Surprise! Surprise! Is anyone out there surprised? I knew you'd be. I just love movies with post-credit scenes, which is why I've made this little number, hope everyone enjoys. OC related are man and property of other authors, the rest we do not own.

After Credits: Secrets

Somewhere, in a dark dimly light room, stood a figure in front of various monitors that showed different broadcasts of Dragon and the Furious Five fighting against the fake Fate and his robotic soldiers. The figure looked from screen to screen as studied they fighting styles and way of using their powers and weapons. Upon closer inspection of this person of mystery, one would recognize him should they lived in Empire City all their life, or long enough. There, right in front of the monitors, was none other than the white masked leader of the terrorist group that once laid siege on the Wellington International building the day the original Dragon "died".

"Impressive . . . most impressive . . ." White Mask commented in an amused tone. "But just as order rises from the ashes of the flames from the past . . . so does the same . . . with chaos . . ."

The figure then pressed a button on the console, which made a cylindrical object rise from the floor.

"Soon, my pet, you shall be full of life . . ." White Mask whispered as the cylindrical object began to open up. "Then the real "fun" can begin."

As the object opened up, it revealed to contain what appeared to be a pendant of some sort. Not just any pendant though, this pendant resembled one of the Five Animal Amulets, only it appeared to be distinctively different. It had a silver chain which held a very dark-black spinel gem on the end, which had the symbol of a feline, like the Tiger Amulet, only the Chinese character engraved in it translated to "leopard". White Mask continued to marvel at the sight of the amulet, then let out a maniacal laughter.


Meanwhile, in another disclosed location, another figure also stood in front of various and studied the footage of Dragon and the Furious Five fighting against the fake Fate and his robotic soldier. Unlike White Mask, however, he wasn't alone as another figure stood to his right and also watched the footage of the heroes fighting against the robotic soldiers. As soon as they were finished, the light came on and revealed the two to be canines of two separate breeds, the first being a female saluki. She appeared to be in her mid-thirties with a very curvy figure that had black fur with white on her muzzle that went down the middle of her neck, long black hair in a ponytail, pointed muzzle, floppy ears, and dark-brown eyes. She wore a dark-blue colored Kevlar like suit (with matching boots) with a sort of gun holstered on the right side of her belt and an Eagle symbol with the word "ETERNITY" etched on it.

The second canine appeared to be a wolf at first glance, but if you looked close enough, you'd see that he was more husky-like. He had a nicely muscular build that had dark-grey fur (with two lighter grey patches over his eyes and the inside of his muzzle, which went down to his underbelly), short brown hair with grey on the sides and back of his head, pointed ears and muzzle, and one reddish-brown hair. He appeared to wear the same type of clothing as the saluki, only he wore gloves and a trench-coat with the same symbol and logo as on the shoulder of his uniform, a gun was holstered on his chest (like certain police officer), and wore an eyepatch over his left eye (most likely due to an accident).

"So, what should we do, sir?" The saluki asked as she looked towards the other canine.

"Nothing, for now, but keep tabs on them." The wolf-dog replied as he began to walk away from the monitors, followed by the saluki. "Knowing Xiasiayus, he'll make his move sooner or later, but we'll be waiting"

To Be Continued (Yet Again): Dragon Season 1

And finally, it has come to an end. Thank you all, so much, for following me on this amazing journey as Po strives to become the hero he always wished he could be. And yes, Season 1 is in development as we speak, hope to boot it up for everyone's eyes to see soon. Bet you guys are dying to know who these people are, aren't you? Well, you'll just have to wait until the main fic, but I promise you'll find out soon enough. Patience is all I ask as things like this could be ruined if they're rushed. Till then, in Season 1, this is the King of 2211, signing off.