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Transformers Prime

Setting: before Operation Bumblebee.

Mind Over Matter


It was a hot day in Jasper, then again it's always hot, let's try again. It was your typical day in Jasper-no that's not right either, let's be honest then.

Jasper, Nevada was an unassuming speck on a map, a pit stop for tourists out to see the sights. It had a school, a few stores for food and other essentials, a few warehouses, and a small hospital. Being fifty miles from any other town, that might have had the slightest bit of entertainment, it was also extremely boring.

Like any desert town it was always hot by day, cool at night, and it hardly ever rained-okay that's enough about the town, it's small and boring. Or is it? You see the one thing that Jasper did have, that could have made it exciting, wasn't even known to the people who lived there. Except for three kids and their little dog...alright they don't have a dog keep your skirts on Dorothy. Sheesh.

It was a secret only the three knew, just two boys and a girl, and the government.

The girl Miko, the spunky, outgoing, usually-in-trouble exchange student from Japan, lover of rock metal music and dune hopping, was never afraid to speak her mind.

Rafael, or Raf for short, is a twelve year old child genius, whose hacking and computing skills could be counted on to save the kids bacon once in a while. He could also oddly understand spoken binary, and while he loved computers, he also liked building things, and was secretly a racing junkie, but don't tell his mother that.

Jack, the last of the three was the oldest as well. He lived with his mother, goes to school, and had a job at one of the few fast food joints in Jasper, to help out at home. He was quiet, respectful, also a racing junkie (don't tell his mother), and an all around nice guy.

He also had a motorcycle.

This was no ordinary motorbike, at first glance it might look fancy, with a beautiful dark blue color scheme, but it was also alive and one of the secrets the children kept. Not long ago you see, the children met beings who, if the world at large knew of, would confirm that there is life among the stars.

They are called Autobots, a faction of living intelligent machines, whose goal it was to seek justice for all beings, and protect all forms of life, great and small. For the Autobots were at war with another faction, called the Decepticons, who desired power, and the destruction, or enslavement, of all things. Together, they made up the Transformers of Cybertron.

So what are they doing on Earth? Well, if your reading this, you should already know that, and we don't have time for all the important details, my coffee break's in five minutes. Suffice to say, the long war destroyed Cybertron, Earth is their knew home, and three human children are their friends. Got it? Good.

Now what does this story have to do with all of this? Nothing. Now, go away...alright fine. Jack Darby is our daring hero, about to get into some adventurous mayhem, save the day, get the girl-okay, okay, I'll stop you guys can put the hammer down and/or other tools of murder.

Truth is, for all Jack Darby isn't, there is much more he is. He's not just a kid who's friends with alien robots, not just a boy who has the respect of their leader, Opitmus Prime. More than a young man thrust in the middle of a war he shouldn't have known about. Jack Darby has secrets, secrets unknown to his friends. What secrets you ask? Well, let's find out.