Heart Lollipops and Thorny Roses

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No one knew who left the roses and lollipops, people suspected though; the notes all had a phrase in Italian. Si e amati :: you are loved; sei bella :: you are beautiful; l'amore il giorno :: love the day. Every one took this to mean it was Tony, no one else spoke Italian. He had one too though and looked more confused than anyone. Others suspected Abby; the roses still had thorns, who else would have that. She had one too though but she seemed over joyed.

By the end of the day most people had given up guessing, the only clue any thing had happened was Abby's excessive visits to the bullpen and the smallest sparkle in Gibbs' eye. It wasn't until after every one but Team Gibbs, Director Vance, and Abby had left that Ziva realised what had happened, with a victorious noise she left to Abby's lab.

"I have figured it out. You did this, do not try to deny it, I have caught you. You did this last night after we left." Abby grinned and hugged Ziva.

"Aw Ziva! I'm so glad you think I could pull this off! It wasn't me though, Cupid this year is a bit older. Now scooch, Gibbs is bound to be ready for work to end." Ziva smiled and waved still a bit suspicious before leaving wishing Abby a happy Valentines Day. As Ziva returned to the bullpen she saw Gibbs standing and Tony and McGee packing up.

"Go on home Ziva. Works done for the day." She nodded gathered her things and boarded the elevator with McGee.

No one witnessed what happened next; no one saw Tony plant himself on Gibbs' lap and kiss his cheek; no one saw Gibbs hold Tony close and whisper in his ear; no one heard the conversation they had, but if they had they would probably be surprised.

"Why did you do it Jethro?" Tony had figured it out around lunch, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, his boss and partner, his everything, had given everyone flowers and lollipops. What Tony couldn't figure out, no matter how hard he tried, was why Jethro gave them to everyone and didn't give any clue.

"So you could have a good day, with the team happy, and have a reminder of how much I love you." Tony shivered as this was whispered in his ear and smiled at the sweetness of it.

"Then how come Abs was in on it?" This question had bothered Tony since he figured it out, there was no way Abby hadn't known.

"Needed someone to set it up, couldn't just disappear this morning." This was said with an air of finality and to emphasize the end of the conversation Jethro pulled Tony into a slow passionate kiss. There's no telling what may have happened if the click of a camera and very excited squealing hadn't distracted them. As they looked up Abby was there, with her camera out, grinning. She ran over and hugged both.

"Oh you two are so cute, in a really hot way, I'm so glad you set this up Gibbs!" Without further ado Abby was out the door and headed home. As Tony and Gibbs left one could swear they saw a figure standing on the upper level smiling.

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