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Last chapter

"Then I guess you better be as quiet as possible" America winked and thrust faster. In all honesty, America was too horny to give a fuck if he and England were found out. He could care less. But for England it was different. He would feel so embarrassed that he could die. He used one hand to cover his mouth and the other to stable himself on the wall. A particularly hard thrust caused a gasp to slip pass his mouth.

"Ve? Did you hear something, japan?" Italy tilted his head to the side.

"Yes, I did... is anyone there?" he slowly walked to the end stall.

America continued to thrust even if the sounds of oncoming footsteps could be heard. England bit down on his finger, trying to stifle the tiny moans that escaped from his mouth. This was it. This is the end of his life. Japan would walk in on them and he would never let this down. Stupid America!

Just as japan was approaching the last stall, Germany busted through the door.

"Italy! Japan! The meeting is starting now. Report back to the conference room immediately.'' He quickly shuffled them out and left the bathroom. Panting could be heard from the end stall. America had stopped thrusting when he heard Germany bust in.

"See babe? Nothing bad happened." England turned his head to glare daggers at America.

"You bloody fool! That was too close! "

"But nothing bad happened. Now we can finish what we started, and this time I'm not stopping..." America rammed his thick cock back inside England causing him to nearly scream. England bit down on his finger again.

"I want to hear you scream..." America said huskily. He pulled back both of England's arms refraining him from covering his mouth.

"Ah! Ahh! ..A-America! S-stop…n-no more!" England panted. He was hot. His body was sweating and it was becoming hard to breathe, but the pleasure of it all was just too much.

"Mph... England… hah... I'm going to cum..." America groaned. He placed England's arms on the wall and gripped his waist, pounding into England even harder and deeper than before.

"AH! AMERICA! AHH!" England came, his seed splattering on the walls and toilet. America came right after him, filling him with his hot cum. They stayed like that for a few minutes trying to catch their breath in their post orgasmic state. When they finally calmed down America placed a kiss on the back of England's neck.

"How about we head on back to my place?" America grinned.

"W-well. Seeing as we missed the meeting already, we might as well..." England blushed. America chuckled as he helped clean England up and left on their way to his house. He grinned with the thought of spending time with his beloved.

"2 weeks with England…" he couldn't be happier.


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