"Hey Rukia, why am I being dragged to soul society AGAIN?" whined Ichigo. He had just recently finished his battle with Ginjo and all he wanted was a rest.
"I don't really know. You have to talk to Captain Yamamoto for something important but all the other captains are doing something else and the only Shinigami left is you."
Ichigo recalled how he had gotten his powers back and fought Ginjo as a shinigami. He was strong alright. As Rukia opened the Senkai gate, two hell butterflies appeared and flew nearby. As they walked through the gate, they didn't realise that a mysterious black portal was forming and was dragging Rukia and Ichigo towards it. They didn't know what was going on as they struggled against an invisible force.
"What the…hell…" Ichigo managed to cough out as he stabbed he's zanpakuto onto the ground and held on tight. The force kept pulling and when Ichigo saw Rukia being sucked in, he tried to grab her with one hand and loosened his grip on his blade.
"Damn! Zangetsu!" Ichigo desperately lunged at his blade and grabbed it before they world turned black.

[Ichigo's POV (point of view)]

My eyes slowly fluttered open and I saw what seemed to be a lot of trees. Sitting up, I realised we were in a forest. This is weird, soul society has a forest? And if they did, how did I end up here? Realising I was alone, I yelled,
"RUKIA!" my voice echoed through the lonely atmosphere when someone behind me whispered idiot loudly and slammed me to the ground. I looked up and I saw people jumping through the trees heading towards us. We crawled to the nearest tree and stared at them. They were definitely not shinigami and they can't be souls. Can they? I asked Rukia and her reply was,
"Soul Society isn't only connected to the world where you live. I think this might be another dimension that Soul Society is connected to. You may ask people in Rukongai where they lived in life and they may reply Sunagakure or other places you won't know." I was really bummed by the fact that I was sent to another world. What if I never go back to my own home? I didn't even notice the people flying through the trees before they came down and told us to reveal ourselves. I peeked a bit past the tree and saw a blond boy in orange, a pink haired girl (weird right?), black haired boy, and a grey haired man with a mask covering his mouth, and a weird headband covering his eye. When I looked closer, I saw that they all wore headbands, and they all had a symbol that looked like a leaf from where I was hiding.
"I know you're there. Come out!" The grey haired guy threw a mini black knife right next to me. I jumped up surprised and Rukia just exposed herself. I wanted to ask her what was she doing but I realised that she probably knew that we couldn't escape, so I just stood up.
"Hello. We are shinigami from Soul Society, and we ended here by mistake. I request that you do not attack, and allow us to leave." Rukia said, but I didn't notice that until I was halfway through my charge at them and I swung my huge black blade at the blond boy. With extreme reflexes, he took out a black knife and blocked my attack. I studied that weapon. Isn't that a kunai, like what those ninja's in movies use?
"Shinigami my ass! Naruto! With a black kimono and all, they are probably spy from the enemy! Do not kill them! Just capture them for Intel!" The grey haired guy instructed to the blond boy.
"Understood, Kakashi-sensei!" blond boy replied, "C'mon Sakura!"
So 'Naruto' and 'Sakura' lunged and me, and I jumped back.
"Hell yeah!" Sakura punched the ground and the Earth cracked. What the hell? Cherry-blossom my ass! Rukia and I jumped back again, when I noticed 'Kakashi' was gone. Having a dreadful feeling in my gut, I jumped up just in time for Kakashi jumping up from the ground where I stood a nanosecond ago.
"Wait! I don't want to fight!" When Naruto said 'Shadowclone Jutsu!' and made multiple copies of him, I just used my Getsuga Tenshou as immediate reaction. When it destroyed all the clones at once and left a massive crater on the ground, Kakashi yelled some orders to his ground about how I was too dangerous and needed to be killed.
"WAIT! I DON'T KNOW WHY I AM HERE BUT I DIDN'T COME HERE TO FIGHT YOU! I DON'T THINK I EVEN BELONG IN THIS WORLD!" I yelled but I didn't make a difference. Kakashi jumped, and with a cry
"RAIKIRI!" he plunged a lightning infused hand into Rukia's stomach. Rukia's body glowed for and second, and lay down on the ground in a pool of blood. Darkness filled my brain. I couldn't think.
"RUKIA! Ban…KAI!" I swung Tensa Zangetsu at the smoke at shot at Naruto.

[Naruto's POV]

I heard the 'Rukia' yell 'ICHIGO NO!' and when I looked up I saw 'Ichigo' with a more small and thinner blade, and I quickly went into Sage Model by releasing a shadowclone in Sage Mode and I quickly ducked as Ichigo flew at the speed of light and swung his blade at me. I saw Sakura collapse onto the ground a second later with a cut across her chest. I turned around in time to see Ichigo knock out Kakashi and Sai too. All I felt was nothing. MY mind was just blank. I used my nine tails chakra mode and got ready to game on. I flew at Ichigo at the speed of my father's teleportation Jutsu, and he flew away at about the same speed. For about 20 seconds we flew around fighting, until Rukia finally stopped struggling and Ichigo gave out a yell and turned into a monster with glowing red eyes and rows of teeth. He was muscular with long orange hair flowing down his back. His skin colour was white, and he had a 2 sharp horns and a long tail.
"ARHHHGHHGHHGHHG!" Ichigo gave out a yell that didn't resemble one of a human, but a monster. He shot a big black beam at me and I barely managed to block it with my chakra hands. Then during my struggle with the black beam, I noticed him charging a big red ball of pure destruction through his horns. I thought this was it. I'll never become Hokage. Bye everyone. I'm sorry I couldn't save you… Sasuke!


Rukia and Ichigo were rescued by Rangiku, and the healed Rukia's wounds. When she awoke, Yamamoto explained that they took Ichigo back to his house and everything was okay now.

Hope you enjoyed this. My very first Fanfiction, but i had to rewrite this chapter because it was crap. For all those who thought my old chapter was bad, please read this and tell me if this is better. If you guys think this is boring, it's because this is just the prologue. The real story doesn't start until next chapter :)