After the adviser left, they stayed in the living room. Still in shock over what had transpired that evening.

Cristina sat on a couch and stared at her hands, lying in her lap. Owen had kissed her hands that morning. Then her hands had been buried in his hair, while his mouth created magic between her legs. Then she'd used those hands to save a life and then ...

And then Owen had stared at her, shock and pain shadowing his eyes, after she dealt him another blow in a battle that had already crippled him and brought him to his knees.

"It will be okay." Meredith touched Cristina's shoulder.

Fury lashed through Cristina's veins. She sat up straight and faced the room. Her voice was steely. "I got a divorce because of the lawsuit."

Derek looked away while Meredith's eyes widened. Callie and Arizona watched her, sympathetically.

Cristina pointed at Callie and Arizona. "You're going home together." She turned to Derek and Meredith. "This is your home. And me ..." She jabbed her chest. "I'm going to Alex's house. Do not tell me that it will be 'okay'."

"We'll explain everything." Callie quickly crossed the room and sat down beside Cristina. "We'll tell Owen that you didn't want to keep this from him."

Arizona stood up. "We'll tell him that you did it to save the hospital."

"We'll tell him that we did it to save his job," Derek added. "We didn't tell him to protect him."

"He loves you, he'll understand," Callie added. "We had to keep it a secret to keep him out of jail."

Meredith placed a hand on Cristina's arm. "I'll tell him that it hurt you, to hurt him."

Cristina looked at her friend. Meredith spoke firmly. "We'll support you in any way we can."

"Both of you." Derek looked chagrined at the damage that had been wreaked as a result of the lawsuit.

"I've lost ... we've all lost so much." Cristina's eyes filled with tears. "Why do I have to lose Owen too?"

Callie wrapped her arms around Cristina, and Meredith joined in the hug. They spoke words of reassurance, as she leaned against them for support.

"He loves you," Callie whispered. "Hold onto that."

Owen's face was before her again. Smiling, as they rolled around in her bed. She closed her eyes and remembered the love that they'd shared that morning, and hoped it would be enough. So that one day, she'd finally go home to Owen again.