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Chapter 1

"WOOO HOO," A white haired teenager cheered as he rode the winds over London, England. The teen wore a blue hoodie with frost decorating the collar and cuff, and tattered brown trousers. Clutched in his hand was his trusty Shepard's Crook. It was two weeks before Christmas and the Guardian of Fun was bringing some winter joy to the English city. Jack had a grin on his face as he jumped from building to building with the cold air and the falling snow following him.

Jack has been a Guardian for almost six months now, and he and rest of the Guardians have grown closer together. Since the defeat of Pitch Black, aka The Boogeyman, Jack has not only brought winter joy with him, but also helped his fellow Guardians with their jobs. During the summer months, he would go out on the field with Tooth, aka The Tooth Fairy, and help her collect teeth. Sometimes he would go out and fly with Sandy, aka The Sandman, as he brought dreams to the children of the world. Other times he would be down in the Warren with Bunnymund, aka The Easter Bunny, and help paint eggs and plan the Kangaroo's route for Easter.

Mostly he spent his time up at the North Pole with North, aka Santa Clause. The young winter spirit helped the big guy come up with new toy ideas and ice sculptures. But between the both of us, Jack primarily spends his time at Santoff Clausen torturing the yetis and freezing the elves. What did you think that the 300 year old winter spirit was suppose to do when he was bored. So after Jack froze a couple of elves to the ceiling of the Great Hall at Santoff Clausen, he decided to spread some winter cheer to the world.

Jack just rounded the corner of a building, when he heard a beautiful birdsong. He looked around in search of the creature that made the sound, but couldn't find it. After a few minutes of searching, he found himself in front of a hospital and creature sped past him with lightening speed that knocked him off balance for a moment. After he righted himself, he quickly pursued the fleeing creature. He could tell the creature was a large bird of some sort with a red plumage with the feather and tail tips a silvery-white color. In its talons was a glowing blue wispy orb of a sort.

The creature let out a loud trill as it suddenly shot upward into the clouds. Jack quickly told the wind to follow the creature into the cloud cover. As he traveled through the cloud cover, the air around him started to get cold and more frost appeared on his clothes. This wasn't like any cold he created, no; this cold was like time he first woke up as the immortal Spirit of Winter. As he rushed through the clouds, everything around started to get dark and he was becoming scared.

When he finally broke through the clouds, he heard the bird let out a terrified squawk. Jack turned in the direction of the sound and nearly had a heart attack. A creature larger than the bird was chasing after it while reaching out to it with large spidery thin hands. The creature was humanoid in figure, but Jack knew it wasn't human; it wore a large, extremely shabby black cloak and made loud raspy shrieks that could probably be heard from the Tooth Palace.

The bird let out a pained filled squawk as the creature swiped at the bird's left wing and it started to plummet to the ground. Without a second thought, Jack tucked his arms in and dived for the flailing bird. Little did he know was that the dark creature was following in pursuit.

The bird unclenched its talons and let go of the blue orb. The bird started to panic as it saw the orb fall to the ground below. Jack was able to catch up to bird, which immediately started to thrash in the immortal teen's hold. Jack grunted as scratch marks appeared on the sleeves of his hoodie and face, and continued to dive faster for the orb. The two passed the city skyline, when Jack was able to catch the ball and pulled up before the two could become pancakes.

The immortal teen was trying to catch his breath just as the bird let out another terrified squawk. Jack looked down at the bird tucked under his arm confused and noticed that it had it's wide fearful eyes staring up at something above them. The Spirit of Winter turned his head up sharply when he heard a loud inhuman shriek. The creature that was chasing the bird was closing in fast and Jack started to hear voices.

"He has to go."

"Jack, what have you done?"


Jack shook his head as he held his staff out, and shot a beam of ice at the creature. The thing swerved out of the way continued on its path. Jack clutched the bird close to his side and tucked the orb into his hoodie pocket before he directed the wind to take him far away from the dark creature. The wind didn't hesitate and quickly grasped it's three hundred year old friend before it shot him quickly over the city.

The dark creature followed in pursuit of its prey. Jack jumped from building to building to lose the creature, which caused his passenger to let out indignant squawks. The winter spirit muttered a few apologies every now and then, until the two reached the edge of the city.

"Wind give me all you got," Jack shouted as he started to feel woozy. The wind didn't hesitate and launched the immortal teen over the grass fields and into a lush forest. The dark creature let out one last shriek before it turned around and drifted back into the city.

Meanwhile, Jack slowed down a bit until he was just floating in the air in the middle of a clearing. He calmed down his racing heart and landed in the clearing. He placed the bird on a tree stump before he slumped down onto the grassy floor. His staff clattered next to him as he released his grip from it. Whatever that thing was, it was pure evil. That thing reminded him... reminded him of Pitch. There was no doubt about it, he only knew one person that could cause fear like that. But he couldn't be back so soon after what happened in Easter. Could he?

Jack was brought out of his musings by a concerned chirp. He brought his head up to see the bird look at him with a weird bird expression. Now that the adrenaline was out of him, the winter spirit got a better look at the bird.

The bird was the size of a golden eagle. The feathers on its head curled up to a point like Tooth's. It's talons looked to be as sharp as daggers and Jack was amazed that this creature didn't cause serious harm to him when it thrashed in his arms. Its left wing appeared to be at an odd angle and the mischief-maker could tell that it was broken. Jack had a pretty good idea what this bird was, and he had to thank Jamie and North for giving him a lesson about magical creatures.

"You're a phoenix, aren't you," Jack asked the bird tentatively. It chirped in affirmation and hopped closer to him. It began to gently peck his hoodie as if searching for something. The winter spirit furrowed his brows until a look of understanding appeared on his face.

He plunged his hand into his hoodie pocket and took out the orb. The phoenix let out a relieved thrill, but Jack didn't see what was special about the ball. The orb was just about as big as his hand and felt a bit squishy. As Jack looked closer at the orb and saw that it was releasing a soft vapor.

Jack turned back to the phoenix. "What is this thing?" The phoenix just narrowed its eyes and gave him a look said 'What do you think?'

The winter spirit just heaved a sigh as he got back onto his feet. "Seeing as you have a broken wing, how about I give you lift to... Wherever you were going?" The phoenix just gave him a glare and turned its back to him.

Jack pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. "I can't believe that I'm negotiating with a bird," he muttered under his breath. He ran the hand over his face and glared at the bird. "Look, I'm guessing that the healing power in your tears don't work on broken bones, so you can't fly but I can. I don't have a clue where to go, but you do. The two of us have to work together if we are to get you back home, get you patched up, and get that orb to wherever it has to go." Jack didn't really know how important the orb was, but the phoenix cared about it a lot so might as well humor it.

The phoenix regarded the winter spirit words as it thought them over. She had to get home, her masters were probably worried sick and wondering what happened to her. The phoenix faced Jack again and nodded its head reluctantly.

Jack stuffed the orb back into his pocket and held an arm out to the eagle-like bird. The phoenix hopped onto the offered arm and climbed a bit until she was perched on the winter spirit's shoulder. The bird let out a squawk and used its wing to point northwest. Jack kicked up his staff and gripped it tightly in his hand before he directed the wind to take them to the Northwest.

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