It was you all along


Arnold --huh? Who's there?


Arnold --Who are you!?

Cecile comes out from the blinding light.

Arnold--Cecile!? Is that you?

Cecile--Come find me Arnold....

Hey Arnold, Hey Arnold, Hey Arnold!

Arnold turned off his alarm clock, got dressed and walked down stairs.

Grandpa--Have any unusual dream, short man?

Arnold --Nah....

~ Arnold~ I couldn't tell him I dreamed about the girl I met two weeks ago. Oh that wonderful girl.....

Grandma--Hi ya!!!

Grandpa --Ah, pookey! you got pancake syrup all over the place!

Arnold--I got to go. I'm late for school.

Arnold walked out into the cold air to meet Gerald.

Gerald--Hey, man! What's up?

Arnold --Ah, nothing. I just had that dream again.


Arnold--yeah, I cant get her out of my mind. What's wrong with me?

Gerald--Are you eating your grandmas cooking before you go to bed?

Arnold--Gerald, get real. This is SERIOUS!

Helga--Out of my way, Football head!!

Arnold falls down on the cement.

Gerald--I know who it CANT be!

They enter PS 118


Gerald--Helga G. Pataki!!

It's lunch hour, and Arnold sits down with Stinky, Gerald, Sid, and Harold.

Arnold--Hey Gerald.

Gerald--Any luck?

Stinky--What are you lookin' for, Arnold?

Arnold--I'm looking for Cecile.

Sid--That French girl?

Gerald (sarcastically)--No, another Cecile.

Everyone stares at Gerald and Arnold blankly.

Helga--Well! Well! Well! If it isn't the Geek Patrol!

Arnold--Oh, hi Helga.

Helga--Ha, yeah right! What are you dweebs talking about?!

Sid--We were just talking about Cecile, hehe....


~ Arnold~ Helga seemed to be a little surprised.

Arnold--Sid, that wasn't meant for you to talk about. Now Helga will tell everyone and they'll all know!

Helga--Know what Arnold?


Helga--Hey, if you're looking for this Cecile girl, I know where to look!

Arnold--Really?! Will you help?



Helga--Oh! Alright! Just don't think were friends or anything because I'm helping you look for your little girlfriend!

~Helga~ How ironic!

Arnold--Thank you, Helga! Thank you! You'll not regret this!!!

Stay tuned for part 2!