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As soon as she entered the bar, Addison and Mark flanking either side of her in one of their unimportant snipping matches, her eyes searched the perimeter. She couldn't control the disappointment that seemed to well up inside her when she didn't spot who she was looking for. Not that she should have expected her to be here tonight, anyway. Because she didn't, not really. Except, she had expected it. Okay, not expected. Hoped was more like it. Accepting her defeat, she led her friends toward a table, grateful that it seemed to be a low traffic night tonight.

Mark's voice cut into her thoughts as they sat down, "I don't see her."

"You don't even know what she looks like," Callie rolled her eyes at him in exasperation. "And besides, I'm not looking for her. Or anyone. I'm not looking for anyone."

Addison snorted, "Yeah, right. As soon as we hung out today, you couldn't wait to tell us all about your night," she finished her sentence with a wink.

Mark joined in with a laugh, "If I had to title the last twenty-four hours, it would be called, How Callie Got Her Groove Back."

Even though she had a small smile creeping up on her own face, "You two are assholes."

"I'm going to get some drinks," he responded, "What an asshole I am, buying you the first round. I'm offended!"

Addison went with him up to the bar, and she shook her head at herself. Maybe last night really had been one of those one-night things, destined to not go any farther. She just felt… it was hard to describe. She felt on track again, like maybe life was starting to be normal. Then again, maybe that was the point of last night – to kick start her life, and it wasn't meant to be anything more than the one night.

Making eye contact with the her redheaded friend, she gestured toward the bathroom. Shake it off, Torres.

Blue eyes watched the Latina go into the restroom from her perch at the corner of the bar, a smirk seeping up onto her face. She told herself not to come back tonight, but she couldn't help it. Much like she couldn't help herself from sliding off the stool she'd been sitting on for a few hours and following the dark haired beauty into the bathroom.

Last night

With a heavy sigh, Callie looked around; she was surrounded by the faces of people she'd seen around campus, with music pounding in the background. This wasn't a typical night at Joe's. A typical night was a cozy amount of people – not too little that it made you feel like you were drinking alone in the middle of the day, but not too many that you could hardly hear yourself think. It wasn't the most popular bar within walking distance of campus, but it was, in her opinion, the best.

That is, when sweaty classmates weren't trying to create a dance floor with the limited space, grinding up on her when she didn't want to be grinded on. She signaled for another shot of tequila from Joe, who had to shout over the bar at her to overrule the sound, "You look like you're having a rough night."

"Yeah, I didn't expect it to be so packed in here. Especially because classes don't even start for a few more days; I thought people would still be home," she shouted in response, throwing back her third shot of the night, barely grimacing at the burn in the back of her throat.

He chuckled, "Well, apparently everyone wanted to celebrate the first unofficial Thirsty Thursday."

She rolled her eyes, but nodded in agreement, "I guess," she murmured, even though she knew Joe couldn't hear it.

As Joe left to serve people farther down the bar, she turned to look at the swarm of people. Classes would begin for the semester on Monday, the start of her third year of medical school at Harvard University. And she was equal parts thrilled with that aspect of her life and straight up miserable about others.

Before she could gesture for another drink, she felt someone press against her back. If this was another idiot – her thoughts cut off when she realized it was Mark's voice in her ear, "Torres, cheer up! It's the first Thursday of the year. The first year where we're going to start doing real clinical rotations! Stop sulking and drink up."

She spun around and managed to glare up at him despite their close proximity, "I can't "cheer up;" there are hundreds of people –"

"Please, seventy-five, tops," he interrupted with a smirk.

She rolled her eyes, "– too many people in here, being loud and obnoxious and rubbing themselves all over each other. And I'm celibate. I don't want to see everyone coupling up in front of me, while I am celibate. Because it sucks."

He huffed and gestured for a round of drinks, "The answer is simple then: don't be celibate! Come on, Cal, you're hot. You can have your choice of anyone in this room. It's been over a month since –"

This time, she cuts him off with a threatening finger pointing into his chest, "Don't even say her name. I don't want to hear it." And for all Mark didn't realize, this wasn't really about she-who-would-not-be-named. Callie's weird funk was more about herself.

"Fine," he picks up the two freshly poured shots and holds one up to her mouth while the other is against his own, and they down them at the same time. Slamming them back down, he shakes his head, "But my point is the same. You've been miserable for too long. You weren't even going to come out tonight if Addison and I didn't force you. Just try to lighten up and be your old self one time before we get a shit ton of work to load us down. Remember that thing called fun? Try to have some!" He managed to shout at the end as a woman, one who she didn't know and one who he undoubtedly had no idea who she was, grabbed his hand and started leading him away. Right before he was back into the crowd, she felt his hand slap her ass, "Fun," he reminded her.

She rolled her eyes, because this was definitely her idea of fun. But as much as she hated to say it, Mark was right. She'd been flailing for the last month and a half, trying to find her way back to herself, back to the woman who felt confident and sexy. The woman who did have fun out with her friends, drinking tequila because it was the last Thursday night before classes started. She wanted to find that person again, to be that person again. Taking a deep breath, she told herself that this was it, her chance to make that last ditch effort before the old her faded too far away to get back.

She felt someone else press against her. Someone who definitely was not Mark. A new voice was in her ear, "Your friend is right you know."

She couldn't control the shivers that popped up on her skin. Maybe this was her chance, her opportunity, for fun. Despite feeling out of practice – she hadn't really had to try to pick up anyone in almost two years – she turned to look at the face of the person who owned that voice, wracking her brain for something receptive to say in response, but as soon as she looked into ocean blue eyes staring back at her, any words she might have said died on her tongue. "What?"

Arizona grinned, her eyes raking very obviously down the tall body standing oh-so-close in front of her. "You're too hot to be celibate." The Latina looked even better so close than she did a foot away from where the blonde had accidentally eaves-dropped over their conversation.

Callie could feel an uncharacteristic blush work it's way up her cheeks. She'd been called hot, and many more considerably dirtier words, before, by several people. But the way the words rolled off this woman's tongue… the way her dimples – fucking dimples – popped… Callie had never before felt her knees weaken. But they did right at that moment. Barely managing to recover, she smiled back, "You're pretty hot yourself." The blonde was wearing a short black skirt that showed off killer toned legs that looked silky smooth, with a tight blue top that made her eyes stand out even more, like they needed the help. And Callie couldn't even get started on what it did for her breasts.

"That must be why your eyes are on my chest," Arizona responded in amusement. She really had no room for judgment; her own eyes had been fastened onto the raven-haired woman's ample chest for the better part of the last five minutes. She let out a small giggle as wide brown eyes snapped up to look into hers, and she leaned forward, standing on her tiptoes to get her mouth level with the brunette's ear, "Why don't we go somewhere a little more private and you can have a better view?"

Callie wasn't sure if her heart sped up for stopped, but it was doing something it definitely wasn't supposed to be doing, and all she could do was nod, feeling the blonde take her hand and lead her toward the exit. As soon as they were out of the crowd and onto the marginally more spacious street, she felt her back be pushed up against the brick wall with those boobs she'd just been ogling pressed into her own. A groan bubbled up in her throat as pink lips attached themselves to her own.

Arizona's core throbbed in response to the groan she felt vibrate against her lips. God, those plump lips she'd been eyeing felt even softer against her own that she's imagined. Almost out of her own control, her tongue slipped out of her own mouth, and gently swiped across the brunette's bottom lip. Immediately, that mouth opened and a tongue slid against her own, a groan coming out of her own mouth at the taste of this stranger.

Callie's hips rolled against the slim blonde's as that mouth pulled away from her own, planting wet kisses up her jaw until it reached her ear. She shuddered, feeling her lips move against her, warm breath gently panting, as she blonde asked, "Let's get out of here, for real."

"Fuck," the brunette panted, still pinned against the wall in the muggy summer heat, growing hotter and hotter the more the blonde rubbed up against her. "Your place?" she managed to get out.

Dimly, Arizona could register the sight of her small apartment. It still needed to be painted, her boxes were still packed up even after she'd been living there for three days. She barely wanted to go back to her own apartment, let alone bring someone else there. Not to mention that bringing someone back to her place would be a very bad way to break one of her important rules. She shook her head, "No, yours."

She dimly wondered if she'd cleaned up her room recently and picked up all of her dirty clothes off the floor. She thought so. But, Jesus, with those hands tracing patterns against her sides – when had they slipped under her shirt? – she doubted either of them would be caring too much about the cleanliness of her room. As a thumb grazed the side of her breast, she bit her lip, hard, feeling the light sensation all the way to her core. Placing her hands on the blonde's hips, she pushed her away only to take her hand and start to lead her across the street.

Arizona managed a breathless laugh as they entered the apartment building, "You live right here and you were going to make us wait until we made it to my apartment?" Her heart skipped a beat as the hot, hot Latina threw a look at her over her shoulder as she led them up the stairs.

As they climbed, reality started to set into Callie's mind. She was starting to lead a stranger up to her apartment. A woman who she'd made out with and was about to fuck in her bedroom, and Callie didn't even know her name. Just as they reached the top of the stairs, the woman reached her hand out and caressed her ass, and Callie decided she really didn't care all that much. With shaking hands, she unlocked the door and they stumbled inside, her immediately pulling the blonde toward her bedroom.

Arizona didn't even take in her surroundings before she kicked the door behind them closed and shoved the taller woman against it. This might have been the other woman's room, but Arizona wasn't one to give up control and she needed this. Especially after watching that amazing, round ass climb up three flights of stairs in front of her face. Her hands darted back and each got a firm grip on the butt underneath the denim jeans. This time, she was the one who groaned, her mouth moving to latch onto the skin right above the brunette's clavicle. As she suckled on that soft flesh under her lips, she managed to slip her thigh in between the Latina's, pulling her forward by the hold on her ass, and grinding her down on it.

Callie threw her head back, banging it on the door, a long, deep moan working itself out of her mouth. Her hips bucked against the strong thigh working rhythmically against her center. God, she was close. She was close, and she hadn't even been touched yet. She guessed that was what over a month of no sex would do to you. And goddamn, she wanted it. Now.

As if the blonde could read her mind, her hands slip from her ass around to unsnap her jeans, jerking down the zipper before plunging her hand into the underwear.

Arizona could feel the continuous string of moans work their way from the back of the brunette's mouth, as her fingers deftly toyed in the abundant wetness. She gasped and pulled back her head to look at the stunning Latina in front of her, "You're so wet."

She could only watch as the brunette nodded vigorously, her eyes tightly closed, mouth open. Not able to hold herself back for even enough time to get the brunette's pants down, Arizona slipped two fingers easily up into the beauty in front of her. She started a quick rhythm, managing to flick her swollen clit with every thrust despite the limited mobility, and she knew that the dark haired woman would finish quickly. She could feel her walls clenching already, and she watched, transfixed, as the tall woman bucked repeatedly into her, loud grunts coming out of her mouth. She squeezed her thighs together, making her own arousal almost unbearable while the feel, sight, sound, and smell of the woman in front of her was almost enough to send her over the edge without even being touched at all.

Callie couldn't hold on for much longer; her orgasm was coming at her with what felt like the intensity of a freight train. "Yes," the word ripped from her mouth as it started. She forced herself to open her eyes so she could see into those darkened blue ones as she – "God! Yes! Right there!" Her body shuddered and bucked against the shorter woman as she came, toes clenching, her entire body going rigid for the longest orgasm of her life, until she came down.

Shaking, she would have collapsed if not for the gorgeous blonde in front of her, pressing her tight body against Callie's, holding them both against the door. Her hand continued to rub, slowly, and aftershocks would occasionally rip through her body. When she had nothing left to give, the blonde's hand slowly pulled out, and as she stared into Callie's eyes from barely inches away, she brought her fingers to her mouth. Callie felt her mouth fall open as this woman licked her hand, closing her eyes and moaning.

The sight empowered Callie, into grabbing the blonde's hips and forcing her to walk backwards until they reached the bed. When they did, Callie wasted no time in hitching up the shorter woman's skirt and making her feel just as good.

It was hours later when Arizona's eyes opened, and she blearily looked around. This was not the room in her new apartment. Then she became aware of the soft snoring coming from her right, and the warm arm thrown around her midsection. She looked up, seeing the alarm clock on the bedside table next to her. She'd fallen asleep, which was uncharacteristic of her, because Arizona Robbins did not spend the night. Regardless of how mind-blowingly great the beautiful woman next to her was in bed.

Slowly, gently, she lifted the caramel toned arm off of her stomach and rolled out of the comfy, warm bed. As quietly as possible, she found her shirt and her skirt, pulling them on haphazardly in the dark room. She found her heels under the bed, reaching for them, then wondered where the hell her underwear was. While she was looking, she heard the brunette groan and she froze. Arizona Robbins didn't get caught sneaking out. That was just bad manners.

Fuck it. The hot Latina could keep her underwear.

Callie heard the bathroom door open, and she looked up into the mirror just as she shut off the water from the sink, her eyes widening and heart pounding, "So you are here."

Arizona couldn't control her smirk, "So, you were looking for me." But it wasn't a question.

Narrowing her eyes playfully, Callie turned around, "You snuck out on me last night."

With a shrug, she walked closer, "We fucked each other senseless without either one of us even knowing each other's name. I didn't think we had etiquette rules."

Callie gulped at the look in her eyes, "Do we get to know each other's names now?"

Arizona toyed with the idea; it wasn't against any of her rules to exchange names. In fact, she couldn't remember a time when she and one of her conquests hadn't exchanged names. Granted, sometimes she might not remember the name, but… "No," she decided, with a smirk. Why not keep it sexy anonymous?

Callie wanted to grab her by the shoulders and shake her and to grab her and pull her against her body at the same time, "Will you tell me if you go to school on campus?"

Arizona took one step closer, bringing her right in front of the brunette, "Nope." She was kind of enjoying this game.

Callie's hands reached out and linked her fingers with Arizona's, pulling her into her body, so that their breasts were just barely brushing against each other's. They both let out airy sighs, and she asked, "Do I get to know anything about you, other than the fact that you are very skilled with your fingers and tongue?"

Arizona giggled and just gave one of her biggest smiles, shaking her head. She leaned in, making like she was going in for those luscious red lips, and just when the brunette tipped her head and closed her eyes, expecting the kiss, she ducked and let her lips ghost over that long neck.

Unable to control the moan that erupted from the back of her throat, her hands reached up to claw themselves into blonde hair, as soft lips set to their glorious – fucking glorious – work on her neck. "Are – god, you're so good at that – are you going to stay the night this time?" She asked, desperately trying to sound casual, but the effort was just too much against the onslaught.

Arizona nipped roughly at the delicious skin right above the jack-hammering pulse point, her hands molding to the womanly hips pressing into her, before pulling her head back and looking into those dark eyes, "No. One more night, no strings." Her head dipped again, and she lapped at the slight red mark she had left just seconds ago, "Is that okay with you?"

Was it even possible to say no when that tongue was making her feel things she'd never felt before? "Yes," she breathed out. One night, and Arizona would be a thing of her past. The way it was, apparently, supposed to be.

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