Cas ends up staying all Saturday and Sunday, he wears Dean's clothes around the apartment he gets to be very familiar with, he sits while Dean paints him and curses when he 'can't get that fucking blue' of Cas' eyes right. They get to know one another as they sit on the couch in the mornings watching crappy soap operas with the volumes turned down low. Dean digs to make Cas open up about his family, explaining about the relationship of their messed up lives, and he listens when Cas rambles on about his knowledge of Greek gods and ancient architecture styles. Unlike other artists, Dean lets Cas look through his work; the countless sketchbooks and the stacks of canvases leaned up against the wall. Although the topic is rough, when Cas comes upon the picture he'd seen Dean drawing he first time he found him in the art studio, Cas asks about his family. Dean tells him about his younger brother, Sam, his father John and mother Mary, they were all close and when Mary died the three grew even closer depending on each other and they were always there for one another.

Cas' pride glows when Dean is impressed with his cooking, Cas is impressed when Dean softly strums his guitar and sings in a low voice however he doesn't get far into the song before Cas tackles him and kisses the words from his lips.

On Sunday evening Dean walks Cas down to his lonely car and kisses him passionately. Cas has his arms draped low around Dean's waist, "I'll see you tomorrow."

Dean smirks, "You sure will." Cas scoffs and opens the driver side door, "Hey," Dean stands in the opening as Cas sits down, "bring some extra clothes with you tomorrow, yeah?"

The warmth in Cas' chest feels so good and he simply smiles up at Dean. "I will."

The smile on Dean's face doesn't leave when he shuts the door and gives Cas a wave before he drives off.

Things with Dean go good, hell they go great. Cas spends practically all his free time with Dean and in his home, around school people know they are an item, and Cas couldn't be happier.

The last four weeks of the spring semester fly by and Dean asks Cas to move in with him. Cas agrees, obviously, and the apartment filled with everything Dean becomes his home too.