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You Take the Good With the Bad

Ch 1 A Bad Situation

It had been nearly two years since Nala lost her best friend in that horriable stampede. Not only had her best friend been lost but so had his father, King Mufasa. Since then King Mufasa's brother, Scar had taken over the throne. That's when things started to get really bad. Scar had let the hyenas take over the Pridelands and in doing so they had made pigs of themselves and the heards had decided to go elsewhere. And to top it all off there was a drought and what was once a beautiful green land was now a bleak, dry and cracked pit. Nala and her mother, Sarafina got up early to begin the morning hunt. As the two lionesses exited the cave they were greated by the former Queen Sarabi. "And how are you two today?" the tan lioness asked smiling at the mother and daughter.

"Just fine Sarabi," Sarafina replied returing the smile. "And how are you?"

"As good as I can be," Sarabi ansewered. Then the former Queen turned towards Nala and said, "Are you ready for the hunt today my dear?"

"I guess," Nala said. "Although I'm not sure how much we're going to get."

"I know what you mean my dear," Sarabi said with a sigh. "But you know how Scar is. He refuses to believe the herds have moved on. And what little food their is he insists goes to Zira or the hyenas leaving very little for us."

"Well Zira getting the food is understandable," Nala said. "After all she is nursing a newborn son."

"Let's just get on with this," Sarafina declared as she, Nala, and Sarabi began to walk down the side of Priderock to join the other lionesses. But before the three lioness could get very far they were met by Scar.

"Ah going off to the hunt I see," Scar said with an eerie grin. "Good. But I need you to stay behind Nala. There's something I want to talk to you about."

"There is?" Nala asked rasing her eyebrows in surprise.

"Yes my dear there is," Scar replied. "In fact why don't you join me in the cave so we can talk in private?"

"There's no way my daughter is going anywhere with you alone," Sarafina growled stepping between Nala and Scar.

"This dosen't concern you Sarafina," Scar snapped glaring at the creamy lioness.

"If it concerns my daughter then it concerns me," Sarafina spat back.

"Mom it's ok," Nala said trying to calm her mother down. "I can handle this."

"Are you sure honey?" Sarafina asked.

"Yeah I'm sure," Nala said giving her mother a nuzzle. "I'll be fine."

"Well if you say so," Sarafina said still not wanting to leave Nala alone.

"Oh why are you still here?" Scar snapped. "There's a hunting party to lead. Now get to it."

"Come Sarafina let's go," Sarabi said gently leading her friend down the side of Priderock. Sarafina gave her daughter one last look before she went with Sarabi to join the other lionesses.

"Shall we my dear?" Scar said as he and Nala headed to the cave, which would be empty this time of day.


Once Nala and Scar were in the cave Nala turned to face the black maned lion. "Ok Scar what's this all about?" Nala asked irritated.

"Well there's no need for that tone my dear," Scar said with a smile. "Especially when I'm about to offer you the chance of a life time."

"Oh is that so?" Nala asked the sarcasim dripping. "And what chance is that?"

"Why the chance to make history my dear," Scar replied his green eyes gleaming.

"Scar what are you talking about?" Nala asked.

"Allow me to explain," Scar said. "As you know Zira has recently given birth to our son Nuka."

"Yes Scar I'm aware of that," Nala replied.

"Then you also know that Nuka is very sickly," Scar continued. "Far to weak and scrawny to be a suitable heir. That added to the face that Zira has had numerous miscarriages has led me to believe that she will be unable to give me a healthy heir. I need a younger lioness to give me a healthy heir. That's where you come in sweet Nala."

"Me?" Nala said her voice coming out high pitched. "Why me?"

"You're the only lioness worthy enough," Scar declared taking a step towards Nala, who backed away from the King in fear. "You're perfect. Smart, beautiful, and brave. Just like your mother. You and I will make perfect cubs together."

"Never Scar," Nala growled still backing away from Scar. "I'll never mate with you. I'd rather die!"

"That can be arranged my dear," Scar hissed. By now Nala had run out of room and was backed into a corner. "Now let's be reasonable shall we? We both know this is going to happen. Why not make it eaiser on yourself and just submit?"

"Never!" Nala roared striking Scar in the face. Scar let out a roar of pain and Nala tried to make a run for the exit. However the young lioness found that her exit was blocked by the hyenas. Terrified Nala hoped that her mother would return with the other lionesses. But Nala knew that wouldn't happen for hours yet. "Scar please don't do this," Nala begged trying not to show how scared she was.

"You could have made this so much easier if you had just gone along with it," Scar hissed. "But now you've made me mad. I'm sorry my dear. I wish this could have gone better. I really do." With that Scar pounced on Nala pinning her to the ground. Ignoring her pleas for him to stop Scar began the mating process.


As Sarafina and Sarabi returned with the other lionesses they noticed Scar emerging from the cave looking satisfied with himself. Sarafina and Sarabi exchanged concerned looks and ran inside the cave looking for Nala. The two lionesses found her in the corner of the cave sobbing. "Oh my baby!" Sarafina cried running over to her daughter and nuzzling her. "What happened? What did that monster do to you?"

"Oh Mom it was horriable!" Nala sobbed burying her face in her mother's fur. "He raped me Mom! Scar raped me!"

"I knew I shouldn't have left you alone with him!" Sarafina growled. "I'll kill him! I really will!"

"No Mom you can't!" Nala cried.

"Watch me!" Sarafina declared walking towards the exit.

"No Mom please," Nala begged. "His hyenas will rip you apart."

"Nala is right Sarafina," Sarabi said. "You musn't do anything rash."

"I guess you're right," Sarafina said with a sigh. "But we can't let this happen again."

"Mom he won't stop until I'm pregnant!" Nala said with a loud sob. "I have no choice. I have to leave."

"Nala no!" Sarafina cried. "There has to be another way!"

"Nala's right," Sarabi said sadly. "I'm afraid she has to leave."

"I'll be back Mom," Nala said giving Sarafina a nuzzle. "I promise as soon as I find someone to help us I'll be back."

"I guess we have no choice," Sarafina said sadly. "Alright. Tomarrow when we go on the hunt that's when you'll make your escape."

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