Chapter Four

I awoke this morning feeling more alive and vibrant than I have in years. Today was going to be my first day back at school, and Molly had agreed to show me where class was. It seems as though it has been forever since I have gone to school, and being away from school for at least a week has taken it's toll. I actually miss being paraded from class to class like a herd of elephants to learn things that I don't recall now.

I stretch my arms above my head and yawn loudly. I look at the clock, and I'm actually on time. It's a strange event considering how before I would always sleep in. I hop out of my bed and get dressed into what I consider a "new" school uniform, seeing as I don't really remember wearing it before. I approach my vanity trying to decide what to do with my now shorter, waist length hair.

"I didn't bring this up before, but I miss your buns."

Well, if Darien liked my hair that way, maybe I should keep it the same way. I mean sure, my hair was shorter now, but that doesn't mean I can't continue using what is my new signature look. When I finish my hairstyle I stare dreamily at myself. The only person I can think about is Darien and everything that happened last night.

"My earrings!" I express happily with joy as I hurry to put the little dangle hearts into my ear lobes. The little earrings signifies a new relationship beginning to bloom, a fresh start from whatever my and Darien's past had been. I hear my mom answer the front door, and I just know Molly has arrived. I race down the steps.

"Serena, you better not come home late again. Your dad nearly had a heart attack when he saw the car in the driveway last night." My mother scolds me, handing me my pink lunch sack.

"Sorry mom! I'll be home by 7 o'clock tonight. I promise!" I kiss her cheek, and then notice that Sammy is sitting on the couch in his pajamas with his head in his arms.

Molly notices Sammy too. "Serena, what is wrong with your little brother?"

"I don't know," I answer concerned. I pull my shoes on and grab my schoolbag. Molly and I are about to walk out the door, but I just can't make myself leave knowing Sammy is upset. "Sammy, are you okay?"

"No." Sammy answers coldly. "I don't want to talk about it. Just leave me alone!"

Sammy runs up the stairs to his room, slamming his door loudly behind him. Molly and I turn to mom for an answer. Mama finally answers the question that was driving Molly and I crazy. "His friend Mika is in the hospital."

Molly cuts in, "Isn't Mika the girl who won that one contest for her doll?"

I gasp. Since when did Sammy have a friend named Mika? She can make dolls? This whole lack of memories thing sucks majorly. I wish I could remember the people who are important to my friends, family, and even myself. I am constantly feeling out of the loop.

"Yeah, Sammy feels horrible because he accidentally broke her doll. When he finally worked up the courage to apologize yesterday, she had gone to the hospital! The doctors have no idea what is wrong."

Molly chats with my mother, "That's strange. You know the same thing happened to my and Serena's sewing teacher, Miss Lambert. She was supposed to get married to this really geeky guy, but she dumped him out of nowhere and then passed out at a sewing contest. No one knows what's wrong with her at the hospital either!"

I listen to my mother and my best friend gossip away. It feels like there is something seriously wrong here. Something almost supernatural. The way I think of all this chatter is backed up with Molly's next piece of juicy gossip.

"Our teacher, Miss Haruna has been missing all week! We had to get a substitute teacher. Ever since Peter Fisher's contest, all of these girls have gone missing, even Peter himself! There was just a bunch of photos of all these people all over the cement next to the swimming pool. I'm so glad I didn't go to that contest, and visited Serena instead!"

All these people are missing? What is going on? "Are the police doing anything about it?" I ask, confused. So much seems to have changed from what I can remember. I can't help but think something sinister is happening in what used to be my cheery home of Tokyo, Japan.

Mom answers my question with a finger raised in front of her face. "Well, of course they are. They are trying to find Sailor Moon; She was the one who solved all these wierd mysteries before with her friends, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Mercury."

"Oh yeah! Sailor Moon saved me and my mom when our jewelry shop was under attack, she is so pretty and so brave!" Molly exclaimed. "She went missing a little over a week ago though. Ever since she vanished all these wierd things keep happening."

I look at the clock on the wall. "Oh no! Molly, we're gonna be really, really late!"

I grab Molly's hand and run out the door. We start running as fast as we can towards the school. I'm running as quickly as possible, a little faster than Molly, even, and when I turn the corner, I run into a person. Before I know it, I've landed on the cement butt first. "Oww!" I moan as I rub the bruised area.

"Serena!" Darien states my name with excitement. "You fixed your hair back into the buns! Here let me help you up. Bet you're late again, just like old times, huh?"

He pulls me up into his arms, and gives me a warm hug. I look up into his eyes, smiling. Seeing Darien was quite possibly the best start of my morning, nothing else could make my day better. I feel so happy, excited, and fluttery! "I'm so happy to see you!"

Suddenly there is a loud shriek from where I had run from. Darien and I hear a crushing sound. My eyes widen, and I feel tears creep up in my eyes. I rip myself out of Darien's arms and jog to where I heard the shriek.

"Serena, where are you going?" Darien shouts, chasing me down the sidewalk.

"That was Molly. I ran faster than she did, she must have fell behind. I think something is wrong!" I am totally panicked. Molly has never screamed like that before in all the time that I have known her.

"Oh somebody help me!" Molly cries out at the top of her lungs. I finally get close to where she is and I see her webbed up against a cement wall. In the street creeps along a huge looking black widow spider with a woman's head. The spider has red and orange markings on her body. There are several cars behind the spider which seems to have been mutilated. That explains the crushing sound. At least Molly isn't hurt.

Darien is next to me soon. His eyes are huge and his mouth is gaping.

"Serena, what is that?" Darien asks in a frightened voice. I'm trembling, unable to keep back my shriek. The black widow switches her attention from Molly to me. The female spider dashes towards me.

"Serena, run!" Darien bellows at me. I can't move. I'm stunned into fear, and my body feels completely numb. The spider is becoming bigger and closer in my sight. My heart is racing. All I want is to follow Darien's command, but I can't will myself to even fall to the ground.

"Serena, what are you doing?" Molly shouts from the wall. "Run away! Serena, run away!"

Before I know it, the queen widow spider has pinned Darien to the wall with webs, just like she had with Molly. I hadn't felt it when Darien had pushed me out of the way. I didn't even hear him when he did it.

"Stop right there!" A mysterious voice calls from my left. I turn for a moment to see who is speaking. A girl with long raven hair in a skimpy red outfit and heels is standing on top of a car. She points at the black widow, who also for some unknown reason is giving this girl the light of day.

"Yeah! We won't let anyone attack the people we care about," another voice exclaims from behind the spider. She is in a similar skimpy outfit in the color blue. Since this girl is closer, I notice the tiara on her forehead. "My name is Sailor Mercury, and in the name of Mercury, I will punish you!"

"And I will punish you in the name of Mars!" The long-haired girl jumps next to Sailor Mercury, and announces, "I am Sailor Mars!"

What a waste of time. Instead of announcing themselves, they could have just attacked! I look past the sailor scouts and the scary monster, looking directly at Darien and Molly. The webs are glowing pink and appear to be getting tighter and tighter. "No! Molly! Darien!"

Darien and Molly are crying out in pain as the webs enclose tighter and tighter. Molly passes out in the webs from a lack of breath. I turn to Sailor Mars in desperation and force myself off the ground. "Help them! They are suffocating!"

"Oh no! Darien, I'll save you!" Sailor Mars yells out in desperation, "Mars Fire Ignite!"

A small bright flame bursts into a huge trail of fire. It is within a second that I see she has done something rather unintelligent because she pointed the flames at the man.

I run towards Molly and Darien. I cry out in a panic for Darien, "Stop your attack!"

"What? Why?" Sailor Mars shouts back. Sailor Mercury shakes her head. Sailor Mercury aims her own attack towards Sailor Mar's flame and says in a high-pitched voice, "Mercury Bubbles Blast!"

The bubbles causes the fire to turn to ice and I feel cold. I see Darien shivering, I know Molly can do absolutely nothing because she is knocked out. I am frustrated, these supposed "super heroes" aren't really doing anything to help us.

The black widow launches an attack at Sailor Mercury with her pincers. She cackles with an other worldly voice, "Give me your energy!"

"Sailor Mercury!" Sailor Mars hollers, "Mars Fire Ignite."

This time the attack hits the spider on her back. The large arachnid drops Sailor Mercury.

"Mars Fire Ignite. Mars Fire Ignite. Mars Fire Ignite!"

Three more attacks slam into the black widow before she crumbles to the ground. The webs around Molly and Darien fall to the sidewalk. I manage to catch Molly, but Darien slams to the ground directly on his chest.

"Oh no!" Sailor Mars says in a shaky voice. She hastily reaches Darien's side, and cries holding him in his arms.

I feel a zing of anger seeing the girl holding Darien. What right did she have holding my guy? Well, he's not my guy exactly, but that doesn't mean he can't be. He isn't attached to anyone right now after all.

Darien catches his breath, and whispers, "Serena."

At that moment the black widow is up again and ready to attack.

"I thought I killed it!" Sailor Mars groans, releasing Darien from her arms. "Mercury, try your bubbles."

"On it, "Mercury says pulling her arms in front of each other. "Mercury Bubbles Blast."

It is cold yet again, and there is a fog this time where you can't see anything. I guess Sailor Mars' attack had made it possible for us to see the ice the first time.

"It's freezing!" I hear the voice from the black widow.

A realization suddenly hits me: They can't defeat her.

They can keep using the same attacks again and again, but it does nothing. They can only weaken this creature.

I lay Molly on the ground and crawl over to Darien. I'm careful to stay under the fog. As long as the fog stays up and Darien can help me, we could at least escape. "Pst, Darien!" I whisper in his ear.

"Serena?" Darien asks, clutching his stomach in pain. His cheeks are blue, showing his energy has been drained by the spider. I feel guilty seeing Darien in this weak state. If he hadn't followed me when I ran off to find Molly, he would have never gotten hurt.

"Darien, we have to get out of here. I need your help with Molly."

"I'll try." Darien struggles as he uses his hands and knees to crawl towards Molly. Darien groans in pain when he pulls himself into a squat, carrying Molly's weight on his side. I take Molly's other arm and slowly, we stand. The fog is starting to dissipate, showing we have to hurry to safety before we lose our chance.

"Go as fast as you can," I urge Darien. "We have to get Molly to the hospital."

"Yeah and me too." Darien stumbles as pain fills his side again. We limp as quickly as we can from the battle scene.

"Mars Fire Ignite!"

"Mercury Bubbles Blast!"

"It's no use, Mars! We have to get Molly, Darien, and Serena out of here!"

I hear the voices of Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury fading away as we get closer to the arcade.

"Darien, we're almost to the arcade. We'll have Andrew call the ambu-" I am cut off as Darien crumbles to the ground, and Molly falls right on top of him. Well, they are close enough. I rush to the Arcade.

"Call an ambulance! Call the police! We need help!"

Andrew looks up from the bar. He grabs the phone quickly and starts dialing a number. "What's going on Serena?"

"A huge spider monster attacked Molly. Darien and I tried to help. They got injured badly and they are on the sidewalk right now!"

Counting on Andrew to make the necessary calls, I bustle back towards Molly and Darien. "Don't you guys worry. I'm right here."

The cackling is back. Black widow's demonic voice is giggling and laughing, but I can't tell where from. In a single breath I went from being alone to having the beastly creature on top of me. "You can't help your friends. You are only a weak, measly human!"

Tears prick my eyes, and I know this is the end for me. Trails of salty water fall down my cheeks. All I want is to protect my friends. I just want them to be safe and sound.

I open one eye to see the black arachnid readying her pincers to dig into my flesh. I scream at the top of my lungs as she reaches down towards my neck. "NOOO!"

White light surrounds Darien, Molly, and I. The spider shrieks in pain as a leg burns off her body. I watch as she limps away from me, clearly frightened. I feel weak, and before I know it, I am asleep just like Molly and Darien.