As promised here is the remake of Naruto: The First Vampire as promised, but first before we begin I need to go over a lot of changes done to his story.

First is has been REMADE the entire story has been remade to fit the criteria for what I want to make Naruto in this story. Second, this is not entirely connected to my recent one shot only the name Dracul Naruto and a few others. Third, I have taken a lot of elements from other games and anime ESPECIALLY Hellsing and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow to make this story more entertaining.

Finally, this will be a AU so yeah there ya go...

Now with that done I now present you with my latest work, and please enjoy my fellow bloodsuckers...


EDIT: Have gone and fixed grammar mistakes, mispelled words and rearranged a few events.

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The Nosferatu: Dracul Naruto

Prologue: The Awakening of The Lord

In the world of makai where demons reigned supreme; a world ruled by only those that hold supreme power and authority over the trillions of makai's denizens. There lived a countless variety of demons varying from race to race. Some born with barely the minimal amount of power to survive the harsh and cruel life that was of a demon while others were born with the power to reign over all those below them with an iron fist.

Makai was not like the realm of the ningen or mankind where humans were led like sheep by a government of bickering politicians without a way to even think for themselves. Makai was a world meant only for the strong it was a literal dog eat dog world, and those that couldn't survive either submit to their superiors or die like a dog, and be left to rot.

It was the way makai worked, and because of this way of life many demons have trained, and honed their skills to become the predators, and not the prey to the more vicious, and ferocious demons out there. However among these demons a select few have stood out among all others, and their presence has made ripples in the sands of time for more then countless millenia. These rare few species of demons have been ones who have earned their place as the strongest among the countless other races.

First was the Werewolf species, a beast that walked like a man, but had the insincts of a Demonic wolf. Their jaw alone could rip through the flesh, bone and marrow of anything that is unlucky enough to get trapped in their mighty jaws. Their speed, strength, reflexes were so high it was rare for anyone to even fight them on even footing especially during the full moon when their potential, and power is at their highest. It was also said this race was the result of a curse by the Goddess of the Sun Amaterasu for a past mistake of the werewolves ancestor desecrating her shrine and priestess thus enraging the Goddess and had cursed the man who then became the first Werewolf in history.

But nonetheless their power was not to be taken lightly...

Then came the second race, a species that were called the Kitsune, a race of humanoid kitsune of whom held enough powers to be called the Legendary Second among the strongest demonic race. Most people thought their powers were situated with only the elemental attribute for fire, and illusions. Yet they could not be even more farther from the truth cause a true Elder Kitsune who has awakened most of their power had the power to reshape the world. Besides their supernatural speed, reflexes, and strength that once achieving the final tail of Kitsune dwarfed the strength of a Werewolves who was influenced by the moon by a thousand times, and even then the truly most gifted of Kitsune were blessed with the enact ability to wield supernatural powers that could reshape or destroy worlds. And even be blessed by the Goddess Inari with the knowledge of a deity though some were quick to dismiss that as a myth.

Overall the Kitsune were a race one does not trifle with without fully comprehending the magnitude of what their facing. The Werewolf was the third in power to them as the Kitsune was in a whole other level compared to them.

However it was the final race that beckoned the call of complete power, and demanded absolute obedience, and authority of their kinsmen. This race was one that was older then time itself, and had existed long before history.

This race was known solely by one name, The Vampires. Demons whose powers once awakened were at the top. Their speed, strength, reflexes, instincts, and senses were so strong that none could even compare to their physical abilities. The Vampires were a race that thrived in battle, and lived off the blood of their victims, but held a sense of nobility that separated them from the other savage demons of makai. Their power alone was said to be legendary as some called them the Harbingers of Darkness even if surrounded by an entire battalion of Kitsune a true Elder Vampire could kill them all off without a scratch on their body.

They were special as well as their noble stature had made them particularly independent to other demons, but as time passed they as a whole race separated into Vampire Noble Families that soon fought over influence of land in makai, and let their power known through combat to show their superiority to a rival house.

Their power however was still a mystery even to themselves as their power did not originate from a deity who blessed them or a curse that came from a wrathful Goddess. No one truly knew what their full power was or of their origins only that their presence had been apart of makai since the First Great War in Ancient Times.

However on one night, on October 10th the world of makai shall forever be shaken by the awakening of a true living breathing nightmare.

Europe-Forgotten Castle

She didn't know long she'd been running perhaps it had been minutes or maybe even an hour? Time just seemed to fly by as she was chased by a group of assassin's sent to kill her. Long pink hair flowed through the air as a little girl no older then maybe 5 or 6 ran down the old forsaken hallways of the old castle she had stumbled into. Big round emerald eyes looked back fearfully as she sped forward desperately looking for a way to escape her pursuers.

She didn't know how she got into this situation the first thing she remembered was being with her mama and papa taking a stroll through the forests of the outskirts of a nearby city. Then they disappeared, and she soon found that she was being chased by these assassins. Not having awakened her vampire blood as of yet the young girl couldn't defend herself, and had to escape the clutches of her would be killers.

You may be wondering who this little girl was, and who she was exactly. Well her name was Akasha Bloodriver heiress to the Bloodriver Family, and next in line to inherit the blood of Lord Shinso. The fact that her parents had been publicizing her inheritance to all of makai was bound to give her many enemies. She never understood why, but her parents always seemed to not be looking at her, but through her as if looking at something in the far distance, and trying so hard to reach it. Using her by any means to publicize her families nobility, but now afterall this time they disappear on her, and she's attacked by assassins?

It didn't matter all that mattered right now was to survive...

She fled, and ran as fast as her little legs would allow her to, and soon she found a ruined castle in the middle of the forest as if it had been attacked, and eroded by weather for years. She couldn't hesitate, and ran straight inside hopefully to try, and elude her trackers.

It hadn't worked, and thus she found herself trying to escape them, and quickly coming to exhaustion, and with only adrenaline and her willpower keeping her going the little girl found the only small chance she had left to escape them. She took a quick turn and into a dark chamber.

She never saw the giant statue of a man above the chambers entrance tangled up in snakes with spikes impaling him into the wall.

Her pursuers found her trail leading into the dark chamber, and followed her scent within...

They never knew this would be their last night on the hunt for soon the predators...would become the prey...


Now when Akasha entered the chamber she was barely able to see within the pitch black darkness, but thanks to the cracks, and holes in the castle she could see the moon's brilliant radiance shining through. Because of this she was able to quickly run deeper into the chamber which seemed to be getting colder, and more dark the farther she delved inside.

However soon fear settled in and apprehension flooded her body as she ran through the last entrance way, and into a closed off chamber. Looking around frantically Akasha saw no other means to escape so when she looked back at the entrance and quickly ran and began to push the doors with all she had before they gave way and slowly closed which she prayed hopefully gave her enough time. Scanning the room again though Akasha soon learned a few thingsas her adrenaline began to ease up.

One, the chamber in fact did not look like a chamber at all, but like some sort of tomb she'd seen in the many history books she's read as a child. Statues of gargoyles, and other manner of beasts and demons decorated the outer rim of the tomb while running along the middle was a long silk crimson carpet that had seen better days. Then her eyes traveled further along the carpet, and soon her emerald eyes widened incredibly.

It was a coffin, a black metal coffin on the floor at the very other end of the room which led up to a few stairs to get to the coffin. her curiosity getting the better of her and caution being thrown out the window Akasha walked forth ignoring how the wind seemed to howl louder among the castles outer walls. Her eyes were almost transfixed upon the black coffin as she made her way towards it only to stop as she saw a small pedestal just below the coffin.

Though her understanding of makai language was superb for her age from all the teaching drilled into her by her teachers at her home. This language was far different from what she was used too, it was old that was for certain, but she was able to make out what it said. Letting her small fingers roam the metal plaque she let her scan the ancient scriptures, and soon started to speak aloud what the text detailed.

'Here lies in sleep he who came before us, the one who rose from the depths of the abyss and cloaked in the everlasting embrace of Darkness. The one who brought the night, and shrouded the realm of makai in a eternal blackness. He, who slayed Kings and Emperors, and felled Gods, and the founding father of our very race. May his name echo for eternity, and bring death, and despair to all of his enemies. Let his name be remembered as the forefather of our entire species, Sleep well my Master; Lord Dracul.'

Akasha's face scrunched up in confusion at the name, ''Lord Dracul...?'' why did that name sound so familiar to her?

Looking back up to the coffin Akasha slowly walked towards it, and let her eyes roam the top of it as her hand glided over it. Then her eyes founded a strange sigil in the middle of the coffin, and her eyes looked upon the sigil with complete and utter confusion. Her knowledge of ancient demonic sigils were at best a novice, but that sigil.

''Is that...a seal?''

As her hand inched closer to the sigil she felt her body become more nervous as her heart thumped wildly in her chest, and just as she was mere inches away from touching it.


''We've found you girl...''

Akasha's eyes widened in fright, but before she could move immense pain flashed from her shoulder causing her to look down to see a long slice going through her shoulder. Looking up Akasha saw her first attack's swunged blade only or another tocome at her, and took her arms and pinned her.

They never saw Akasha's blood splash over the coffin, and some landing directly on the demonic sigil...

''Now to do what we were hired to do nothing personal kid, but your parents really are desperate enough to even give their own flesh and blood as a gift to a higher lord to further themselves in society.'' the masked assassin said shocking the young girl on the spot who couldn't utter a single word as the mans words hit her like a freight train.

Her parents...organized this?

They wanted her to be given as a gift to another for their own personal gain?

She bowed her head as the shock was too much for her to bear, and as the assassin pulled out some rope to tie her up only they missed the sigil on the coffin start to glow a faint purple.

Then it crackled...


Hearing the sudden sound the assassin about to tie up the young vampire looked to the source only to see a sigil on the coffin crackling with black and purple lighting as it gave off a violet glow. A feeling of apprehension started to crawl up the assassin's spine which only grew to nervousness when the coffin started to let loose a menacing shroud of black fog.

''W-what is this?!'' cried another assassin as the fog started to envelop the entire chamber. Seeing the fog Akasha was shaken from her shocked state to see the fog emanating from the coffin, and her eyes widened when she saw the sigil crackling with bolts of black and purple lightning. Unlike the assassin's though Akasha felt a sense of familiarity wash over as the fog started to condense, and a dark oppressive aura flooded the chamber.

Then it happened the next sound sent a cold chill down the spines of every living being in the chamber...

The sigil burst into flames of red, purple, black and green before it disappeared, and as the silence lengthened it happened.


To the fear, and apprehension of the assassin's and fascination of Akasha they watched as the coffin's lid started to open letting waves of the black fog to flood the chamber like a tsunami. Idly Akasha soon noticed the moon's white light had turned blood red, and the sky from the holes of the castle walls was pure black.

Her eyes went back to the coffin as the lid slide over the coffin before it hit the ground with a loud thump, but then to the growing horror and fascination a hand rose to grasp the edges of the coffin. The hand was deathly pale wrinkled and boney with nails yellow as if stained in blood, but they looked rather menacing.

Then the corpse within arose, and what was revealed induced true terror into the very heart and soul of every assassin within that chamber, but strangely the 5 year old Akasha felt that overwhelming sense of familiarity strengthen along with a feeling of awe.

The body or corpse was pale as death its physique was thin without a shred of muscle revealing most of his upper body bones underneath his pasty white flesh. It was clearly a man, but the sheer appearance was absolutely horrific. For the man's hair was long and gray, his face was sunken in as his lips seemed dried up, and his gasp of breath was shallowed and dried up. Then the corpse somehow snapped its head in their direction, and his eyes were finally revealed.

A shade of scarlet so bloodthirsty, and savage taste of hunger were as clear as day, but black slits were what pinned the assassin's on the spot thus paralyzing them in complete primal fear. With his face clearly shown hos nose was sunken in as well giving him a rather abnormal appearance. Then the man spared a glance to pinked hair Akasha, and eyed her for only a moment before it looked back at the assassins.

Then its dried lips widened before the mans mouth widened incredibly to reveal a jaw of razor sharp fangs...

Then the corpse shot out before the assassin's could even move then a grunt sounded before a gurgling sound broke them of their stupor. They turned to see the corpse biting into the neck of their fellow assassin sucking his blood greedily causing the assassin body to shrivel up. Then with their fellow assassin's limp body in the monsters abnormally large fangs it turned it sights on them.

Then it pounced...

For Akasha she had never in all her short life witnessed such bloodshed, as her attackers pleas, and cries were muffled as by the sounds of flesh torn and gouging of blood, flesh, and crunching of bones. The savage scene caused her eyes to dilate, and before she knew what happened she found herself staring into the crimson eyes of the corpse.

Then her vision went dark...

Next Morning

Akasha truly had never felt so comfortable it was as if she was sleeping on a cloud, she hummed peacefully into her blanket,and sunk deeper into the soft bed below her.

Wait blanket? Bed?

Emerald eyes snapped open only to close as the young girl as the sun's rays through the red curtains caused her grunt before she threw the blanket over her head to try to block out the sun. She let out a grumble before let her eyes come back out from under the blankets, and let them adjust to the light. Slowly as her eyes adjusted Akasha surveyed her surroundings before she grasped her head as memories of the night before hit her.

Running away from the assassins, the castle the Chamber, the coffin, the news of her parents betrayal...then the corpse...

But then Akasha looked again at her surroundings where was she? This wasn't her bedroom that was for certain, but this couldn't have been the same castle she was in last night. The castle had been in complete ruins, and utterly unlivable for anyone, and yet she was inside a bedroom furnished with so many things that she had never seen before. In fact how did she even end up in bed like this? All she remembered was glowing blood red slit eyes before her vision went dark.

Slowly Akasha slid off the bed letting her feet touched the cold wood floor causing her to let out a hiss before she looked at herself to see that she was still wearing her clothing from last night, but the wound she remembered getting was completely gone as if it had never even happened. Running a hand through her long pink hair Akasha looked at the door to the room, and nervously stepped toward it.

She was curious to find out what happened, and where she was...and where the man from the coffin had went.

So opening the door Akasha was welcomed to a sight that brought her to a state of complete awe as once again she was flabbergasted by the sheer size of the castle she was in. the walls stood tall as d├ęcor of all kinds decorated the hallway she was in from metal suits of knights to paintings of great battles to strange demonic figures. As she walked along the hallway her eyes looked left to right, but she found herself being led down a certain path. Following her gut feeling she followed where it led her as she gazed upon everything she saw with fascination of any child would have.

Finally she soon found herself infront of a giant oak door, and that pull she felt was only stronger as she inched closer to the door. However she could also feel that same sense of familiarity from last night inkling its way into her once again causing her to hesitate.

Was the man from last night on the otherside of this door?

She didn't know, but she could not ignore the pull any longer, and slowly she gave a shy knock on the door.

She didn't get a response for a few seconds before a voice muffled by the door answered her.

''Come in child...''

Beckoned by some unknown force she obeyed albeit shyly opening the door Akasha saw the room to actually look like her fathers study, but much bigger in comparison. Two giant windows to her right that gifted you to the sight of the outside with long crimson drapes shadowing most of the suns light. A long red carpet rolled out from the doorway to the desk at the center of the chamber, at the far end of the chamber she saw a long bookcase filled with books that stretched to both ends of the chamber. Running along the left side of the wall she saw 5 suits of knight armor w running from the doorway to the other end of the chamber.

Overall Akasha was amazed at the sheer size of the chamber before her, but her attention was instantly on the one thing that caught her gaze when she moved her eyes to the oak wooden desk.

It was a man for sure, but he was very tall probably around 6,4. The man was dressed in clothing that looked a bit strange to her. Brown leather boots that went up to his knees with plated armor embedded into the boots. Black pants with the ends tucked inside the boots while up he wore a large red sash with a skeletons skull as a clasp. On up he wore a black long sleeved shirt which over this was a chainmail chest guard that was red as blood with golden outlinings. His shoulders had shoulderguards, and from his back it looked as if he had a long crimson cape. Lastly she saw a pair of red dual gauntlets that ended up at his wrists.

Then she looked up at the mans face, pale skin not pale as death, but a healthy shade of pale. Long golden spiky hair fell down that mans neckline in a tamed fashion covering his ears mostly. Two long bangs fell to the sides of his angular sharp face while the rest fell past his neck, the golden hair seemed as bright as the sun itself a stark contrast to his pale skin. His face also showed signs of a stubble. Then she saw his eyes...

Those eyes were unforgettable they were no longer that menacing glowing crimson from last night, but they held that same distinctive threshold of absolute power and authority. His eyes were now a shade of liquid azure as his slit irises looked deep into her emerald orbs.

There was no mistaking it this was the same man as before those eyes were the same as the ones last night, but what had caused him to change from that dried up old corpse into this man she saw now?

''Child, please have a seat we have much to discuss...'' his voice shook her from her stupor, and shyly she found a chair infront of the desk, and sat down. She saw his impassive expression, and gave a nod before he took took his seat, and for the next few seconds the man just stared at Akasha causing the young to shift nervously in her chair before he finally broke the silence.

''Your name, child?'' he asked, but the authority in his voice made her know to obey this man as his presence demanded respect from everyone not even her father or Lord Shinso gave off such a presence before.

''A-Akasha Bloodriver, sir'' she answered timidly causing the man to give another nod as drummed his fingers against his desk.

''Good, now it would seem you have suffered a betrayal child, and by you're parents no less.'' he said causing her eyes to widen at not only remembering the betrayal, but at how this man knew then she saw his eyes just staring back into hers.

''H-how did yo-''

''Eyes are like portals to ones soul young one plus the men from last night gave me very interesting information concerning you and your parents.'' he didn't tell her how, and honestly she didn't want to know how he learned it from the men he had literally eaten alive. But now Akasha found herself stuck in a predicament her parents betrayed her, and she really didn't want to go back only to have her life threatened.

''But the most interesting thing is your blood, child...'' he said causing the young girl to look up at him with surprise evident in her jade orbs.

''M-my blood?'' she received a nod from the nameless man who intertwined his fingers together, and stared directly at her.

''That is correct your blood is very special not because of this Lord Shinso, but because of something else that I theorize is because time has long since forgotten of the bloodline. So I'll tell you now it is because of your blood that I am awake again, and for that you have my thanks.'' he aid giving her a nod causing to blush shyly as she looked down.

Then his others words caused confusion to swell up in her head, his words sounded so vague as if something very important was forgotten. Seeing her confusion the man spoke once more.

''Let me first introduce myself, my name is Dracul Naruto, and this 'blood of Shinso' does not originate from him, but from me. I won't go into detail, but I will say this young one. You have my blood running through your veins, and because of your situation I've decided on something unless you of course agree to it.'' he said as he stared at the young pink haired vampire with an impassive expression.

For Akasha this sudden bout of information was too much for one to bare because in this time and age Lord Shinso was said to be the strongest vampire to ever live, and to receive his blood was a blessing among vampires. But right now she just heard that she was in the presence of the true bearer of that bloodline which was running through her veins, it was a lot to take in. Though in all honesty she didn't know this man at all besides his name, but she felt more at peace with him now then had ever been with anyone else before.

''W-whats the question?'' she asked causing the man to look at her before closing his eyes.

''You have my blood running through you're veins, and it has been a very long time since I've been asleep. I will not allow one who holds the strongest amount of my blood without proper control, and training to wander this world. In addition seeing as your parents have betrayed you I offer you this...''

Opening his eyes he let his eyes bleed red causing Akasha to stiffen.

''I will bring you under my wing, and train you to utilize that power, but to do so I will have to release you of the impurities of your parents along with any other impurities in your blood, and turn you into a full blooded Dracul. I will train you, and in return you will live under this roof, and serve me in my name. You will forever be bound to me for eternity, and no manner of sorcery in makai or heaven can break this bond. What is your answer, child?'' he asked the young girl who took his question before looking down in thought.

For the young vampiress she didn't know what to say to be offered this would be a dream come true for her. Her parents had never truly treated her like a daughter, but as a trophy and never truly trained her physically, but mentally prep her for a life as mistress to some noble later on. True she didn't know this man, but already just by having this small conversation, and the time she had now made her feel more safe and secure then she ever has.

But to turn away her life as a Bloodriver had she had any good or fond memories with a life as the heir? Now that she thought about the young girl couldn't remember a day in her life that she was able to act for herself as she was told what to do, but never given the choice for herself to make.

Now however Akasha had that freedom and independence to do what she could with her life...

And right now her instincts were telling her agree, to trust this man, and she had to agree...

Besides...maybe she would learn more about him later on with her time under his wing?

Bowing her head Akasha gave a big smile, ''I accept M-my Lord...'' she said causing Naruto to nod before he stood up from his chair.

''Then stand Akasha Bloodriver, and prepare yourself...'' he said causing her to nod. Standing up she watched as he kneeled down infront of her.

''Come, and embrace your new life Akasha, my student...'' he said, and without a ounce of hesitation Akasha walked toward, and let herself be embraced then she felt immense pain erupt from her neck. Unable to scream she held on tightly as her master drained away the impurities of her old parents, and just as he injected his own blood into her veins the pain became excruciating that mind shut down and her vision went black.

Naruto felt the young as the ritual neared its end go unconscious in his arms which was no surprise as this was extremely painful, but he was surprised with the young girl as this ritual would have killed any other Vampire of older age, but she held on neared its end at that. To even survive this, and from his very own fangs told him that this girl truly was something else. A small smile tugged at his lips as he picked up his new protege the young girl truly had a strong will to live.

As he looked down at the sleepy pink head he felt his blood coursing through her veins unlocking her vampiric side, and already he saw the changes coming in. However he let his eyes glance toward the outside as his mind went to something else.

Knowing the girl needed her sleep he raised his free handed and snapped his fingers.

The door to his study opened to reveal a man dressed in formal butler attire with deathly pale skin sharp blue eyes that showed complete, and total loyalty to him. Wavy blonde hair fell past his neckline to his midback with streaks of red, but his stature showed professionalism to his master. With one arm at his waist the man took a small bow.

''You need me, my lord?'' the man spoke whilst Naruto nodded to the man before casting his gaze down to his sleeping protege.

''Yes Frankenstein, take young Akasha back to her chambers she needs her rest after surviving the ritual her body, and mental state is extremely taxed.'' he said causing the man called Frankenstein to raise both eyebrows in surprise before he cast his gaze to the sleeping pinkette with a look of astonishment.

''Ah I see the young princess agreed then? I shall take her to bed then, my lord.'' he said causing Naruto to nod before he handed the sleeping girl to the other blond. Then as Frankenstein left to the door Naruto turned his gaze out to the window as his mind wandered off the events that led up to now.

His awakening had been for the lack of the better word suprising as he had thought he would never wake up again, but now after so long so very long he'd finally been awaken. The seal that kept him in stasis had been destroyed by the blood of his own descendant. He looked down at his hands as he remembered the last night. He devoured Akasha's assassin's, and let their memories absorb into his mind. What they saw and experienced went through his brain for just a second, but it was enough for Naruto realize that it hadn't been a century or two since he went to sleep.

It had been more then a millenia...

His era was gone that much was for certain, but makai was still the same the rule of power was still kept in balance. However the memories of his latest victims caused him to scowl ever so slightly at the ways of how vampires of this day and age had become. Broken into separate houses, and feuding over the simplest of things. Over who had more influence of their land, and who had more power to rule them all.

Even a Council had been formed of Elder vampires...

The thought caused Naruto's face to form into a small snarl revealing his fangs this was not by any means the race he had brought into existence. The race he brought into the world was honorbound, and protected their own. He raised them, trained them, and fought with them during the War in Ancient Times, but now seeing his sons and daughters blood dwindle down, and their descendants acting like bickering little children caused him to feel a sense of anger.

But the only salvation he found in all this was the one held the strongest amount of his blood; Akasha the young child had been a surprise. When he first awoke he'd been in a state of primal hunger as he hadn't eaten in centuries, but when he smelt the blood in Akasha he had stopped himself. Her blood...his blood in her was strong, but not nearly a strong as it was in his children in the days of old.

He couldn't kill her last night, but now after thinking about it as he sorted through the assassin's memories he came to realize that the young girl was literally the last living descendant who carried the strongest amount of his blood. He wasn't about to leave her out in the world at the hands of these wretches that called themselves Vampires.

As for this Lord Shinso he would find him, and pending on the meeting he would either enslave the Vampire or kill him outright for using the blood he held as a means to gain fame.

'However I shouldn't act rashly about has been over a millenia since my time, and no doubt records of my day have been lost to the ages. The Ancient Times are nothing more then a myth to the modern day demon. So in all things I am a no name figure in makai...' here he rubbed his chin in thought.

In his time he held prestige, and power over trillions of vampires, and commanded an army that could equal the armies of heaven itself. He was the single most influential being in makai, but now his time was over, and no one in this era knew anything about him, and while that had caused him to be a little irritated it also represented him with an idea.

He had a clean one knew him, and he could feel his powers returning albeit slower then he would like. He could start over, and rebuild what he once had, and this time he would not allow it to fall to the hands of his most hated enemies.

His eyes glowed a sinister crimson as his memories came rushing back before his sealing how all his most enemies banded together to take him out. Their battle had been waged for a total of 5 days with no victor until they used a forbidden spell that canceled his power temporarily to seal him away.

He cast his gaze at his desk where he picked up a parchment of the same sigil that had been on his coffin before it burned away from the contact of Akasha's blood. His eyes roamed the seal for a few seconds as he looked upon each name o the outer rim of the sigil.

'You thought you bested me you fools, but now that I'm back you will regret the day you crossed me...' shaking his thoughts away he put the parchment down before he walked towards the window casting his gaze out to see the realm of mankind at its finest. The blue sky, the open ocean, the forests, and mountains. The city in the far distance made Naruto realize that mankind had also evolved since his time.

Just a little as they were still in his eyes parasites that deserved nothing more then death...

Nonetheless he let his thoughts wander back to his castle when he had finished eating he had looked upon his castle now in ruins, and had used what power that had returned to reform the castle back to the way it was in his time. No doubt with it being restored humans would see it due to the medieval sight it promoted, but thanks to a simple illusion he was able to steer away the annoying curious mortals from his castle. He'd rather not have their filth near his home. Then came finding his most trusted slave a man called Frankenstein. The fellow blond had been with him for the longest amount of time, and Naruto had personally trained him to master his unique powers. The man was loyal to him, and him only, and proven his loyalty countless times, and lived only to serve him till his death. He went down into the underground dungeons of his castle, and awoke his servant from his comatose state.

After which Naruto spent most of his time throughout the night sorting through his memories, and the memories of the assassins as he left the information digest, but he'd also spent a good amount of time gazing down at the sleeping Akasha before coming to the decision he had made a few minutes ago. The girl's potential was being wasted, and he was not about to let her not fully realize her great potential as his descendant. He would not let her become like these filth that called themselves Vampires.

It was just not gonna happen...

Though Naruto was sure of one thing he would be getting visitors some time soon if his awakening was anything to go by then truly the most powerful of the demons of this era would be flocking to his location some time soon. Among them no doubt Naruto would meet the former parents of Akasha which he knew the meeting wouldn't be good for them, and pending on how it goes if they even survive.

Perhaps this Lord Shinso would make an appearance?

All in time he wagered...

''Well might as well start Akasha's training when she wakes up...'' he uttered before he felt Frankenstein's presence behind his studies doors, and spoke.

''Come in...''

Frankenstein came in closing the door behind him, and waled to his master and stopped at his side turning his gaze as well to the windows he spoke to his lord.

''The Princess is in bed my lord, and already showing signs of surviving the turning.'' he said before he heard his Lord sigh before he felt his masters gaze upon him.

''Why do you insist on calling my protege Princess, Frankenstein?'' he questioned causing an amused smirk to form on the mans lips.

''She has your blood running thick in her veins, and for all intents and purposes she is not only your student, but now your daughter in blood my lord. So the way I see it calling her princess seems fitting, but I will stop if you so wish master.'' he said

He received only silence as his answer, and thus he stood at his master's side awaiting for his next order. He knew that the era they awakened into was much different then the one they lived in, but now he just knew that master was going to bring about a chance.

A change he would gladly help spread, and usher in the influence of his almighty Lord, and show the realm of makai, and mankind who it is that they should fear.

For the Nosferatu has returned, and he was gonna shake the three realms with his return.


Short I know, but this is a remake, and just the prologue for what is to come now you guys see the vast difference from this and the original story.

Now then if you guys don't know who this Frakenstein is I suggest you look him up in the manga called Noblesse pretty good manga if I do say so myself.

Also concerning the demonic seal placed upon Naruto's coffin, there is a link on my profile showing a description of it and there's another link to Naruto's clothing only with the black sleeved shirt underneath instead of his bare chest.

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