"Life has many ways of testing a person's will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once"(Paulo Coelho).

Alice and I were so trapped in our kiss it took us a moment or two to realize we had an audience. Honestly, my pack members had awful timing and I practically growled when I was forced to pull away, glaring in their direction.

At that moment my breath stilled once I caught sight of Leah in wolf form, she lingered in the back, probably debating whether she would leave or not. It seemed no matter how hard I tried, I'd just keep hurting her, but I was happy she was back. I couldn't help thinking that I had lost her. But still, there was no promise that she had any intention of wanting to make things right between us again.

"I better go. You all probably need to speak," Alice acknowledged, standing up and dusting off her legs. "Good luck." She smiled at me, nodding her head in the direction of the pack before heading inside.

Although they knew of my imprinting it was still quite obvious that they were disgusted with the thought of me kissing a vampire. Sam stepped forward then, his breathing changing, hinting he was beginning to phase back again.

We all turned our heads away politely as Sam phased back into regular form, I turned my head in his direction once I heard the sound of him puling up his pair of shorts.

"Where were you?" He snapped. Did it really kill him to say hello first?

"Here obviously," I said smugly, gesturing to the house behind me. I couldn't really explain it but I could feel myself pulling away from them. Like I no longer needed them in my life and nor did I want to…

"Damnit Bella, don't you dare be a smartass. Your dad said you just ran off he wouldn't even give us a-"

"He's not my father," I hissed, interrupting Sam. He glared hard at me as he took another step towards me. I stood, squaring my shoulders as I attempted to calm myself. Regardless of how good of control I had over shifting I was still a newbie, meaning I'd have a few slip ups every now and then.

"What the hell are you going on about Bella…?" Sam had stopped walking and stared at me as if I were a small child defying their parents' wishes. Maybe I was in a way…

"Didn't Billy tell you?" I emphasized Billy's name, letting my anger drip from that single word. I was slipping from them, something was pulling me away. I had told Billy I would be nothing like my biological father yet, here I was, building a barrier between the people I once held dearly.

"He only told us you left, he didn't tell us you'd be with them." Sam spat, letting me know exactly how disgusted he was by all of this finally; I felt a bitter smile tug at the corner of my lips. I knew none of them would be that accepting. They'd only see the Cullen's as the cold ones, the bloodsuckers, the leeches.

"Then I guess he didn't tell you that I'm also one of them, right?" I glared hard at Sam, testing to see how he'd respond if he knew that a partial bit of my DNA was made up of our mortal enemy.

"What do you mean Bella?" Sam eyes narrowed. What would they do if I told him? Would he shun me?

"I'm a hybrid Sam," I declared.

"A what? What kind of nonsense are you spewing?" Sam scoffed, rolling his eyes as if I had just told them I was part fairy. It was slightly offensive; this was supposed to be my big revelation after all.

"My real father… Charlie was a shifter as well. He imprinted on a hybrid, part vampire, and part human, my mother. I'm the very product of their relationship along with the survivor when it was brought to an end."

Despite my cool front, I was quite anxious to see how he'd respond to the information, especially as I watched the expression in his eyes turn to confusion, disbelief, and lastly, disgust. As far as he knew, I was one of them then. Regardless of all the memories we shared, none of that mattered now.

"You really are one of them…"

I only nodded, this was something I had wanted to get off my chest, but it didn't make the pressure feel any lighter, instead only intensified it. Why did it feel like everything was falling apart? I had imprinted on someone who I would loved for eternity and yet… I was losing everything else in the process. My pack, my best friend, and my identity. I had no idea who I was anymore and I was sure no one else had a single clue either.

And after a moment of much thinking Sam finally spoke:

"Regardless of whom you are or who your parents were, you are still a part of this pack, nothing can change that. Of course things will be different, but you've never really shown to have any traits that a regular bloodsuc-

"Vampire," I corrected him.

"…vampire would have."


Once Sam and I had finished our discussion, Leah and Jake chose to shift back, obviously wanting to speak to me, although their reasoning might have been slightly different. However, Leah had reached me first, forcing Jake to hold in whatever he had to say.

"Come on," I nodded toward the woods where we'd have some privacy. If she were going to scream at me, I'd prefer not be degraded in front of everyone, however as we entered the heavily forested area, she said nothing, only looking at me with saddened eyes.

"I'm sorry Leah…" I began to say, but she held up a hand to stop me, walking forward and pulling me into a tight embrace. I hesitantly wrapped my arms around her waist, not wanting to give her the wrong idea, but also wanting to transfer all my feelings into that one single hug.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Leah asked, resting her chin on my shoulder as she tightened her grip on me.

"I only found out last night," I answered.

"But why come here? Do they even know?"

I shook my head, pulling away from her and receiving some protest.

She sighed heavily, glaring in the direction of the Cullen's house, obviously seeing something I wasn't. I turned my head to see Alice making her way toward us, forcing Leah to put more distance between us than she wanted.

"You must be Leah," Alice greeted, coming to a stop in front of us as she held out a hand politely, a strained smile on her face that even intimidated me.

"And you must be the bloodsucker Bella imprinted on…" Leah mumbled, looking entirely uncomfortable to even have Alice in her presence.

I watched as Alice's smile slightly faltered, dropping her hand to her side as her facial expression grew into a grimace before shifting her eyes in my direction. Perhaps I was focusing all the built up anger I had been bottling up on Leah because at that moment I snapped my head in her direction, narrowing my eyes.

"You realize that with what I've told you, this makes me a bloodsucker as well right?" I hissed, taking Leah off guard. She stared at me in shock that I even said anything, but the anger was blinding me, no, that wasn't right it was… controlling me. I looked to Alice, seeing confusion take over her pretty features and whispered that I'd tell her everything she needed to hear later, with that she nodded almost reluctantly, leaving to head back to the house so that she wouldn't have to experience the much needed argument that would soon go on between Leah and me.

"I'll never consider you to be one of them," Leah declared as she watched Alice leave before returning her gaze back to me.

"Then what will I be to you Leah? I don't love you in that way and neither do you. No matter how much you claim you do, you weren't the one I imprinted on, Alice was," I reminded her and she winced at my cruel words I never thought I was capable of saying. I almost stopped to console her, to tell her I hadn't met a single word that came out of my mouth. Almost.

"I… I know that, but I do love you. Imprinting is rare and only chosen for certain shifters, meaning I could never imprint. So who are you to undermine who I chose to love when you didn't even have a say in the matter? We can't even take those legends seriously now if it allowed you to imprint of one of those filthy bloo-"

"Don't," I took another step towards her. "Call her that again."

"Or what Bella?" She challenged. I could tell her anger was beginning to boil over as well.

"I think we both know."

Leah's lips jerked up into a bitter smile, waiting for me to make the first move as if this were a chess game. One thing I had learned from being in the La Push pack was that fights among us were a necessity. It enabled us to remove the tension between us through harming one another, knowing we'd be able to heal almost immediately after. And although I never thought I'd be in this situation with any of the pack members, Leah nonetheless, this would be the best way for us to return to normal… or however close we could manage.

So I stepped back, my breath coming in short and quick intakes as I phased, shifting into my wolf form and began to circle Leah in a teasing matter. In the back of my head I knew I'd have to apologize to Esme for ruining the outfit she had provided me with.

"Who would have thought you'd initiate a fight? Not to say you're weak or anything, but I kind of considered you to be a bit of pacifist, you know? With the fact that you never were that ecstatic with any of this in the first place…" Leah trailed off. I only growled in response, letting my anger and frustrations consume me, it was upsetting that Leah didn't feel the need to phase as well. I could see that she only thought she'd harm me and that I couldn't even be considered a threat.

Therefore, I decided to give her a reason, leaping just a foot from her and forcing her to jump back with a mixture of fear and shock, clear on her face.

"Bella, you could've hurt me!" she exclaimed. I shot her a toothy grin and she rolled her eyes, realizing that was my attempt to get a rise out of her.

"Fine! If you want to fight so badly… here's your chance," Leah clenched her teeth as her fist followed suit at her sides, concentrating as her form began to change, exploding out of her clothes before charging directly at me. I could tell she had no intention of holding back and I couldn't help but be slightly delighted. With everything before us changing so rapidly and unexpectedly, it was nice to know that we could still feel oh so very alive.

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