The fire alarm began to ring loudly, resounding throughout the whole school.

"You idiot!" Aomine exclaimed at his currently sobbing blonde lover.

"But, but… I just wanted to make something for Aominecchi!" Kise knew that cooking wasn't his forte, but he wanted to at least give it a shot.

Aomine stared at the blonde before looking back at the burnt food. He took a spoon to scoop a piece, and with enough courage, ate it. It was horrible; hard to chew and swallow, but he managed to do so, and the taste… well, it tasted like burnt food would – disgusting.

Though, he somehow managed to smile and patted the blonde on the head.
"Like basketball, cooking requires practise as well, right? So, when you get really good at it, make lunches for me then."


They were getting caught up in their own world that it startled them when they heard a voice speak up from behind.

"It was a nice proposal, Aomine-kun. When is the wedding?"

They've completely forgotten that they were in the middle of class and that the alarm had already gone off. Their faces were red as they turned to face Kuroko, who in turn, stared at them with his usual deadpan expression. It was amusing on the smaller male's part to see his two friends stutter profusely to try and fail to cover up their embarrassment.

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