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. . .

"You're kidding me!"

"Hehe, nope! I swear on all of my maple syrup, it's true!" Canada giggled and took another sip of his beer. He had switched to straight beer after his throat stopped bothering him. The two had forgotten the hockey game still playing on the television and had begun to talk about random subjects. "Yup, Francis has the biggest shrine to Eduard I've ever seen. There's no doubt in the world that he has the hots for him."

"Scheiße," Prussia sipped his own drink, emptying the glass, "I would've never thought Francy Pants would go for Estonia of all people."

"I know, but apparently he finds his intelligence sexy." They both laughed, and Canada looked at the clock. "Oh, wow, I should probably get going…"

"Why not just stay over?" The two nations both froze slightly at the Prussian's quick suggestion, but after a while Canada smiled warmly.

"That's very kind of you, thank you, Gil." Prussia waved his hand and blushed slightly.

"No prob," he got up and grabbed the trash that accumulated on the table and went to throw it all out. Canada waited patiently, opting to search the treasures in the room again. When the albino nation returned, he had a pillow and blanket in his arms. "You can have my bed, I turned my spare bedroom into a studio, so I don't have anywhere else for ya to sleep, sorry."

"Oh, no, you don't have to! I can-"

"Nein." Prussia insisted, pushing the blond nation towards his bedroom door, "You're a guest, so just go, Birdie!"

"Uhm, well okay then," The two laughed again and Canada said goodnight.

"Gute nacht, Mattie." They both smiled once more before Canada retreated into Prussia's room and the albino sauntered back into the living room.

The red-eyed man plopped down on his makeshift bed. Who knew he'd have a cute Canadian in his bed tonight? Of course not in that way, but still. No one really stayed at his place anymore; sans France and Spain who only crashed at his house when they were too shitfaced to dive their asses home. Even then he banished them to the couch. Oh well, at least he has a sane person to hang out with and talk to now, hopefully. He closed his eyes and sighed, trying to get comfortable on the slightly bumpy couch. All in all, he thought as he drifted to sleep, today had been quite a fun day.

. . .

Prussia woke to the most glorious smell he ever had the pleasure of inhaling. He sat up slowly, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. The smell was coming from the kitchen, where he eagerly stumbled into.

"Je crois savoir ce que tu me demandais. Je crois que tu sais ce que j'essayais de dire. Je t'ai promis que je ne te quitterais jamais~" The French song was sung softly and slightly upbeat. Prussia saw Canada standing, in what looked to be one of his shirts, in front of the stove. He walked up behind the blond and smirked.

"What'chya doin'?" The albino laughed as Canada jumped and squeaked. He glared at Prussia and went back to making food.

"What does it look like?" He flipped a pancake for emphasis, "I'm making breakfast, dummy. It's the least I could do for you letting me stay the night."

"Psh, didn't have to, but that stuff smells hella good, so I'm not objecting." Canada giggled.

"You pig. Hey, do you have any maple syrup? I tried looking for some, but I couldn't find any. These pancakes will not be served without the delicious nectar of the gods." Prussia scrunched his nose in thought.

"Nah, but I'm sure ol' Miss Tan has some next door. Be right back." He got up out of his chair and traveled down the hall to his neighbor's door, knocking three times. And older Chinese woman opened the door and smiled widely when she saw who was there.

"Ah! Gilbert, how are you! What can I do for you, sweetie?" Prussia smiled at her and sheepishly scratched the back of his neck.

"Hi Miss Tan, I was wondering if you have some maple syrup I could borrow? My friend is making some wicked good pancakes and he demanded maple syrup be had." Miss Tan nodded and ushered him in. 'Knowing her this might take a while…'

Canada stacked all of the pancakes he managed to make out of the minimal ingredients Prussia had onto two separate plates and placed them on the kitchen table. While he waited, he figured it wouldn't be that harmful to look around. The first place his mind drew him to was the spare room 'studio'. He wondered what kind of studio it was. 'Ooh, is it an art studio? I wonder if it is…'

He opened the door and wasn't met with an art studio, but it was definitely a type of art. The padded walls, chords, nobs, and instruments strewn haphazardly across the room clearly made it a music studio.

"Oh wow," Canada plucked a string on an electric guitar absently, "I wonder if he has any songs?" He went over to the computer attached to copious amounts of turn tables and chords, wiggling the mouse to wake it up. Selecting one of the songs on the playlist displayed, he picked up a pair of headphones and listened closely. The song started off with a low drum beat, followed by a steady bass- both of which were just tuning themselves with a three-count right after- then the headphones exploded with rhythm when an electric guitar burst out. Canada couldn't help but nod his head and tap his foot at the beat. Immediately afterwards, Prussia's voice was singing loudly.

"I've been lost,

I've been found,

I've been traded, like a dollar on the street,

Passed around,

Loved and hated,

Now I'm jaded can't you see."

The rest of the song was upbeat and had a whole 'I will rise above this' kind of feel, and Canada liked it. He was still listening to the music when Prussia came back, searching for the elusive blond.

"Yo, Mattie? I got your maple syrup! Where are- oh," Prussia walked past the studio, catching a glimpse of a rocking out Canada. His slightly blond hair was flying as he shook his head and closed his eyes, miming playing a guitar. The albino chuckled and walked in, unplugging the headphones and chuckling at Canada, who jumped and fell to the floor.

"Kesese, dude, what are you doing?" Prussia was laughing harder now, while Canada helped himself off the floor with a huff.

"Just, listening to your crappy music!"

"Seriously? Birdie, you were rocking out pretty hardcore there." Canada pushed Prussia's shoulder, but his smile reassured it was all in good fun. "Hey, want me to play for you?"

"What? Really? Uh, sure! Can you do this one?" He pointed to one track he particularly liked and Prussia nodded. The albino went around the room plugging in and unplugging some chords and turning on some speakers. He plugged in the electric guitar and a microphone, setting it close to his mouth.

"Alrighty, press the green button and flip the yellow switch." Canada did so and Prussia started with a few slow repeating chords and leaned forward to sing.

"It's that kind of thinking, baby, that gets you in trouble all the time,

When you carve those tragic lines, just to see what they feel like.

It's that kind of trouble, baby, that blinds you like sunlight in your eyes,

When you feel stuck between the lines, and there's no way out."

The rest of the instruments needed for the song blasted out of the speakers and Canada was floored. So this was how the infamous Prussia spent his free time. It was pretty impressive, considering that he probably recorded all of the instruments himself; judging by all of the instruments littered throughout the room. The song seemed to end too quickly, and Canada stood from his seat and clapped, smiling brightly. Prussia seemed to blush slightly, but covered it with a cough and started to disassemble his setup.

"Wow, that's really amazing!"

"Really? It's just a hobby, I don't do much."

"Why not? This is some of the best music I've heard in a long time, what with how our music industry is nowadays." Prussia scoffed and nodded his head in agreement.

"That's why my songs have meaning. None of that weird ass crap people put out about banging others and drinking with lots of auto tune. It makes me kind of sick." Canada smiled at Prussia's obvious passion for good music; it seemed they had more in common than he originally thought. "If you want, I'll burn a cd for you…"

"You would? Awesome! I can rub my discovery in Alfred's tone-deaf face!" He giggled and the two went back into the kitchen, reheating the forgotten pancakes and having a proper breakfast. It was then that Prussia once again noticed the blond was wearing one of his shirts.

"What's with my shirt?" Canada looked down and blushed in embarrassment.

"Oh, I didn't want to sleep in my clothes, so I borrowed one of your shirts. I was going to borrow some pants, but they were too big, and I already kind of swim in this…so, yeah. I'll wash it and give it back, I swear!" The Prussian just laughed and continued eating, shaking his head at how cute the other could be.

"It's fine, really. Just wondering." He stopped and thought for a moment. He really loved hangin out with Canada, but every time he did something adorable, he couldn't help the little fuzzy feeling in his stomach. Now, Prussia may have been insensitive to some emotions, but he could definitely tell this one was attraction. 'Well shit…wonder if he'd go out with me..?'

"Hey, Birdie," Prussia interrupted the Canadian's current stuffing of his face, which made him chuckle again. Why not, he thought, "Would you like to go out some time or something?" Canada sputtered and blushed deeply.

"W-wait, what? You, what?"

"I was wondering if you'd like to go out on a date. Y'know, me and you, out on the town or something?" Canada looked down at his plate, nearly empty sans the crumbs left behind from his shoveling the pancakes into his mouth. He thought it over for a bit, then his lips quirked up slightly and he looked up at Prussia a bit shyly.

"Yeah, that sounds like fun."

. . .

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