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Smashing Sandcastles


By Lightning Frost

Twelve Months Later to the Day

Sanderson could feel his time running out and it took everything he had not to cry. Even the Guardians have their fears. Everybody had one main fear and that fear was a fear of death. The unknown is what scared them. None of them have actually died and were gone before, they were all either immortalized or in Jack's case were phased into ghostly immortality.

They had minutes left before they died. By dying it meant they were not going to be the same, they would be in the darkness and therefor the part that made them who they are was going to die. Sanderson Mansnoozie and Jack Frost would be no more; they'd be a shadow of their former glory. They'd fall to darkness, the thing they fought to protect the world from. Pitch would win, he finally would win.

Sanderson had tried to send out the best dreams he'd ever made in all his time as a Guardian. This year he'd had so many believers and it almost broke his heart to know they'd never have a good dream again from him. Manny would have to pick a new Sandman. Sanderson stayed strong even though he was breaking from the inside.

"Feel the fear Sanderson? I, unlike you, will always be around, darkness and fear never die. However, every sleeping child has to wake eventually. Tragic isn't it?" Pitch whispered.

Sanderson had reverted back to not talking, he didn't want to wake the children. Since the dream sand circled above their heads if he talked then it would wake the child since it was a part of him. Sandy just glared at Pitch and then looked up at the moon.

In twelve months Jack and Sandy had opened the top of Pitch's lair so when the time came for them to die, Manny would be the last sight they would see. Of course Pitch couldn't do anything about it since he was stuck in the jar with a constant watch. Sandy and Jack didn't leave the lair because they didn't want to hurt anyone when they changed. They had experienced moments when they switched from light to dark mode and Pitch would try to take advantage of those moments.

Sanderson felt a sharp pain in his chest where a dark patch of dark bronze had gathered. He felt another pain. He knew it was almost his time. He had a few things he wanted to say to the Guardians still and to the children and to Manny. Sandy took this time to do so.

"Wake up children and listen. I won't be able to bring you dreams anymore, I won't be able to protect you while you sleep, I am the Sandman but I want all of you to know that even though I won't protect you here doesn't mean I will never protect you. I love all of you children and remember, keep me in your heart and you will always have good dreams." Sanderson spoke and around the world the children woke up and found golden sand circling above their heads and each formed itself into an image of Sandman speaking. When he finished the sand circled again and the children fell back asleep.

Sandman felt a sharper pain and sent out a dolphin of dream sand to the Guardians. They were in their main room where the plaques were. The Guardians had been begging Manny to save the two before their time was up. A golden-bronze dolphin swam in with a little black infection and then formed into a mini-sandman.

"My dearest Guardians," Sandy began.

"I've worked with you all for what seemed like eternity. I know and love each of you all and I know my time is almost upon me. I just wanted to say, thank you for letting me fight the battles with you, for giving me a home and a family, letting me share my dreams and joy with children, thank you for being with me and trying to understand me even when I chose not to speak. I wish for you all not the grieve for me when I depart but to remember all the good times we had together. I just want to do one last thing for you." Sanderson finished before the dream sand put them into a dream about the times they shared together as a family, good and bad.

Sandy turned towards the moon when another sharp pain struck. Jack was napping beneath the moonbeams. Sandy woke him up and they lay underneath the bright white light.

"Manny, it was a pleasure knowing you and working for you. Protect the children for me. You're my best friend Manny. Stay strong, I know neither of us saw this coming. The truth is I'm scared to die but seeing you as my last sight would be my dying wish. Thank you Manny." Sandy said before watching the moon shine down on him.

"Sanderson, I'm scared of dying." Jack whimpered before hugging the golden-bronze man.

"It will be okay Jack, Manny will protect us. Death is just another journey and every journey has dangers to face. I'm scared too Jack. Thank you for being my friend. I'm honored to die with you." Sandy said before everything started fading. A tear slid down his cheek.

"Thank you for being my friend. I'm honored to die with you too." Jack whispered before the moonbeams lullaby carried them away.

"Come with me friends, I'm taking you home." The moonbeam said and both darkened bodies smiled before the light was lost.

They were gone.

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