Don't Judge

Dean Winchester. The guy who drives that obnoxious old car, blasts classic rock and parks in the same lot as Castiel at the university. To be more specific, he parks next to Castiel nearly every day. There is a large shade tree in the back of parking lot 17 and it covers four spots of which the old black dinosaur Winchester drives and Castiel's silver Honda Fit take two up. Cas wouldn't mind parking next to Dean every morning if the guy wasn't so frustrating; music booms through the lot, the upperclassman often has a new guy in the car with him dropping him off after a night together, and then there's those looks of superiority accompanied with a sneer of a smile the guy shoots Cas as they head into campus to their first class, together.

Physics 305, nine in the morning Monday, Wednesday and Friday, a small class, and Cas has it with the one and only Dean Winchester. They don't follow each other to class from the parking lot, most days Dean walks in five minutes after Cas and he sits kitty-corner across the room from Castiel who sits in the back. To make matters worse, Dean is great at physics. The guy is the top of the class, he hardly needs to pay attention and always aces the tests. Castiel hates him for this, but what really nails him is the fact that on top of everything, Dean Winchester is a hunk. Standing at what must be at least six feet, Dean is tall, tan, and built. He plays soccer with friends on the football field on weekends-sometimes shirtless-allowing the sun to tint his skin just right. He is outgoing and funny, his white smile is horribly contagious, eyes are an unreal green and freckles are speckled across his nose and cheeks. Overall the green-eyed god is distracting and Castiel hates him for it when he finds himself smiling along.