I'm sorry, if you thought this was anything other than an author's note, but I do have good news here. I went to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 last week. No, I haven't forgotten my promise to write a sequel to this story, it is going to happen! (Actually, it's been on my mind pretty much ever since I made the promise over a year ago.) However, after watching the movie, I realized it wouldn't fit with some of the events in Run Away. Therefore, I am rewriting Run Away with the second movie in mind. This way, it'll flow much better. Don't worry, it will remain an AU, Hiccup is still going to run away and stuff, but I am getting rid of some things, like the way Hiccup talks. I will be leaving this version online, though.

EDIT: I'm almost done rewriting, and I will post chapters once a week as usual. The re-write will be called Leaving. I can't wait to begin writing the sequel, and I'm very excited. Thanks for all the reviews about this, I appreciate them!