Hearts and Hooves for the Animal Talker


Naruto X Fluttershy


Story Start


Fluttershy slowly made her way down to Forest Grove lane. For a brief moment she hesitated at the driveway. She briefly reconsidered her plan for a moment as the envelope slightly dipped in her mouth. The envelope she carried in her mouth was that of a pink color with Naruto's name decorated in orange letters. This was the first time Fluttershy had taken an active interest in the holiday.

The reason mainly had to do with her painful shyness and the fact that most ponies didn't have the patience or gentle nature to deal with her. As such she didn't have colts lining up to be her special somepony for Hearts and Hooves, but this year was going to be different. She didn't want to spend another day alone. As such she had set her eyes on one pony as this one pony was her ideal special somepony.

So she found herself on said pony's doorstep, trying to find the courage to ring the doorbell. Her legs nervously wobbled and she gulped. More than anything she looked like a lost filly. "You can do this. Just ring the doorbell." She softly coaxed herself.

Shakily, she raised her hoof when the sound of hoof-steps caught her ear. Like a deer caught in the headlights she froze when the door opened. Sure enough it was Naruto carrying a basket in his mouth with a Valentine's card on top of the spread. Said blond almost dropped the basket when his mouth opened, to which he caught with his hooves. "F-Fluttershy." He uncharacteristically stammered as a deep red blush marred his cheeks.

Fluttershy tumbled backwards, letting out a squeak as the envelope drop from her mouth by Naruto's hooves.

"Is…is this for me?" he asked as Fluttershy, unable to find her voice simply just nodded.

Naruto then opened it and read it. "So, you want to be my special somepony?" he asked as Fluttershy nodded again. He could see the dread in Fluttershy's eyes as the possible rejection.

"I accept." He said as he jogged over, ducked down and planted a gentle kiss on her lips.

Fluttershy gasped and blushed, still unable to say anything. "I was actually on my way to ask you to be my special somepony." He said as he brought forward a basket. "So how about it? Would you enjoy me for a stroll in the forest?"

"I'd…I'd like that." Fluttershy replied, finally finding her voice. The two of them soon found themselves in the forest, Naruto balancing the picnic basket on his back.

"To be honest I'm sort of surprised Fluttershy. I mean, I never thought you to make the first move in this kind of situation."

"I…I really wanted to celebrate with a special somepony this year. You've always been so sweet so me that I didn't want to lose my chance because of my shyness."

"Well, I find it, like several of your other traits endearing. To be honest I'm kind of surprise you never had a special somepony before." Fluttershy's cheeks only grew warmer from Naruto's praise.

"Since I'm so shy, a lot of ponies aren't patient enough to deal with me I guess."

"Yeah well, you don't have to worry about that. I wouldn't be here now if I didn't enjoy being around you."

Fluttershy nodded. She felt she could trust the orange stallion to be good to her. They finally came to a nice quiet spot where they began enjoying the picnic Naruto made. Without a doubt it would be a Heart and Hooves Day to remember for the animal talker as it could only get better from that moment on.