Miss Stealer: Okay guys, I know I should be working on Pacata Horologiis, but I actually started writing this right after Sway With Me and I never got around to uploading it. Plus, I recently promised one of my friends, who is a huge fan of PruCan, that I would finish it for her. So, anyways, here's the first chapter of a really weird fanfic I wrote because I lost my voice and decided, 'Hey, I'm going to make Canada, of all people, share my pain!' Enjoy!

. . .

Canada's morning started like normal; he woke up, fed Kuma-what's-his-face, made pancakes for breakfast, and got dressed. He was feeling much better than the week before. Somehow he had caught a bad case of the flu (*cough*livinginthesnow*cough*) and was unable to even get out of bed without moaning in pain for the entire week. Now he felt at least strong enough to get out of the house for a bit.

He wore his formal suit for the world meeting scheduled for later that day. He used to think it was no use going if he wasn't going to be noticed, be he could only hope. Hope was what got him going these days. It kept him from being a shut in like very few other countries.

It also helped that he didn't have a say in the matter because his boss was forcing him to get out of the house now that he had the chance. But oh well.

He smiled to himself at the thought of all the other countries as he tied his dark green tie. Their interesting fights made it painfully obvious to the observant Canadian that there were some…'special relations'…between some countries. Others were just hilarious to watch. However, sexual tension is always obvious to the attentive.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard his front door slam rather loudly against the wall.

"Hey Mattie, bro, you here?"

Great. His older idiot brother was here. One thing he hated about the world meetings was theat every single time America would demand Canada take him, and when they got there, he always completely forgot about him! He really wasn't feeling up to dealing with America so early in the morning, and just when he got rid of a headache. Why couldn't he ask his stuck up English boyfriend to do it?

And that's another thing; America always gloated to Canada about his relationship with England. Yes, we all get that you have the man of your dreams, just shut the hell up and save it for the bedroom, you hosers!

The more Canada thought about those things, the more he started to get peeved at America for barging into his house. It looked like today wouldn't be his day. He stormed over to where he knew America would be: the kitchen.

"A-Alfred, I think you should find another way to get to the meeting today because I'm not taking you!" Canada snapped to the best of his abilities.

Or at least that's what he tried to say.

Canada stood in the doorway and tried his hand at speaking again. This time he heard what sounded like, or rather, what it didn't sound like. 'Oh maple…'

Canada had lost his voice.

What joy.

Oh well, how could he have known when there wasn't anyone to speak to around his house? Plus, it wasn't like anyone was going to hear him normally…but how was he going to get America out of his house?

Canada walked up to his brother, who was currently rummaging through the cabinets looking for something to eat, and tapped him on his shoulder. America turned slightly, giving Canada a full view of his confused face; his mouth already full of small snacks found in the kitchen.

"Huh? Oh, hey dude! So, when are we going? Can we stop at McDonalds, 'cuz I'm super hungry, and the hero needs to be fed!" Canada shook his head 'no' and started to drag America toward the door, or at least tried to, without saying a word.

"Hey, what gives? Are we leaving already? Sweet!" Canada shook his head furiously this time and continued to push his brother out of the house. He ignored all of America's complaints as he climbed into his car, locking the doors immediately after getting in. America stood on the drivers; side of the car, flashing his best puppy-dog eyes to Canada so he would let him into the car.

Canada looked around the vehicle and found a pad of paper on his passenger seat. Picking it up, he grabbed his handy pen from his coat pocket and wrote a small message on the paper. He held it up so America could see:

'Find your own ride, Alfred! Get lost! I'm sure Arthur would drive you!


Canada revved up the engine and backed out of his driveway, ignoring the one part of his brain screaming 'Run him over! That'll teach him! He won't see it coming!' He looked into the rear view mirror and saw America yelling after him and into his phone at the same time. Sighing, he turned on the radio, letting the soft tunes ebb his anger away and calm the atmosphere.

"Who're you?"

He jumped at the sudden noise and looked into the back briefly to see (Kuma…Kumakichi?...Kumajiro!) Kumajiro hanging on the back of the passenger seat. He sighed in frustration; today was just going to be full of surprises, wasn't it?

When he arrived at the conference hall, he saw that he was the first one there, as usual. Canada decided to explore the expansive garden on the side of the hall. He found it calming to sit in the Japanese styled garden and think all by himself. Even though he was dismissed most of the time, he still found his time alone to be cherished.

Canada sat down on a stone bench detailed on its sides with intricate Japanese carvings, Kumajiro coming to rest at his feet to take a nap. 'For December this place looks gorgeous…'

All of the leaves on the trees had been completely shed, but none of them were in sight. Replacing them were thin sheets of fluffy snow, creating the image of a gleaming white forest of trees. Snow lay perfectly untouched on top of large ricks inside and around the largest Zen garden he had ever seen. The fountain between the garden and the small forest of trees and flowers was turned off for the cold weather, but each tear held a small pool of clear, reflective ice.

No sound could be heard except for the soft blowing winter wind that danced through the branches of the trees, taking with it some rebellious flakes of crystal that were looking for adventure beyond its quiet garden prison. Canada closed his eyes as that wind billowed around him, tossing around his shoulder-length hair and nipping at his reddening nose, making him smile. And some people wondered how he could stand this type of weather…

He furrowed his brows in confusion when the blissful silence was disturbed by a high pitched bird's song. Opening his eyes, he caught a glimpse of a yellow bird taking his place upon the top of the garden's ornate fountain. He smiled when he saw the poor little thing try to walk on the left over sheets of ice, but failing miserably.

A quiet giggle escaped his mouth when the bird seemed to angrily tweet and give up on his ice skating adventure, then took off towards Canada. The bright yellow puff ball hovered in front of him and chirped happily, flying up to nuzzle his cheek.

'Aww, what a cute bird...'

It flew up into Canada's hair and settled on it, moving pieces of the silky locks to create a temporary nest. Canada smiled to himself and relaxed again, enjoying the newborn quiet. However, it was short lived, again, when he heard a few car doors slamming, heavily accented yelling accompanying the noise. He sighed and reluctantly sat up from his comfortable position on the bench.

Being out in the cold had actually made him feel better, however backwards that may seem. When you're sick, you don't necessarily go out into cold weather regularly. Canada had always thrived in subzero temperatures, but sadly avoided the cold when sick as much as possible in favor of living. Oddly enough, Sick Canada + cold = more than likely frozen-to-death Canada.

He started to walk slowly back to the meeting hall; Kumajiro flowing at his heels and the yellow bird still perched on his head. Judging from the number of colourful cars in the parking lot, Canada could tell most of the countries were already inside. Before he even entered the meeting room, he could hear his brothers' annoying shouts and Italy's daily rant about pasta. He slipped in unnoticed, as usual, and took a seat close to the window; hoping it would be enough away that no one would sit on him. Like Russia that one time…

He took notice when someone sat next to him. He sighed and didn't even try to speak to them, so he ignored the other nation, opting to look out of the window longingly. Having the ability to talk normally did help much in Canada's effort at the meetings, but now it was just a lost cause completely. 'Better just take some notes then so my boss doesn't think I skipped out…'

He contemplated going back home for a minute, but jumped when someone tapped his shoulder lightly. Turning, Canada saw that it was the infamous albino country: Prussia.

"Gilbird, get down from there!"

'Is he talking to me? Or…?' his face scrunched up in confusion, then looked up at the now chirping bird still nestled in his hair. 'Oh right, that little guy…'

He wordlessly reached up and extracted the yellow fluff ball from his head and held out his cupped hands to the other boisterous country; however the small bird, apparently named Gilbird, didn't appreciate being removed from his comfy perch on Canada's soft hair. It chirped angrily at Prussia and flew back to his previous spot on top of Canada. Canada smiled and tried to pick up Gilbird back up, but the bird pecked at his fingers. Prussia pointed accusingly at Gilbird.

"Gilbird! Verdammt, listen to the awesome me and get down!"

The bird chirped loudly in response.

"I don't care if Canada's comfy, get off! West'll be mad if he finds out you're here, so you need to be awesomely ninja-like!"

Canada blushed at his exclamation and his eyes widened. Someone, the 'awesome Prussia' to be exact, had remembered him! Or at least remembered his name… Prussia smirked and was about to comment, but Germany's loud voice interrupted all talking and signaled the start of the meeting.

. . .

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