The Moment

Summary: The moment Darth Vader decided to kill the Emperor for his son saved the future of the New Jedi Order and restored the Republic. What if Vader didn't step forward? The Rebellion failed. Obi-Wan gave Luke the chance to make it all right. The moment when Anakin acted without thinking caused the downfall of the Jedi Order and the Republic. What if he got the time to talk it over with someone?

Injured and heartbroken, Luke crawled through the debris with one arm, the other was held close to his chest. He coughed as heavy smoke filled his lungs and watered his eyes. He couldn't see anything through the black smoke of the fire around him. Screams. So many screams. He placed his prosthetic hand down on the scorched ground of the burning planet of Endor and pushed forward. His leg was twisted, but he couldn't see how bad it was. He couldn't stand on it. That much he knew. He hacked out another horrible cough. His throat felt so sore from the cough. He couldn't see straight, everything was spinning, making him dizzy. His arm hurt. He couldn't tell if it was broken or just bruised. There was a sharp ache in his stomach that pulsed painfully every time he moved.

Tired and worn, he decided he couldn't move any further. There was a big metal piece of the broken and burning ship in front of him and he was much too exhausted to find a way around it. His arm bent almost unwillingly, making him crash to the ground. He groaned as his breath was knocked out of him. He managed to push himself to his back. He stared at the black smoke covering the sky of Endor. He struggled to understand what he did wrong. How did everything turned from bad to worst in the matter of seconds?

He remembered facing the Emperor, trying his best to remain a Jedi like Ben and Yoda had taught him. The Emperor was electrocuting him with lightening coming out of his hands. He remembered the pain, his own screams, pleading to his father for help, the tall intimidating figure of his father just standing there, watching. Luke had felt such heartache when his father dared not help him. He had felt his father's indecision turn into resignation. He had felt something snap inside him at that moment, hopelessness, the realization his father truly was gone from him. With that realization, he knew he had to escape with no one's help but his own. He pulled the same stunt he used in Bespin. He had managed to crawl backwards to some shaft, he was not sure what it was, but it was deep. He knew that because he tried to kill himself from going over the edge. He didn't want the Emperor to have the pleasure of killing him. But he didn't die. There was some sort of pipe he had grabbed a hold on before he reached the bottom. Weak, he somehow managed to find the hanger and, after stealing a blaster and fighting some stormtroopers, he stole a ship. Of course, that was a lot harder then it sounded and, luckily, he had the Force to guide him.

He coughed and his eyes continued to burn from the smoke in the air. Screams from his dying and entrapped comrades was what was left of the Rebellion. After escaping the Emperor and his fath… Vader, he had tried to make it to the ongoing battle. He was almost there when he saw more of the Emperor's fighters flying in. There were so many. The Rebellion was vastly outnumbered and they were losing ships quickly. The battle had moved closer to the planet, flying just within its atmosphere. Many ships crashed onto the planet during the assault. It wasn't long before Luke had joined those crashed vessels. A few TIE fighters had snuck up behind him and he couldn't shake them. He crashed onto the planet. He was lucky to be alive, if that was what he wanted to call it. He most likely was going to die soon anyway. The Rebellion had failed. He had failed.

"B…" He coughed as he tried to call out for reassurance. He didn't want to die alone. "Be…Ben!" He called out hoarsely. He coughed again, his body shaking from the force of it. He stared up without seeing and his body drained. "Ben…" He kept calling out, coughing was becoming a constant. Every time he tried to speak, he gave out those loud, husky cough. Smoke kept getting into his mouth. "B…Ben…"

"I'm here, Luke," came the familiar and comforting sound of his old mentor from somewhere next to him. Ben Kenobi sounded poignant when he spoke. "I am sorry, Luke. I seemed to have failed you. It was not supposed to be this way."

Luke turned his head towards the direction he heard Ben's voice, but couldn't see anything definite over his watery eyes and heavy smoke. He thought he saw a hazy blue, but was not sure if it was the Force ghost of Ben or something else. He kept his eye on it all the same. Just imagining it was Ben comforted him. "Tired." He muttered to his mentor. "Dy…ing."

He thought he felt something buzzing over his forehead. It was comforting and he closed his eyes. "I know, Luke, but I'm afraid you can't join me and Yoda in the Force just yet."

Luke groaned with displeasure. That was all he felt like doing right then. He was tired, in pain, his heart was broken.

"This was not supposed to happen, Luke. If your father had stepped forward to help you, as you had hope, things would have been corrected. You would have been able to restart the Jedi Order and the Republic would have been restored as well. This would not have been necessary."

"W…what…n…nec…necessary?" Luke tried to ask with his eyes still closed. He no longer had the strength to keep them opened.

"You can still save your father."

It sounded ridiculous to him. Before it was Ben saying his father couldn't be saved and he believed otherwise and now… "Can't be saved." He breathed out before going into a coughing fit.

"He can be, Luke. You mustn't lose hope. There is a way to fix all of this. The years of darkness under the rule of the Emperor, all the deaths, the fall of the Republic and the Jedi. You could make sure those never happened. All you have to do is stop your father from making a horrible decision. It's up to you."

Luke felt his attention wonder off. He could barely understand what Ben was talking about. Who from making what? What about the Emperor? Did he say something about a bad decision? He was so tired. He no longer cared what Ben was talking about. He just wanted to join him. Mother. Would he finally meet his mother? Beautiful and kind, but sad. Leia had said. Would she be happy to see him?

What happened to Leia? Was his sister safe? Leia…

He heard something distant. It was getting louder and more insistent. "Luke! Luke! Pay atten…..little long…Luke…you have…stop…Anak…killing…Windu…are you listen…Luke…sto…" Everything went dark.

My first non-center Obi-Wan Star Wars FanFic.

Not sure if I want to do another after this...Please tell me how I did!