It was hard to believe that it had started with corn.

Seriously, a mad scientist making a mistake, mutant creatures from another universe, or ectoplasm infected people turned into zombies, she could understand, but corn?

Why was it that corn caused the end of the world as they all knew it?

It had taken one small misstep, and Danny Phantom was no more.

He had tripped on a stray corn cob (Seriously, where did it come from?) and he had fallen off of the small floating island into the depths of the Ghost Zone, where the ambient energy saturating the air negated any ghost powers.

He had screamed, and Sam didn't think he had ever stopped.

Sometimes, she thought she could still hear his voice screaming in the dull, confused murmurs of the Ghost Zone's power.

Danny Phantom, the brave protector and hero of Amity Park, was no more, ripped apart atom by atom by the energy of the Ghost Zone.

But even so, it was still a corn cob that had killed him.

And Sam hated how it tasted so delicious even after she had cooked it as her revenge.

...what the flying **** did I just write