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Ch 22 Healing and Closer

Simba and Nala anxiously waited for Rafiki to tell them his conclusion. "Young Prince Kopa will be just fine," Rafiki said. "Luckily for him his brother was a fast tinker and made dat mud pack oderwise he would have surely died. But I see no reason dat he sould be better in a couple of weeks."

"Thank the Kings for that," Nala said with a sigh. "But what about Kovu? Please tell me that he's going to be alright."

"Ah young Prince Kovu is anoder matter completly," Rafiki replied, his tone serious. "I afraid dat his injuries are much more serious."

"How serious?" Simba asked almost dreading the answer.

"He has some vedy serious injuries especially to his ribs and torso," Rafiki replied. "I'm afraid dat when Zira bit down she crushed his rib cage. Dis caused some vedy serious injuries to his internal organs. I did everting I could fer him but I am not sure dat it will be enough."

"What does that mean exactly?" Nala asked her voice cracking. Simba pulled his mate close in an effort to console her.

"Dat means dat I may not be able to stop de internal bleeding," Rafiki said.

"Does that mean he's going to die?" Simba asked his voice low.

"I will do everting I can to prevent dat," Rafiki said putting his hands on Simba's shoulders. "But I have to be honest here. De outcome does not look good."

"Oh man," Simba whispered closing his eyes. "Please at least tell me that Timon and Pumbaa are going to be ok."

"Dey will be just fine in a couple of weeks," Rafiki said. "Pumbaa is more serious dan Timon but dey will both make full recoveries."

"Well at least that's some good news," Nala said with a shaky voice. "Can we go sit with our sons?"

"Of course," Rafiki said. "But I'm afraid dat Kovu is not awake but you may still sit with dem if you wish."

"Come on honey," Simba said gently. "Let's go be with our boys." With that Simba and Nala walked inside the cave to sit with their sons.


As Simba and Nala entered the cave they saw Kopa and Kovu laying in the middle of it with Timon and Pumbaa laying next them. Upon hearing the Royal couple approach Kopa lifted his head and smiled, "Mom! Dad!" he cried.

"Oh Kopa thank goodness you're alright," Nala said giving her youngest son a nuzzle.

"Yeah thanks to Kovu," Kopa said. "He saved my life." The the two month old golden Prince looked at his unconsious brother. "Is Kovu gonna to ok?" he asked his blue eyes filled with concern.

"Don't you worry about your brother kiddo," Timon piped up suddenly. "He's gonna be just fine. Right Simba?" The meercat looked at his friend when he said this last part.

"Right," Simba said trying to sound convincing. Just then the group heard a low groan. They looked down and saw that Pumbaa was coming around. "Pumbaa buddy thank goodness you're awake," Timon said happily. The meercat tried to get up but a stab of pain caused him to quickly lay back down again. "Ho boy that smarts," Timon said closing his one good eye.

"You just take it easy there buddy," Simba said gently. Then he turned towards his warthog friend and asked, "How are you feeling pal?"

"I feel ok," was Pumbaa's reply. "What happened to us anyways?"

"You don't remember Zira attacking you?" Simba asked, concerned.

"I remember her trying to hurt Kopa," Pumbaa said. "But me and Timon wouldn't let her do it."

"You guys were really brave," Kopa said smiling at them. "You're my heroes."

"Ah shoot kid we're no heroes," Timon said trying to wave his hand. However the splint on his arm prevented him from doing so.

"Don't move aorund to much Timon," Simba said gently. "You guys just need to take it easy for a couple of weeks."

"Fine by me," Timon said laying his head down. "I don't know 'bout the rest of you but I could use some rest. I'm beat." Timon began to settle down on the ground as he said this last part but he was having a hard time getting comfortable.

"Here Timon you can sleep by me if you want," Kopa offered gently pulling Timon toward him.

"Thanks kid," Timon said as he snuggled into Kopa's fur and promptly went to sleep. Simba and Nala layed down beside their sons and friends and tried to get some sleep. But the King and Queen knew it would be nearly impossiable to sleep with all their worries about Kovu and his recovery.


The next day Simba awoke with a start. He had just had a dream in which Zira came back and killed both of his sons in front of him. Panting and sweating Simba looked down and to his relife he saw both of his sons were still in front of him sleeping peacefully. Simba let out a tried to get back to sleep. Then the golden King remembered Kovu's condition and shot his head back up. This caused Nala to awaken. "What's wrong Simba?" the Queen asked rubbing her eyes.

"Has there been any change?" Simba whispered nodding towards Kovu. Nala opened her mouth to respond but before she could Rafiki came onto the scene and motioned for Simba and Nala to join him outside. Being careful not to wake the others they King and Queen got up and walked outside the cave to talk with their friend.

"Has there been any change in Kovu's condition?" Simba asked once they were outside the cave.

"Yes der was," Rafiki repied. "I was able to stop de internal bleeding. I will check him again to make sure dat it did not start again but I see no reason why Kovu should not make a full recovery."

"Thank the Kings for that," Nala said with a sigh.

"Thank you so much my friend," Simba said pulling Rafiki towards him for a hug.

"It is my pleasure," Rafiki said returning the hug. "Now if you excuse me I must check on de Princes." With that Rafiki made his way inside the cave to check on the boys.

"Oh Simba I'm so glad our boys are going to be ok," Nala said wiping the tears away from her eyes.

"Me too Nal'," Simba said giving his mate a nuzzle. "Me too. Come on lets go tell Kopa the good news." With that the King and Queen went inside to tell their youngest that his brother was going to be just fine.


Simba and Nala entered the cave and to their surprise they saw Sarabi sitting with Kopa and Kovu chatting away. "Well there's a sight I love to see," Simba said with a smile.

"Glad to see you're feeling better Sarabi," Nala said also smiling.

"I'm always feel up to a visit with my boys," Sarabi said giving Kopa and Kovu a nuzzle.

"I just wish Kovu was awake," Kopa said sadly looking at his unconscious brother.

"He will be soon honey," Nala said gently. "Won't he Rafiki?" The creamy Queen looked up at the aging monkey when she said this last part.

Rafiki opened his mouth to respond but before he could say one word the group heard a low groan. They all looked down and saw that Kovu was waking up. "Oh Kovu thank the Kings you're awake!" Nala cried gently nuzzling her son.

"What happened?" Kovu said weakly. Then the six month old Prince winced as a stab of pain went through his side.

"You don't remember Zira attacking you?" Simba asked gently.

"I remember that," Kovu said. Then he looked at his brother and said, "Are you ok Kopa? Zira didn't hurt you to bad did she?"

"I'll be ok 'Vu," Kopa said with a smile. "I'm just glad you're awake."

"We all are my dear," Sarabi said gently nuzzling Kovu.

"Grandma you're ok!" Kovu cried popping his head up. Then he shut his eyes as pain once again shot through his body. "Oww," he groaned. "That really hurt."

"Just take it easy son," Simba said. "You and your brother both need to get some rest and sleep."

"No!" Kovu cried startling everyone. "What about Zira?! She could come back when we're sleeping and kill us!"

"Kovu honey you don't have to worry about Zira ever again," Nala said.

"Is she dead?" Kovu asked. Then he looked up at Simba and said in a pleading voice, "Please tell me she's dead."

'"I made sure she can never hurt you or your brother ever again," Simba said debating rather he should tell his sons the truth or not.

"Good," Kovu said with a sigh. "I'm glad. But what about Nuka and Vitani? What happened to them."

"They went to live somewhere else," Nala explained.

"By themselves?" Kopa asked.

"Of course not sweetie," Nala said. "They have some of Zira's friends with them so they'll be ok."

"Oh ok," Kopa said sounding disappointed. "I'm gonna miss Vitani though."

"And I'm gonna miss Nuka," Kovu said with a sigh.

"Boys you don't have to worry about them," Simba said trying to sound reassuring. "Right now all you have to worry about is getting better.''

"Your father is right boys," Nala said gently. "Nuka and Vitani will be just fine. I promise. Now why don't you boys get some rest."

"Ok Mom," the boys said together laying their heads down to get some much needed sleep. Once they were sure that their sons were asleep Simba and Nala began to talk among themselves. "Simba are you sure we're doing the right thing by now telling the boys Zira is still alive?" Nala whispered.

"Nala it's better this way," Simba whispered back. "Kovu and Kopa have enough to worry about without having to worry about Zira."

"I guess you're right," Nala said with a sigh. "I just hope it doesn't backfire." With that the King and Queen laid their heads down and tired to get some sleep."


Meanwhile in the Outlands Zira was plotting her next move. The tan lioness was still fuming after being exiled. "Who the Hell does Simba think he is?!" Zira snarled. "I'll make him pay for what he's done. The question is how?"

"My Queen," Zira's friend Cala said running up to her friend. "There's news."

"What is it Cala?" Zira asked.

"We've found a little cub," Cala explained.

"Male or female?" Zira asked.

"A male," Cala said. "And a female. They're both very young. Probably not even a month old."

"Bring them to me," Zira ordered. Cala left and a few minutes later she returned with the two tiny cubs. "This one is the male," she said pointing the cub with the light brown coat. "And this is his sister." Cala pointed to the one with the dusty orange coat.

"They're perfect," Zira said pulling the cubs closer to her. "Especially him." Zira gently nudged the male and he opened his eyes to reveal bright emerald green eyes. "Absolutely perfect," Zira beamed. "Nuka, Vitani come here at once!"

"Yes Mother?" Nuka and Vitani said together.

"I want you to meet your new brother and sister," Zira said. "This is Mheetu. And this is Kiara. Cala found them and I'm going to raise them. Mheetu shall have special treatment because he will be our salvation. You hear that little Mheetu? You are the chosen one. And when you're older you shall kill Simba, Kovu, and Kopa and become King." With that Zira let out an evil laugh and settled down with her children for the night. She made sure to pull Mheetu extra close to her to keep him warm. Zira went to sleep gleeful about the future.

To be continued...

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