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Politics. Why would I want to know about politics? That was a job for Padme, not a jedi. Just because my master thinks, incorrectly, I'm too narrow-minded in politics, doesn't mean that I have to sit out the next mission to help Padme get onto a traitorous Separatist planet. I'm not excessively inclined to awkwardly visit some friend of Padme's, but then again, aren't we all like that?

Yes, that's me, Padawan Ahsoka Tano, who will not miss a good fight, and can't stand politics of any degree. I'm a powerful Jedi in the Great War, so I still question why my master let Padme teach me about politics.

"Raxus, stop 5, three parsecs," Blared the distorted speakers. So this is it. I'm disobeying my master, again, and going to a forbidden Separatist planet with a politician as a guide. Could things get any more boring? On top of that, I had to wait another hour for landing.

"All passengers please prepare for landing," said the captain through those ridiculous speakers. It's about time! I seated myself beside Padme, and secured myself. After mentally debating the issue once more, I heard and felt the signal of a very useless ship - the creaking of the landing gear and their slam against the landing platform.

After the noise began to subside, I slowly said, "Senator, are you sure this is a good idea?"

She turned and, looking mischievously at me replied, "No, but I'm sure bringing this war to a quicker end would be better than staying on Coruscant, listening to all those… what did you call them? Oh yes, those 'ridiculously boring and monotonous' speeches on politics. Just remember, I said I would teach you about politics, so please, take note what you think of the Bonteri family, and act in respect."

I disagreed, but I simply nodded and picked up the luggage, just as the doors opened and the loading ramp descended. Then a new thought came into my mind. The Bonteri family? That's just perfect. Now I not only have to be on the same planet with separatists, or meet one, but now, I have to respect an entire family of traitors.

I could not help asking, "Padme, an entire family of separatists? You know I don't approve of even one of these people."

Softly she replied, "They aren't so different from you and me, Ahsoka. You'll get along."

I nodded and gave a quick smile. Yep, I'm doomed. What an incredible thing to agree to. I dearly hoped I wouldn't have to stay long. A short visit, possibly staying until the next Confederacy of Independent Systems meeting, then going back to a planet I actually care about.

A separatist planet indeed. Nosey battle droids were the only real welcoming party we got after disembarking. We narrowly missed having our I.D.s checked.

We were motioned toward a woman older than Padme, who greeted the senator.

"Hello, old friend."

Padme seemed happy, and she kindly indicated her, and told me, "Ahsoka, this is Mina Bonteri. She was my mentor when I was growing up on Naboo."

At last, my first traitor that I had to politely greet. I resolved instantly not to, and blurted out the first thing that came to mind…

"You're… a separatist?"

She seemed momentarily perplexed by my comment, probably because my natural aggression wasn't normal to her. But in a split second, she chuckled, apparently amused by my remark.

"Why, of course, my dear, what were you expecting? Now come, I have a transport waiting."

I followed in Padme's shadow, hating every moment of being on this planet. A transport, owned by Mrs. Bonteri, was nearby.

Following a short trip to the south end of the city, we arrived at a spacious home of light colors. I liked the house better than its occupants. Mina and Padme disembarked, so I followed quickly behind.

It was directly after when she called, to my dismay, "Lux, come down here and help our guests with their luggage, please!"

It was at that moment that a boy, about my age, wearing silly clothes, descended the house's steps and attempted to take our luggage.

He simply said "May I?" indicating the bags. I already disliked him, and the way he looked at me didn't make me happy either.

I dismissed him, saying "I can handle it."

I could already tell he, like so many other boys in the galaxy, couldn't resist trying to help a young and fine looking Togrutan female, as most boys that looked at me like he did already had a crush on me. I might have had more respect for him if he hadn't turned out like another stupid guy.

He seemed offended, but I didn't really care. I just wanted to get this trip over with and be done with this… traitor.

We were motioned inside, and I walked in, solely out of politeness. I had been hoping to not have to stay with a house of traitors, but I had no such luck.

This chapter was just to get you adjusted to the setting and characters, as well as Ahsoka's mindset. I'll alternate between Ahsoka's and Lux's points of view, and major parts of the story will be in third person omniscient, meaning you have less deep feelings of just one person, but it'll be like being a spectator, rather than interviewing one of the two. Possibility of a few other people's POVs as well.