The Corsair's mark! Here, in 21st century New York! Well, that was certainly - interesting. The Doctor didn't even know that the Corsair had visited 21st century Earth at all. But, well, apparently he had. The Doctor whirled around, and began looking on other things for another mark of the Corsair. He wasn't finding anything, and people began to look at him funny.

Okay, he was used to that. Everyone looked at him funny. He was certainly playing the part of the madman right now. Here was the smell of an adventure - just what he needed at the moment to distract himself.

"Doctor?" a familiar voice gasped from behind him. "Doctor? Is that you?" The Doctor turned towards the voice, knowing who it was before he looked.

"Jack!" he exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing," he responded, with his trademark grin.

"How did you know it was me?"

"Who else runs around a city like an idiot, one minute looking like the world is falling apart and then the next like you're going to fix it? Nice outfit," he added, giving the Doctor a look over.

"Stop it," the Doctor warned, narrowing his eyes in mock annoyance. "But seriously, why are you here?"

"Because I'm on vacation," Jack returned. "Holiday, if you insist. So what's got you so excited?"

"There's a mark over there," the Doctor said, "which is the mark of the Corsair."

"Okay, so Blackbeard and his crew buried treasure somewhere around here," Jack said. "Tell me what that means."

"The Corsair was an old friend of mine, and he never left his mark anywhere unless there was a reason. I need to know why he put it here, in New York."

"Show me this mark," Jack said. The Doctor brought him over to where it originally was. It wasn't so bad having bumped into Jack. It wasn't like he could really mess the man up more than he already was. He wasn't even supposed to exist. He was just a - a fact, in time and space, never dying, never changing.

"I know that mark," Jack said thoughtfully. "Come on, Doctor."

"Wait, what?" the Doctor said, glancing around as Jack took off. "Hold on!" He ran after Jack until he caught up. "What do you mean, you know the mark?"

"I've seen it before," Jack said. "I'm showing you where." Together, they walked to the corner where the picked up a taxi. Jack wrote out the destination on a scrap of paper for the cabbie. The Doctor was sure he did it to keep the suspense up, and the Doctor was right.

"You just see this as a big game," the Doctor accused, sullenly. "You'll never grow up, will you?"

"What's the point in being grown up, if you can't act childish once in a while?" The Doctor just rolled his eyes.

"Look, I don't know what's going on, but it's got to be serious, or the Corsair wouldn't have left his mark. He never did unless it was important."

"What's happened to you, Doctor?" Jack asked. "You're - different, somehow. Colder. You might have verbally objected to my style before, but you never really objected. Not like you're doing now. What's going on?"

"Nothing," the Doctor said, so quickly that Jack knew it was a lie.

"If you say so," Jack said with a knowing nod. Then the cab pulled up to the destination, and they got out.

"The headquarters of the New York Times," Jack intoned with a theatrical gesture. "After you."

I'm going to try to update this story now as well. I think I'll do very short chapters like this, since the story isn't going to be all that in depth. I'm planning it to be a little intro story to a larger series plot. Thanks to Lauren Cleveland who helped brainstorm for this.