An Open Book

Summary: Just when he thought everything in life was almost blissfully perfect, a short trip to the supermarket forces him to think twice.

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Chapter 1: Shattered Plans

It was supposed to be a normal trip to the supermarket. A chance to refill his mini refrigerator with beer, buying more shampoo and soap to replace the nearly empty bottles in his bathroom, and maybe getting some ham or bacon to share with the guys back at the dorm. It was really nothing special; just an ordinary day in an ordinary weekend of Doujou Atsushi's life.

The only thing that was out of the ordinary was the constant, dull headache he had. After thinking it through, he'd decided to keep quiet about it, choosing not to tell any of his coworkers, especially not a certain clumsy and reckless subordinate he had. After all, she was the main reason for most of the headaches he'd ever experienced. In most circumstances, her hastiness and lack of discipline in her work would be the cause. This time it was her rash instinct to throw him across the room that caused the pain which wouldn't subside even a few days later.

In an effort to take his mind off the problems with his subordinate, he'd dragged himself out of the dorm and into the street. With nothing else to do, he headed to the closest supermarket. Taking the normal path, he crossed over the traffic on the footbridge, hearing the sound of cars and honking and background noises. He was engrossed in his own thoughts as he looked around while strolling down the street.

There weren't too many people out at this time of the day. A young child, no older than five or six, was running around in front of the stores, until a young women started scolding him for causing trouble. Several collage girls were relaxing in the outdoor café as they ate lunch, giggling together every now and then. A serious-looking man in a business suit walked past very quickly, back straight in a professional posture as he talked into his headpiece. It was quite likely he was talking to someone important; perhaps his boss, or a client. They were all within a close distance of him, but Doujou felt as if he were closed off in his own world as he observed everyone around him. From a young age, he'd been taught by his father to read actions instead of relying on sight and hearing. 'Decoding secret messages', he'd called it. 'Actions speak louder than words' had been one of his father's favourite sayings.

A tiny smile made its way to his lips when he thought about his family, whom he hadn't seen in a while. With his father always away from home, and a mother who works night shifts in a hospital, it was difficult for them to make time for each other. After a quick snap-decision, he decided to return home on the next day off from work. It occurred to him that he might have to stay behind to clean up her messes, as he'd learnt from experience, but he'd just have to figure something out. His pace increased slightly as he finalized his decision, momentarily forgetting about the headache he had. Now all he had to do, after returning from the supermarket, was to call home and see if his parents could shift their schedules around to make some free time for the family. Soon, his thoughts had drifted back to what he needed to buy from the supermarket.

The image of an ordinary day he had before was shattered no more than three minutes later, when he heard a familiar voice behind him.

"Officer Doujou. What a coincidence."

The voice rang in his ears as the face of someone he'd only met once came to mind. Along with the image was the growing sensation of an uncomfortable and irritable feeling deep in the pit of his stomach. He felt the sudden temptation to ignore this person. To walk away and continue down the path of his blissfully ordinary day. But no matter how strong this urge was, his reasoning kicked in and made him pause. At last, he turned around, slowly.

"Tezuka Satoshi."

Behind the thin, oval-shaped glasses, Tezuka Satoshi smiled in the satisfaction that he was recognized. It was already horrible enough that his day had to be ruined by this unexpected encounter, but when Doujou looked over Tezuka Satoshi's shoulder, the feelings of irritation was replaced by a wave of shock. The slightly wavy brown hair partially covered the girl's face, but it was enough for him to recognize her. She seemed just as surprised as he was when their eyes met, and there was a brief moment of awkward silence among the three.

It was a few seconds before Doujou could find his voice again. "Akane."

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