll even stop by Jeff's place on the way." Robert added with a smile.

Po nodded and walked towards his room, then shut the door to turn in for the night.

To Be Continued: Uprising

Well, hopefully this was good enough, hope it's to everyone's liking. Robert is based on martial artists Robert Wall and Jesse Glover, both of which were good friends with martial arts legend himself Bruce Lee! Jesse was also one of Lee' first students in Kung Fu and Jeet Kune Do, which will be Robert, Po, Amber, and many other's form of martial arts. Jeff if based on an actor with the same name who also a black belt in Kenpo Karate and his master is based on he late Kenpo Karateka grandmaster; Ed Parker Sr. Robert is also based on DC superhero Ted Grant AKA Wildcat (both in and out of costume). Other heroes will appear, including the Furious Five and villains, including Tai Lung and the terrorist group. Till next we meet, this is King of 2211 signing off.