Hello Everyone! This will be my first story, so please don't kill my soul with bad reviews (just kidding, I never had one in the first place). But anyway, I have decided to write a Pokémon TDI story. Art thou he they call The Requiem Lord? I am that merry wanderer of the-Alright, enough with the Shakespeare crud, now on with my intro (I have been reading The King of Shadows, I'm sorry, all these lines are stuck in my head ARGHHH). I already have some OCs in my head, but I will accept ideas for any others. I will have their names be their Pokémon names because I am going to have a lot of characters in this, and keeping track of their names is an absolute pain in the neck (and the brain). Alright, so this is going to be set in Unova only because I can use any Pokémon I want for the story. My OCs will be as follows (with general summarized personalities, gender, and age):

But first…..DISCAIMER: I don't own Pokémon. Copyright: Gamefreak and Nintendo.

Marshtomp: Gender-Male Age: 17 Per: Calm, and collected. Is not quick to anger, very clever.

Bisharp: Gender-Male Age: 15 Per: Extremely blunt with most people (no pun intended).

Hydregion: Gender-Male Age: 19 Per: VERY quick to react and get mad (Marshtomp's opposite).

Charmeleon: Gender-Male Age: 16 Per: Focused, usually attentive. Very fast reflexes.

Kirlia: Gender-Female Age: 15 Per: Quiet, usually only social with her group of friends.

Skarmory: Gender-Male Age: 16 Per: Very social, also very friendly with most, optimistic.

Mighteyena: Gender-Female Age: 17 Per: Calm, sometimes social, mixed attitude about things.

Chikorita: Gender-Female Age: 16 Per: Similar to Skarmory, very optimistic.

Honchkrow: Gender-Female Age: 18 Per: Former gang member, frequently sarcastic.

Mienshao: Gender-Female Age: 16 Per: Quiet, calm, clever, but can be social.

Shuppet: Gender-Male Age: 14 Per: Extremely sarcastic, has a mutual hate for the co-host.

Cacturne: Gender-Male Age: 15 Per: Distant, quiet, antisocial, and clever.

Slaking: Gender-Male Age: 18 Per: Relaxed, "goes with the flow" kind of guy.

Ampharos: Gender-Male Age: 17 Per: Energetic, loves caffine, and sugar, very random.

Lucario: Gender-Male Age: 16 Per: Same as Mienshao. *hint-hint*

Metang: Gender-Male Age: 19 Per: The genius. Clever, smart, and very tactical.

Ninetales: Gender-Female Age: 17 Per: Shy, doesn't talk much, fairly active.

Absol: Gender-Female Age: 16 Per: Cheerful, very smart, likes to play FPS games.

Arcanine: Gender-Male Age: 15 Per: Very antisocial, quiet, does NOT like to talk.

Gabite: Gender-Female Age: 16 Per: Sometimes focused, mostly funny and optimistic.