Natsu's Turn

It seems that the dragon slayer had caught himself a fever. It was rather humorous for he was a fire mage, and yet he had caught a fever! Luckily, Happy wasn't home and was staying at Charles' place for the week. He wouldn't want his best friend to catch his sickness. In fact, he guessed that maybe it was time to clean his house after he gets better for he felt the atmosphere was a bit stuffy for his taste in his current state. He wouldn't have cared before, but looking at it now, it really was a mess. It looked like they were robbed several times, and he knew that had only happened once.

Natsu groaned, as he twisted and turned on his bed to get into a comfortable position, but nothing was working. He decided to head towards the questionable kitchen for you never know what you'll find in the fridge. ... Actually, from the foul odour emitting from it, he could have guessed that it was Happy's fish ― rotting ― that was causing it.

He sighed heavily, and tried to remember where the cups were to get something nice to drink. His sweat dropped at the sight of a mountain of unwashed dishes in his sink.

'... I'll just go back to bed.'

Though, before he could do so, he heard his doorbell ring. He regarded it with a questioning look as to who would visit him, for he was sure as hell that it couldn't be Happy. He was bewildered to see the ice mage when he opened the door.

"Yo," Gray greeted.

"What are you doing here?" Natsu asked, thinking at that moment if his ice mage friend would be willing to help him out from an idea that came to his mind shortly after. Then, altogether disregarding it for it didn't seem like a possible option to get good results from.

"The girls suggested that I check up on you since you didn't come to the guild," Gray answered, as he carefully studied the fire mage's appearance. His eyes widened in astonishment, and commented, "You're sick?" coming out at as a question than what he had hoped to be more of a statement.

"I am," the dragon slayer bluntly answered, regarding the latter with a bored expression.
"Is that all then?"

Out of curiosity in Gray's part, he couldn't help wondering if a fire mage's body heat would change when they have a fever. So, he grabbed the latter's face with both hands and pressed his forehead against the other's.

Natsu felt the heat in his fever rise as his face flushed red; though, he was really grateful for the cool touch. The ice mage on the other hand, concentrated on the latter's condition and compared it with the usual: a frown etched on his features for he couldn't tell the difference. He moved away, and realized how red the other was now, which made him really concerned.

"No, don't move away," Natsu whined, wanting the coolness back. He grabbed Gray in a tight embrace.

"It feels good."

The ice mage was feeling a bit uncomfortable by the sudden action, but deduced it to be the fever talking. He was conflicted on whether he should help out of not, but as his friend, he decided to go with it.

"Natsu, hold on for a second," his command earned him another whine, and then a whimper as the latter removed himself from the other.

Gray couldn't help the sigh that escaped his lips when he saw the state of the dragon slayer's place as he dragged the said male by the wrist towards the bed that was placed at the east corner end of the room.

"Lay down," he commanded, and was pleased when the other was compliant.

He then joined the male right after, making their skin graze against each other from the narrow space. The ice mage wrapped his arms around Natsu's head to pull him close to his chest, and the latter returned the action around his waist.

The fire mage couldn't help the look of question directed up at Gray who, in turn, looked down at him with a soft smile.

"Get some rest so you can get better quicker," was all he said.

"... Thanks" was all the other could say as well before burying his head as deep as he could on the other's chest.

For the rest of the day, the two slept deeply; wrapped in each other's arms, and felt the harmony in all of it.

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