Case 1: A Game of Twister - One-shot version

Lucy obtained a new mission, so she searched for her two male teammates. She was informed that they were in one of the guest rooms in the guild.

She had seen it once, and it baffled her at how much it looked like a condo; all fancy and pristine. It was said that you were allowed to use it by requesting it to the guild master. Though, only if you fill out the criteria, and that is to have someone room in with you and share the rent.

It had weirded out the blonde for the both mages had houses of their own. So it made her wonder why they stayed in the guild, and together for that matter.

She shook her head to rid of unnecessary thoughts to focus on her task at hand.

Upon walking through the long corridor, Lucy stopped in her tracks when she heard a peculiar sound behind a door.

'... That sounded like a moan.'

"Stop breathing down on my neck flame brain."


"Quit whining, I can't help it in the position we're in."


The blonde was curious of what was going on, so instead of interrupting whatever it was they were doing, she placed her ear on the door to listen in their conversation. It was bad of her to do, but she was really curious.

Although, she's only managing to capture parts of their conversation.

"Gray, spread your legs wider. I can't put my hand in between."

Lucy's face exploded to a shade of red. 'Wh-what?! Did N-Natsu just-'

"W-wait, don't move too fast!"

The blonde's mouth went into an 'O' shape from the scandalous discovery. She never knew her friends were like that to each other.

"It h-hurts. Dammit Natsu, move already!"

"I get it!"

At that moment, Lucy decided to leave them be with their... activities. The mission could wait.

-The Next Day-

"Is your body ok?" Natsu asked, making their guild mates who heard, look at them with question as some let their imaginations run wild at assumptions.

He received a nod from the ice mage. "I'm fine, just sore that's all."

That statement did not help lower the possibility that vigorous activities were not done.

Then, "Wanna do that again?" The fire mage asked, showing the latter a very seductive smirk, and unintentionally stroked maidens' pure ideals of what they had on him.

Gray mumbled a "sure" as he too was a bit taken aback by that expression; red hue colouring his cheeks.

From that day on, rumors of the two mages together were spread throughout the guild. Unbeknownst to the aforementioned people that they were the main topic.

There's a series ver. of this that I'm going to try and finish in the weekend. That's why it has case 1 in it. This is basically the alternate and finished route of what I wanted to make, so here it is!

Hope you enjoyed reading it!~

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