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Chapter 6

The first thing Abby noticed when she woke up was how cold the room she was in felt. She kept her eyes closed as she checked herself for injuries. The only thing that was off was the killer headache she had.

She opened he eyes to the wooden paneled ceiling and the white walls of an infirmary. She listened carefully and heard the work of haste construction and incomprehensible shouting. She turned to her right and let out a soft giggle. Jack Frost was slumped over her bed with his head cushioned on his arms.

She tilted her head to the side as she thought of a good prank to pull on him. She lifted her hand up and conjured a permanent marker. She uncapped the pen and brought the marker up to his face.

"Do it and die." Abby cursed under her breath and pulled back. Jack opened his eyes and sat up. He rubbed the back of his neck and made a satisfied sound when he heard it pop.

"You can't blame a girl for trying, and don't you think it's a bit of a moot point." Abby put the cap back on the pen and smirked at the winter spirit. Jack raised an eyebrow and a smirk slowly crossed his face.

"If I didn't know any better, you are a prankster." Abby let out a hearty laugh. "Yeah, well when my brother and I were still human, the servants my family had nicknamed us the twin terrors"

Jack let out a laugh. "Seriously?" Abby nodded with a bright smile. "Yeah we were known for our pranks on the servants. It was just a way to occupy our time between lessons." Her smile faded as she looked down and fingered the sheets. "You won't tell anyone, will you Jack?"

Jack frowned at how small his fellow teen sounded. "If you don't mind me asking, why don't you want anyone to know?"

Abby gave him a deadpanned look. "As one of the Grim Reapers, my brother and I are not well known for being tricksters."

Jack's frown deepened even more as a medic yeti lumbered over to them. "So, you hide who you are just to protect your reputation."

"That and I sorta got sick of people saying I'm not what they were expecting." Abby scowled heavily as the yeti put a thermometer in her mouth and started to poke and prod her. Jack took a moment to think about her words and nodded reluctantly. When he thought of the Grim Reaper he expected a giant skeleton wearing hooded cloak and carrying a sharp scythe. Abby took the thermometer out of her mouth and glared at the yeti. "Completely off topic here, but where are my clothes?"

The yeti made a series of grunts and grumbles but stopped when he saw the two blank stares. He sighed heavily and pointed to the cabinet next to her bed. Abby grinned and made to get up but sunk back down when the yeti growled at her.

"Grrrrr yourself." She rolled her eyes and glanced at the winter spirit. "Jack would you be a dear and fetch them."

Jack stared at her as if she grew a second head. He opened his mouth to argue, but shut it when the yeti glared at him. He scowled for a moment before he begrudgingly got up from the chair and walked over to the cabinet. He leaned his staff on the wall before he pulled out a pair of dark tight jeans, a red T-shirt, a black leather jacket, a pair of leather boots, and a needle thin sword.

As he pulled back, he heard something hit the floor with a soft clunk. Jack looked down to see the silver medallion Abby always wore. He draped her clothes over his right arm and set her sword and boots on the floor. He gently picked up the necklace and ran a thumb over the stag head and crown. He wondered what the symbol meant when he first saw it and why it meant so much to the soul guider.

He shrugged and stood up. He grabbed his staff and walked back over to the bed. He let out a chuckle as he saw Abby still glaring at the medic yeti. The millennium old spirit snapped her head in his direction and put her piercing glare on him. Jack had to be honest with himself; her stare was really scary, even scarier than Pitch's.

Her eyes softened when they landed on her clothes but widened when they caught sight of the silver medallion. She fumbled around her neck for second before her eyes hardened. Abby snatched the medallion out of Jack's grasp and clutched it close to her chest. The winter spirit placed the rest of her gear on the bed, and made a placating gesture. Abby glowered for a moment before her shoulders slumped in defeat.

"Sorry about that," she muttered, "But this is all that I have left from being human. The only thing to tell me that I had a life, that I wasn't always immortal, the Grim Reaper."

Jack nodded. "Who were you, when you were alive?"

Abby smiled a bitter smile. "My brother and I were the prince and princess of magical Britain during the Dark Ages."

Jack's eyebrows shot straight up into his hair. "You were born during the Dark Ages."

Abby nodded her head and stood from the bed. The medic yeti threw his hands up and stomped out of the infirmary probably to get North. The female spirit rolled her eyes then looked around for a bit.

"Is there anywhere I could change?" Jack shook his head. Abby shrugged and waved her hand. A curtain appeared around her bed that separated the two. She continued to talk as she changed out of her nightclothes.

"Anyways, I was born about over a century before the end of the Dark Ages. I was raised in one of the last free hidden magical kingdoms in Britain. And let me tell ya, there was nothing but bloody madness back then.

"I'm pretty sure the Guardians have told you how miserable everyone was. True there were a few smiles and laughs every now and then, but nothing really advanced until the Big Four showed up. They started gaining belief around the time my brother and I were three years old. Oh Jack, I wish you could see how my people were filled with hope every year, how the eyes of the children widened in wonder with each new thing, or how all of us were able to dream of new possibilities each day."

Jack could practically see the smile on the female death spirit's face. Jack had to smile when he could hear the happiness in Abby's voice. He frowned however when something about her tale felt off.

"What happened to your people?"

He was greeted with silence when his question left his mouth. He probably went a bit to far on the personal bit when he asked about her past. The winter spirit just doesn't know much about the female spirit or her brother. He had hoped to learn more, but he learned that she can be a little defensive.

He walked over to the curtains but they were pushed aside by the death spirit. He was met by a heated glare, but Jack could see the hidden sadness in them. Her shoulders slumped but her glare was still in place.

"It was the Dark Ages Jack. Misery wasn't the only thing to rampage through the lands. Wars were like a plague back then. Now mix confusion, anger, hurt, and magic into the equation and tell me what you think."

Jack stared in shock with his mouth wide open. He blinked a couple times to clear the thought of that revelation. He didn't realize that was what happened to the true wizards of the world. But he had to ask just to be sure.

He opened his mouth but the words died in his mouth when the doors banged open. Abby turned with quick reflexes with her sword in hand. Her sword transformed into a slender, beautifully designed wand before a bolt of red light erupted from the tip and sped towards the doorway. The person let out a yelp and ducked the incoming spell. The light hit the doorway and left a fist sized burnt mark.

"Shostakovich, Abigail I did not realize you have gotten faster."

Abby straightened up when the other four Guardians, Pitch, and Harry entered the infirmary. Her wand lengthened back into a sword and the female death spirit sheathed it into the harness strapped to her waist.

She folded her arms over her chest and walked out of the infirmary and past the older legends. The elder spirits stared after her then turned to the winter spirit. Jack shrugged his shoulders and followed the former princess.

His comrades followed shortly after as they tried to catch up to the quick spirit. They watched as Abby skillfully avoided the rushing yetis and elves as she made her way to the banister. She jumped over the railing and flew up to the Globe Room.

Jack smirked a little and quickly followed her, Tooth and Sandy shared a glance and followed the teens. Harry narrowed his eyes and clenched his staff before following the aloft spirits. Pitch stepped back into a dark corner and slipped into the shadows. Bunny and North were forced to use the elevators to get up to the Globe room.

North glanced over at his long time friend to see how he was doing. His companion had a scowl on his face, his ears were lowered firmly against his head, and his foot thumped a hundred miles a minute. He knew of the hatred between the bringer of Hope and the Grim Reapers. The former Cossack just hoped a fight wouldn't break out between the three spirits.

The two finally made it to the Globe Room to see everyone waiting for them. Abby was standing next to her brother with her arms crossed while Harry leaned on his staff. Both had indifferent, bored expressions on their faces as if they knew what the Pooka was about to say. They weren't disappointed.

"Ya gumbies wan' ta tell us how those demons came back ta life. I specifically remember ta both of ya sayin' that ya destroyed the nest."

"Which we did," Abby interrupted.

Bunny ignored her. "Howeva' ova' eight hundred years they're back and swarmin' in hordes. But tha' ain't ta kicker, ta kicker is tha' those things were actually intelligent. They attacked in groups and dodged almost all of our attacks." He glared at the twins as if to contradict him. "Got anything ta say for yerselves?"

There was a beat of silence before Harry spoke. "Yeah, you really need to take a chill-pill."

Abby shot a glare at her brother though she didn't bother to hide the amused smile on her face. Sandy snorted up the eggnog he was drinking, while North and Jack let out a laugh and Tooth allowed herself to giggle. Even Pitch allowed an amused smirk to appear on his usually stoic face. Bunny, on the other hand, was not amused as he narrowed his eyes and took a threatening step forward.

The twins tensed as Abby placed a hand on the hilt of her sword while Harry gripped his staff tighter. Three pairs of green eyes were narrowed as the death spirits challenged the Guardian of Hope.

Abby broke the tense atmosphere as she and her brother tired to stare down the Pooka. "Even we don't have all the answers you overgrown piece of game. If we had known that the Dementors were back, you Guardians would have been the first to know." Her face contorted into a sneer. "Isn't that what you expect from the rest of us lowly spirits? To bow down before the mighty Guardians and inform you all about what happens in the world. Well here's a news flash, out of all the spirits guarding this planet none of you are the top dogs so don't try to pull rank on us."

Abby glared at three of the original four but softened as her eyes landed on Sandy and the winter spirit. Tooth used her hands to cover her mouth in shock while Sandy took on a sheepish look. North and Bunny were full on glaring at the two spirits while Jack had a slight frown on his face.

He got what Abby was saying to the original four. He understood where the teen spirit was coming from. Before he joined the Guardians, he thought that the original four were a bunch of stuck up snobs, who didn't care about the other spirits. Except Sandy of course. The Guardian of Dreams has always been the most open of the four. Since Sandy was the laid back kind of guy, it wasn't hard for people not to like him. He couldn't say the same thing about Bunny though.

Bunny looked beyond furious and charged the twin spirits. The twins leapt to the side and allowed Bunny to smack his head against the wall. Bunny fell onto his back with a groan and glared weakly up at the twin spirits.

"You know rabbit, you should really learn to control that temper of yours," Harry said nonchalantly.

Jack hovered above the twins and shared an amused glance with Abby as Bunny got back onto his feet. "For once I agree with the temperamental death spirit."

Harry's posture went ridged. "What did you call me?"

"Harry," Abby warned.

The thousand year old male spirit turned on the winter spirit and glared at him. "Lets get one thing straight Frost. I am a calm and collected spirit, I do not have a temper."

Jack glared back at the older spirit. "Well riddle me this. If you don't have a temper, then why are you angry over a simple sentence?"

Harry's eyes flashed with hate and Jack caught the sight of magic pulsating from the staff in the other spirit's hand. Jack jumped up and caught the wind as it pushed him upwards. He heard the sound of metal hitting metal and turned to see that Abby deflected Harry's attack.

The Guardian of Fun caught sight of his fellow guardians advance toward the immortal teens with their weapons drawn. Pitch stepped out of his hidden spot and had his nightmare sand directed towards the two. The twins ignored the other spirits and continued to glare at each other.

"Don't go starting fights you can't win Harry," Abby said so low the spirits had to strain their ears to hear her. "Or did you forget one of our father's important lessons."

"I didn't forget," Harry hissed back as his staff transformed into a broad sword. He applied more pressure onto the sword to try to intimidate his sister. It didn't work. They pushed off each other and started to circle one another. "But that's not the case at the moment. You should stay out of matters that don't involve you."

Abby growled lowly under her breath. "It becomes my business when you act like an idiot and go about starting useless fights."



"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU OF ALL PEOPLE WOULD SAY THAT! YOU, THE QUEEN OF THE INBETWEEN!" Harry stopped circling his sister and narrowed his eyes at her. "You've gone soft sister, you have become a disgrace to the name wizard."

"Harold," Pitch scolded. The shade slipped into a shadow and appeared between the twins and glared down at the male teen. "That is quite enough."

Abby didn't hear any of this as she stared at her brother in shock. In all the years they worked with each other, he had never said anything like that. They had fights, they had arguments, heck they even threw a few punches, but they never insulted each other like this. The immortal teen felt tears starting to well up in her eyes. With a shake of her head, she lifted herself into the air and bolted out of the room through the skylight.

"Wait," Jack called but Abby disappeared from sight. He turned to the other occupants of the room for help. North had a sympathetic look on his face as he stared up at the open sky roof. Bunny tried to have an indifferent look on his face but he couldn't hide the worry in his eyes. Tooth had a worried look on her face and looked like she wanted to do nothing but go after the teen. Sandy had his arms crossed and gave the male death spirit a furious glare. Pitch had Harry locked in a heated glaring contest and Jack thought they were about to kill each other.

"Harold James Potter that was out of line. You and I are going to have a long and serious talk," Pitch practically hissed.

"There's nothing to talk about," Harry hissed back.

"I beg to differ." Pitch swirled his nightmare sand around in his hand. A tendril of the sand yanked the sword now staff out of the teen's hand and into the Nightmare King's. Harry practically growled and lunged at the shade.

Harry didn't notice Sandy form a ball dreamsand until it was too late. Sandy threw the ball into Harry's face and he dropped like a rock. Harry snored softly as a sand figure of him appeared over his head along with the sand figure of a beautiful woman. He smiled softly as the two sand figures started to dance.

Pitch continued to glare down at the teen before he lifted his eyes up at the skylight. The Nightmare King allowed his mask to fall to reveal how tired he really was. Sandy seemed to get what Pitch was thinking and walked over to him. He tugged on the shade's robe to get his attention.

Pitch glanced down at his counterpart. Sandy used his dreamsand to ask how long the twins fought.

"I honestly don't know Sandy. I check up on them every now and then but they usually don't fight like this. A few arguments now and then, but, they would never insult each other like that."

"And how is that bad exactly," Jack mentally slapped himself as he landed on the floor.

Pitch rolled his eyes as he leaned on Harry's staff. "And to think he learned anything," he muttered before he spoke up. "As a Guardian, it is within your best interests to learn the basic information of every spirit on this planet. Nothing much just the age, gender, affiliation, and the time period they were reborn. The Potter twins were born into an excruciatingly prideful magical society. Since they were and still are royalty, they were pressured buy their father's court to learn the most difficult of spells and techniques known to wizard kind. And they were born during the Dark Ages, they had to learn to be cruel and heartless but have a sense of honor. Magic is all they have ever known; to say that you're a disgrace is like having a dagger plunged into your heart. However I see your knowledge is a bit... lacking at the moment." The Guardians gave Pitch the stink eye, which the shade completely ignored.

North glared at the shade before he spoke. "Ve vill discuss Jack's education later." Jack opened his mouth to argue until North raised a hand. "But for now ve must find young Abigail."

"But where would she go," Tooth asked as she fluttered around worriedly. "She could practically be anywhere on the planet by now."

"You could try Georgia," Pitch said nonchalantly as he examined his fingernails. "More specifically Savannah." He looked up to see the gob smacked expressions. "What?"

Sandy came forward and used his sand to create an image of the state Georgia and star right where Savannah is. He reformed his sand to a question mark above his head.

"Why there?" Pitch smirked a bit. "Well it's not known as the most haunted city in the states for nothing."

North reluctantly nodded his head. "Very vell, Tooth, Jack you two go find our vayward spirit."

Tooth nodded while Jack frowned a bit. "Not that I'm complaining or anything." "Not like that's a first, mate." "But why do the both of us have to go after her."

North let out exasperated sigh as he ran a hand over his face. "Bunny and Abby would most likely rip each other heads offs without supervision." Bunny smirked a little in agreement. "Sandy still has dreams to send out to ze children." Sandy shrugged in a 'what can you do' sort of way.

"I still have to discipline this one down here," Pitch spoke up as he looked down at the still unconscious death spirit. "It will also be unlikely for me to go anywhere without some form of... entourage following me. Am I not correct?"

North nodded his head in acknowledgement. "Dah, you may help us with current situation, but I don't trust you." Pitch crossed his arms and shrugged. North turned back to the impatient winter spirit. "I cannot go because I have to prepare for Christmas. It is in two weeks after all."

"But doesn't Tooth have to direct her fairies, not that I don't want to spend some time or anything," Jack argued before he quickly amended.

"It's fine Jack," Tooth said as she fluttered up to winter spirit. "My fairies can handle the work load for a few more hours before I have to direct them again."

Jack looked like he wanted to argue but he heard a small chirp near his ear. He saw Baby Tooth fluttering by his head and that she was staring at him in determination. The two engaged in a staring contest before Jack looked away and sighed.

"Fine, but if she decides to kill us. Don't blame me."

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