Hanging her lab coat up in her locker, Arizona sighed unintentionally loud, slowly closing her locker, resting her forehead against it and closing her eyes.

Only to be jarred out of it a moment later, as she was hip checked – good naturedly – to the side. Stumbling, she reached out grabbing Alex's – the perpetrator's – shoulder, making him falter with her, "Hey, watch where you're going!"

Shaking off her grip, he whipped open the door to his own locker, "Watch where I'm going? I ran into you on purpose, Robbins. It was a celebration; enjoy it. Or did we both not just experience a great night in the emergency room?"

While he went about getting dressed, and conceded to his point with a tilting of her head, and a small smile. It was true. This afternoon a man had been rushed in – where they were stuck doing scut, drawing blood, per Hayden's orders – who'd been severely burned after tripping and landing directly on the lit grill in his backyard while barbecuing.

Together, they'd managed to save his life. It was something that, had Hayden been around when the man had been coding, she would have assigned one of the other interns to handle it. But because she had been off-call a few hours before that, Alex and Arizona had worked the case together, managing to impress Dr. Mason, one of the attendings, in the process.

He'd commended Arizona in particular, after she'd been able to implement a technique she'd read about for skin care burns on the fly. He had told her he thought she might be the one to watch. And it was freaking amazingly awesome, and she felt like she was on cloud nine.

Then she thought about how her shift was ending and that she and Callie weren't in the best place, and then she felt like… crap. Adjusting her tote bag on her shoulder, she turned to leave, only to have Alex stop her, "Robbins, what are you up to tonight?"

Thinking of her bed – her empty bed – and of her fridge of Chinese leftovers from the last time she was home – come to think of it, they were probably bad by now, she kept forgetting that she wasn't going to be back home the day after she got takeout – she shook her head, "I have a date with myself in an empty apartment."

He pulled on a shirt, throwing his hospital scrubs in the hamper, smirking, "You don't have a date with your imaginary woman?"

She narrowed her eyes at him, "You're hilarious, Karev. Really, get a comedy show." All he did in response was chuckle.

Karev was, as he appeared to be, abrasive, but she found that he was the only other intern she could get along with. And they kind of had to get along, because they were so often put together to work. Rachel could claim she wasn't predictable for as long as the cows came home, but whenever they weren't all working of different cases, it would be Kate and Morrow working together, then she and Karev, and Ben Spencer, well, he was their go-between guy.

Slamming his locker door shut, he shrugged, "I'm not going to believe her existence until I see her, all right? And that doesn't mean a picture on your phone," he added when she started to reach into her bag.

Huffing out a breath at him, they started out the door, "Calliope has her own life, and besides, it's not like you and I have hung out enough during our free time from the hospital for you to have met her."

"Calliope," he scoffed, "You expect me to believe you have a hot woman whose name is Calliope. You're really stretching it here, Robbins."

She reached up, punching him in the shoulder, "She is hot. Blindingly, sizzling hot. And I don't see you with a girlfriend; you have no room to talk."

He gave her a sly grin, "I don't do girlfriends; I just do women."

Making a face at him as they left through the front doors, she asked, "Okay, oh mighty women-magnet Alex, what are you doing tonight?"

Gesturing in the direction she normally took to get to the subway, he said, "Going to the bar two blocks down. Last night we had off I went there, and let me tell you, babe central. You should come."

Rolling her eyes at him, she dug around in her bag for her phone, "I don't need to find a babe."

Waving off her protest, he started leading her in the direction, "Come on, even if you aren't going to be there to pick up women, we can at least have a celebratory shot. We kicked ass tonight, so if you aren't going to celebrate with Calliope then come, celebrate with me."

Balking for a moment, she hit the top of her phone, feeling disappointed when she saw that she hadn't gotten any new texts from her girlfriend since they talked more than five hours ago. She wanted to tell Callie about the man she'd helped, but at the same time, she didn't know if Callie would want to hear about it. Though the Latina had never expressed any obvious outward annoyance at her stories from the hospital, she just felt like she shouldn't talk about her intern work that much when it was causing so much stress between them.

Without waiting for her to do or say anything, he took her by the arm, "All right, let's go. Friends don't let friends mope at home alone when they could be out drinking together."

Giving in, walking with him, she lifted an eyebrow, "Friends, huh?"

A blush creeped up his neck and he shrugged, letting her go, "Don't make a big deal out of it; don't come if you don't want to."

With one last look at her cell, still feeling that twinge of disappointment at the blank screen, she slipped it into the pocket of her denim shorts, and forced a bright smile, "Nope, you said it, can't take it back now." Taking a few steps forward, she looped her arm through his despite his tough guy resistance, and started walking.

She did deserve to celebrate tonight, and yeah, she would have preferred to do so with Callie. But, as a small nugget of guilt in her stomach reminded her, she did this to herself; she chose to switch her day off, so did she really have any place to complain? No.

As the sun overhead started to go down, Alex led her through the doorway of a fairly new bar, and since it was a Saturday night, it was pretty crowded. Not terribly, because it was still early – only seven thirty. She'd never been here, but it didn't look too bad. Similar to Joe's but not as… she couldn't put her finger on what exactly was missing, but it was just a feeling.

He pointed to two empty seats at the bar, and she led them there while he asked, "Haven't you figured out what specialty you want, yet? How could you become a surgical intern without any idea of what you want to do."

The two of them had started this talk earlier, as Alex had been extremely gratified that the big case coming in while they were working was burn guy. He smugly told her that he was interested in plastics, before asking what she was interested in. Kate was into neuro – she'd proclaimed that so many times it was just obnoxious – and Ben Spencer wanted general surgery. Morrow claimed cardio, though Arizona doubted he could handle it.

Hanging her bag on the back of the chair, she shrugged, "I just don't know. We haven't even finished our rotations yet," she said, rolling her eyes. They were all assigned to work in different areas and specialties for a certain amount of time before they were even supposed to think about deciding which specialty they were interested in.

Gesturing to the bar tender for two shots, he rolled his eyes right back, "Yeah, because people really wait until all of the rotations are done before knowing where they want to go. You can't not have any clue," he said, before picking up a newly delivered shot.

"I don't!" she insisted, and it was true. Picking up her own, she downed it, grimacing just a like bit, "I want…" she ran her finger around the rim, thinking of all of the options. There were just so many options, so many surgeries, so many organs and limbs and systems, and she didn't want limits, "I want it all."

After another few rounds, they were standing with their backs against the bar, scanning the crowd, as her mind hazed with a slight buzz, "Who are you after?" when he lifted an eyebrow at her, she scoffed, "I make a great wingman, Karev."

With that smirk, he came back with, "But I don't need the help." He reached behind them, grabbing two shots off the bar, handing her one as he scanned the crowd, then nearly choked on the alcohol, "Look who it is!"

He pointed and she followed the direction in which he aiming, eyes widening as she saw, of all people on her night off, Dr. Rachel Hayden, "Ugh, can we not ever get away?" she rolled her eyes, then tried to slap down his hand as the resident turned her head in their direction.

But then it was too late, and she spotted them, then made her way over. Closing her eyes – it was a bad idea to come out – Arizona took the shot of tequila in her hand, then put the glass back on the table. With the buzz putting her in that light mood, between sobriety and inebriation, the taste of tequila in her mouth, which was really more Callie's drink than her own, she watched as Rachel took the seat next to hers, sliding into it.

Nodding at them, she sipped at her drink, "Karev." Eyes behind those glasses then looked at her, skimming down her body then back up, meeting her eyes very briefly before looking away, she muttered, "Robbins."

Arizona narrowed her eyes in thought, at the way the other woman shook back her hair before lowering her head to drink in an almost dainty way. In this setting, music pounding around them, liquor coursing through her system, she couldn't help but feel like this was all very familiar. As Hayden's hand came up to first adjust her glasses, then tuck her hair behind her ear, it hit her.

John's Hopkins University, 18 months ago

Arizona Robbins desperately needed to get laid. It had been almost two weeks since the last time she'd picked up a woman, and for her, that was quite a while. But she had just returned from winter break at her parents' house, and the semester was going to begin in a week and a half. The stress from impending classes, was strong, and she had also just had to stomach seeing an announcement for the engagement party of Joanne and Amanda.

Throwing back one shot, then another. Then another, "Whew," she shook her head, eyes watering just a bit. Yeah, she needed more than alcohol to take this edge off. She just needed that release.

Scanning her eyes over the people in the bar, she pursed her lips in thought. Quite a few of them, she'd already been with before; this was a popular haunt for her to come to seeking women. Tonight, she wanted someone… different.

Hmm. Turning her head to the right, she saw some familiar faces, no one who particularly stood out. To the left, she was afraid it was the same thing, but she paused upon seeing someone who looked fairly out of place. She was very slim, with dark skinny jeans, and a black jacket that was still zipped up as she had a fruity drink in a cup, taking small sips. She was standing in the corner next to the bar, as if she was trying to shrink away and disappear.

She had shiny, light brown hair and long bangs that nearly brushed the top of her glasses. While one hand held her drink, the other reached up to continuously brush a lock of her hair behind her ear, in a nervous motion. She was the one for the night.

Making her way over to her, she approached slowly, mostly because this girl looked like she was about to flee at any moment. Once she made eye contact, she let a slow, dimpled smile slide across her face, one that she knew was charming, "Hey there."

The brunette's hand that was on it's way to tuck more hair behind her ear – hair that was already securely in place there – and the hand that had a steady hold on the glass clenched tightly, "Hey," she responded, so quietly Arizona could hardly hear her over the music.

Coming in closer, she could smell the woman's perfume – a faint, kind of sweet smell – and her body already started to react, just a little bit. Definitely what she needed tonight, "Do you want to dance?"

Her mouth floundered open for a few seconds, but words didn't seem to be coming to her and instead she just nodded. Smirking, she took the glass from her hands and placed it back on the bar, then grabbed her hand, interlacing their fingers, and leading her toward the dance floor.

Turning to face her, she came in close enough to feel her body heat, sliding her hands to lean hips, resting just above her ass, before she started to move. Arizona wasn't the world's most stellar dancer – at all – but she knew enough so that she could easily slide her leg in between another woman's, just like – yep.

She could feel her dance partner's heat, even though both of their jeans, and the feeling made her hot. Glancing at the brunette through her eyelashes, she simply raised an eyebrow. Which brought out her nerves again, full blast, and she admitted, "I've never really danced with a woman like this."

Pausing her movements for just a second, Arizona sent her a sly grin, looking around, responding with a staged whisper, "You realize we're in a gay bar, right?"

The woman's eyes glanced around, then landed back on Arizona, slowly moving down to her lips, "I – yes. I know that. I came here, for a reason."

Seeing where her gaze was, she flicked her tongue out, running it over her bottom lip, smiling as the brunette's mouth fell open in a light gasp, then she leaned in. Keeping her eyes open, on the light brown ones behind the glasses, she paused right over her mouth, waiting for the sign that it was okay. As a breath trembled out from between her lips, laced with the quietest, "Yes," she'd ever heard, she dipped in.

Feeling her nerves, she went in soft, pressing her lips to the side of the brunette's, then again to the other side. Before she could head in for the kill, the woman pulled her head slightly back as she blushed, "I, uh, I've never done this… um, before," she said, her voice an embarrassed whisper.

Arizona drew back, her hands coming up, playing with the zipper of the brunette's jacket, surprised, "Ever?"

A hand came up to press up thick glasses that had slid down her nose, and the way she moved her body, Arizona couldn't tell if she was trying to press herself farther against the wall or closer to the blonde, while the blush deepened so much that it was completely visible from her neck up, even with the dimmed lighting. She swallowed a few times, "Okay, well, I – um… I…"

Grinning at her, Arizona dipped her head, nipping at her throat, then pressing her lips against the spot, feeling the pulse under her lips jump at the contact, while the woman continued, "God! I, jeez, I've been on dates before and in one – one!" She squeaked, her hand automatically tunneling into blonde hair as Arizona's lips found a sensitive spot under her ear, "Um, that is – you have really nice lips – one long term relationship. With a man. But nothing, never, ahhhh, with a woman."

Her words stopped Arizona, and she pulled away, seeing the breathless disappointment on the woman's face, "Do you not want to do… this?"

The other woman lifted her hand and ran it through light brown bangs, messing them up as she tried to breathe normally, "No, no, I do. I really do. I just, hmm. I'm Rachel. And I'm not usually this nervous."

Grinning, she took her hand, shaking it lightly, enjoying the goosebumps that erupted on her skin, "I'm Arizona –"

"I know," Rachel quickly interrupted, then closed her eyes tightly, clenching her teeth, "I'm not, you know, weird or anything. I go to Hopkins, too, and we had a class together, last spring? You probably don't remember, and that's okay. I sat in the back and didn't talk too much. You sat in the front and you knew every answer, usually, and…" she trailed off, clearly mortified, her eyes wide.

Arizona found herself ridiculously charmed by her wide-eyed alarmed look and she smiled, leaning in once more, hovering her lips over Rachel's, "So you know all about me, huh?"

She nodded, her soft bangs touching the blonde's forehead as she did so, "I – yes. I know a lot about you. You should know that, before we do anything. Not that I assume we're going to do anything, because you could have anyone in here tonight, but –"

Blue eyes swept down the thin body in front of her, settling on the boobs that, under the jacket, were still fairly pronounced, and the legs that, even though the two of them were the same height, seemed so long. She had absolutely no problem with being the catalyst for a woman discovering her burgeoning sexuality. In fact, in the last year, she had slept with many a newly gay woman, and several "straight" women, as well. And this Rachel apparently knew all about her, so there was no worries that she had an issue with the rules, either.

They made eye contact and both grinned. Just what she needed.

Much later that night, when she'd been planning to leave, Rachel asked her if they could get together the next night, too. And what the hell, for a newborn, she really hadn't been bad at all – fairly timid, that was to be expected, but a fast learner – so Arizona had gone back the next night for more. And it was good, just like most of her other one or two nighters were.

The third night, she found herself back in the bar. Rachel had been nice and had taken the edge off of her desire, but earlier that day, she'd seen Joanne and Amanda come back from their break in Aspen, and it was the last night before the semester started that she really had to drown her sorrows in alcohol and bury herself so deep in a woman she could forget all about her stupid feelings and the stupid people in her life.

She was nearly drunk, but not to that point where she wouldn't remember anything tomorrow. Not that she would mind being that far gone tonight. But more than the alcohol, she wanted the curvy redhead who was currently grinding against her in a way that already had her pulsing. The redhead, whose name she was kind of fuzzy on, had a sultry voice as it asked in her ear, "Want to get out of here?"

Feeling two hands grab her ass and squeeze, she groaned, "God, yes. Your place." She never brought women back to her own if it was an option not to.

Turning around to grab her jacket from where it was resting at the bar, she came face to face with… Rachel? Yes, Rachel. Who was biting her lip, hard, and looking down at her feet. Reaching around her, she grabbed her jacket and gave her a sunny smile, "You came back to the bar! Going to pick up some lucky lady?"

Eyes turned to look up at her, and there was a sheen of tears across them, as Rachel's voice seemed to have disappeared. The sultry redhead wrapped her arm around Arizona's waist, "We going?"

Rachel simply turned and left, and Arizona turned her smile on the other women, "Let's go."

Her eyes were so wide she was positive they were about to take over her face, and both Karev and Hayden eyed her with confusion. Swallowing, she blindly reached for another shot, throwing it back, before looking at the other woman, "You went to Hopkins. We – you and I, we…"

A tight, humorless smile appeared on Rachel's lips, "Yeah. We did. Twice."

And then the third night, she'd blown her off, because that was what she did. Arizona Robbins, BC – before Callie – and AJ – after Joanne – slept with many girls, many of whom, like Rachel, she wouldn't remember if she saw them again.

Alex, spotting someone across the bar and sensing the sudden awkwardness, tapped his hand on the bar twice by way of taking leave, and Arizona looked down at her feet. She'd never really been confronted with her past history of women, and suddenly, here Rachel was. She wasn't nervous and stumbling anymore, but confident and sharp. But now that she remembered her, she couldn't just pretend she didn't.

Taking a deep breath, she looked at her. The bangs were gone, which gave the resident her older look, and fit more with her personality right now. But right now, she wasn't behaving like the woman Arizona had been interacting with for almost a month, as she avoided eye contact with the blonde.

Sliding onto the chair at the bar, she tapped one of her past shot glasses against the counter, "I don't really know what to say… I'm sorry."

Rachel didn't respond for a few moments, tipping her head back and finishing her drink, "For sleeping with me or for not remembering?"

Not expecting the question, she brought her hands down to rest on her own thighs, rubbing slightly, "I suppose both." Feeling guilty – shameful, really – she lifted her hand, rubbing at her temples, "I regret a lot about who I was back at Hopkins, and –"

She found herself cut off by Rachel's hand being put in her face, "Don't. Arizona, I – I really liked you back then. You were the reason I realized I liked women. We had a class together, the spring that you and Joanne broke up, and at that time? I had a boyfriend. Who I'd been with for years. And I broke up with him the following fall semester, because all I thought about was you, and you didn't even know who I was. But I knew who you were; I knew that you were sweet and kind and smart. And I knew that your ex was a bitch who used you, and most of all, I knew about your rules. Everyone knew about them. I knew. I had no right to be so… upset, afterwards."

Oh, god. Arizona could see the look all over Rachel's face as her stomach sank. Rachel hadn't been a newly turned lady lover burned that night, and she wasn't simply upset about it after, as she'd said. Clear as day, the blonde could read heartbreak. After wallowing in it after Joanne for years, she could smell it from a mile away. Oh, god, she thought again.

Not wanting to step on those eggshells – again, she reminded herself with a grimace – she stared at the countertop in front of her, trying to pick her words wisely, because now she remembered everything, and they still had to work together, practically every day, "I… I'm still sorry. I was your first woman," shit, shit, shit, "And I didn't treat you well."

"I knew what I was getting in to. Logically, I knew," she said quietly, bitterly, "I just thought – hoped – that I was more than another one of Arizona Robbins' leftovers. But I wasn't, and I was foolish to believe otherwise. And now? Now, you have a – a girlfriend," the word seemed to choke her, throw her for a loop.

Indeed she did, she thought as they fell into a silence, neither sure of where to take the conversation from that point. She thought of who she was, only a year ago, and if there were any other women who she'd made cry or had hurt, even unintentionally, and she felt… awful.

She thought she was imagining things when a low voice spoke in her ear, "Surprise."

Eyes widening, she spun so fast on the barstool she nearly fell, only stopped by a pair of strong, steadying caramel hands, "Calliope! You're here."

Her girlfriend's megawatt smile shined bright, and Arizona thought it was possible that it beamed through some of the bad feelings swirling inside of her at the moment, and her hands automatically sought out Callie's, needing to feel that connection to her, as her Latina responded, "I am!"

"I thought you were in Miami…" she trailed off, as they both felt Rachel's intense stare coming from less than a foot away. Feeling awkward, she kicked her foot out lightly at the ground, "Um, Calliope, this is Dr. Hayden. My resident. And Rachel, this is Callie, my girlfriend."

Callie, after hearing many horror stories of how Rachel had been treating Arizona in the last three weeks, managed to keep a smile on her face, albeit a few notches dimmer, "It's nice to meet you."

Rachel's returning smile was hardly more than a grimace, "You, too."

They made eye contact and kept it for long enough to make Arizona feel uncomfortable, especially as Callie's features shifted from a smile to something resembling a stare-down, and she tightened her grip on her girlfriend's hands, bringing those dark brown eyes back to hers, "Dance?"

Surprised by her request because it wasn't often in their relationship that Arizona suggested dancing for the two of them, Callie nodded, throwing Rachel one last glare, before she led her a few feet away. Melting into Callie's arms that wrapped around her waist so naturally, she lifted hers to slide them around her girlfriend's neck, feeling the soft, heated skin that was revealed by her sundress.

Before they could say anything more, Alex passed her, pausing next to them with a lady on his arm, lowering his voice, "Robbins, I thought you had a girlfriend."

Her hand automatically shot away from Callie to smack him, "This is my girlfriend, you dope. This is Calliope, and this idiot, is Alex."

Callie lifted an eyebrow at him, though a grin pulled at her lips, "Well, Alex, I've heard a good amount about you. Nice to meet you."

Arizona snickered slightly at his surprised look, "You're real? You exist, you're hot, and your name is Calliope. I was positive Robbins was making you up for at least the last two weeks," he grinned at the pair, before making eye contact with Arizona, and tilting his head to the woman next to him, mouthing, Like I need a wingman.

As he departed, the blonde went back to her position, arms around Callie, who lightly laughed, "So, that was Alex."

Sighing, she moved in closer, despite the August heat she wanted to feel her girlfriend's body heat against her, "That was Alex." A huge bonus of Callie's arms being around her hips was that she hardly had to think about coordinating their movements at all, because Callie knew how to move them both. Shaking her hair back, she looked up at her, "So, what are you doing here? I thought you were in Miami until tomorrow."

Wasn't that the cause of their fight early this afternoon? The question was rhetorical, because she knew it was, as Callie looked down at her, "Yes, I was scheduled to be there until tomorrow, but I'm going to have to take time with you where I can get it."

If you could easily fly home tonight, why did you make it such a big deal? Arizona's brain yelled, but she didn't say the words out loud. She didn't want to argue with Callie anymore, not when all she wanted to do was be held close by her for the first time in five days. It was the first time she'd even seen her in five days, and she wasn't going to waste it by getting her temper going. So she bit back her words, and all she did was lean her head down, resting it on Callie's shoulder, smelling that Calliope smell, mixed with the sun and fresh air, simply saying, "Okay."

They moved with the music, and it felt so good to be held by her girlfriend, even better now because she hadn't been expecting her, except… she could feel eyes watching them. Lifting her head, sure enough, Rachel's gaze was on them, caught somewhere between a simple stare or a glare, Arizona couldn't tell which.

Feeling her stomach churn, uncomfortable, she pulled back from Callie's body, already missing the soft curves against her own, answering her girlfriend's questioning look by saying, "Can we leave?"

Callie's arms slid from their secure hold around her waist, and she felt cold without them despite the humid air, "Sure. Your place or mine?"

"Yours," she answered immediately. She'd been in her bed, her apartment, without Callie too much lately, and tonight, she wanted to sleep next to her girlfriend, wrapped in her arms and her sheets, in a room that smelled so much like her delicious scent that it would be all she could breathe in.

Rushing, she almost jogged over to her seat where she'd left her tote bag on the stool next to Rachel, and they made eye contact again, making her feel awkward and ashamed, again, and she just muttered, "Bye," before quickly meeting Callie at the door.

But of course, because Callie was extremely perceptive, especially when it came to her, they had barely gone a few steps from the bar entrance, before her girlfriend's hand reached out, grasping hers, tugging her to slow down, "Hey, where's the hurry?"

Feeling that same mixture of guilt and shame, and just plain… awful, she stopped her pace down the sidewalk completely, dropping Callie's hand before clasping both of hers together and closing her eyes tightly, the words broke from her, "I slept with Rachel. With Dr. Hayden, Rachel."

Then there was silence, deafening silence, and finally she opened her eyes. Callie's face was pale, paler than she'd ever seen it, except maybe save for Valentine's Day, when she was sick, and it frightened her. And under a veil of tears, her eyes were a maelstrom of emotion, and for once, Arizona couldn't really read them, which scared her even more. Her stomach, already all tied up, felt like it was made of lead weight, and she stepped toward her, "Say… something? Anything?"

Those eyes, which had been darting back to the door of the bar they'd just left, then back to her, flicked to her face and held there, "I don't – I can't… I – how could you do this to me? To us? I can't believe, I can't," her words started to run together, while those tears started to fall from her eyes, marking wet trails down her cheeks that tore Arizona apart inside.

She shook her head in confusion, "What?" before the realization dawned on her and she jumped forward, "Calliope, no. I didn't mean – we slept together before I even came to Boston, almost two years ago. At Hopkins." Feeling sick at the thought – of cheating on Callie, of thinking that Callie had thought for however briefly that she'd done so – she brought her hands up to cup her girlfriend's face, thumbs swiping under her eyes, collecting the moisture there.

Callie let out a choked breath, exhaling heavily and bringing her arms down around the blonde's waist, pulling her in and holding tight, "Jesus, Arizona, why didn't you start with that?"

Her own arms wrapped around her, holding as tight as possible, breathing her in and burying her face in the dark hair that cascaded over her shoulder, "You're not mad?"

The Latina was silent for a few more moments, her arms finally loosening their grasp as she answered, "I'm not thrilled, knowing that you've slept with Rachel. But you have a past with women – an extensive past – and I suspect the jealousy I'm feeling is probably what you feel knowing that I've slept with Mark. It's not a good feeling, but I'm not mad, no."

Blue eyes narrowed, remembering that her girlfriend had slept with one of her best friends. Somehow, that thought would escape her, and every time it came back to her, it always evoked images of her hitting him in the face with a brick, "It's probably a similar feeling," she agreed.

Tan hands lifted from her body, rubbing under dark eyes, letting out a watery laugh, "That was probably the worst minute of my life," she admitted.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, not taking her hands off of Callie because she just didn't want to. Not after not seeing her for days, not after Callie had flown back to surprise her and make their schedules work, and especially not after what Callie had just thought. Even as her hands replaced Callie's, lightly wiping away those tear tracks, she felt anger well up, "I can't believe you would think I cheated on you."

Her girlfriend's mouth fell open, "Think back to the way you phrased your sentence! I told you that I couldn't believe it, but what else was I supposed to think?"

Biting her bottom lip, she sighed in concession, "Okay, that was probably a really terrible way for me to phrase it." But the thought that Callie could even think it was true just… seemed like it was eating at her.

Before her girlfriend could say anything in response, her hands slid to frame Callie's jaw, and she lifted on her tiptoes to capture Callie's mouth with her own. She groaned, feeling her girlfriend's hands clamp onto her waist, thumbs edging under her tank top and stroking her stomach. Their mouths opened at the same time, tongues seeking each other out, stroking, igniting a fire low in her stomach.

God, she wanted Callie so much, she always wanted her so much. Shifting just a bit, so she could take that juicy, full bottom lip between her own, sucking it into her mouth before letting it go with a small pop, she brought her mouth back. But didn't attach their lips, breathing into Callie's mouth, "The idea that I could want anyone the way I want you… that I could cheat on you with anyone…"

"I know," the brunette whimpered back, her hands digging into Arizona's hips for just a moment before coming up to slide against the soft, pale skin of the blonde's jaw, her index fingers and thumbs coming to rub circles over her earlobes, making Arizona gasp and shudder, because who the hell knew that was an erogenous zone?

Fingers sliding down, over Callie's bare shoulders, then touching the soft fabric of her white dress that just made her skin look so much darker, that was cut to elegantly shape her cleavage, Arizona moaned, "I want you, so badly."

"You, too," Callie panted back, as Arizona leaned away, somehow just remembering that they were on a public street and the sun was barely setting, casting them in a gorgeous sunset shadow, the light reflecting off of her girlfriend and making her look like something that was heaven sent. "Let's go to my apartment."

But before Callie could start moving them in the direction, she shook her head, her fingers itching to touch her girlfriend, claim her, now, "No, too far," she growled, taking Callie's hand in hers and pulling her into the alley on the side of the bar.

The Latina was too shocked to do much of anything, as Arizona pulled her behind a tall outlet of pipes from the building, that barely covered them both from the street only feet away. Her lips seemed to be magnetized to Callie's neck, needing to taste her, nipping lightly into the caramel skin. She could feel how wet she was herself – not having Callie fingers or tongue, god, even her thigh to rub against, in almost a week was too much, too long, especially when there had been tension between them, making the time seem even longer than it was.

Her fingers whispered over strong, tan thighs, the bottom of the dress pooling over her wrists the more she pulled it up, so close to her destination as her girlfriend moaned, "Here? Really?"

Flicking out her tongue, she licked a path to her ear, feeling Callie's chest heave against her own, "Yes, here, now. Speedy quick, and then all night long at your apartment."

Callie's head fell back against the brick of the building, sharp groan released into the air, "You're not –" her gasp pierced the air, cutting herself off, as Arizona's fingers made contact with her center. Swallowing rapidly as the blonde's fingers circled lightly back down her inner thighs, she managed to get out, "You're not going to be too tired?"

It was a valid question, Arizona could acknowledge, even as one of her hands inched back up again, because during a lot of their together time in the last few weeks, she had been too tired to have long, languorous bouts of sweaty sex, "Not tonight," she breathed into Callie's ear, feeling the answering moan rumble between them.

Scraping her teeth along her girlfriend's jaw, one of her fingers lightly hit Callie's lips again, then slid, tracing up and down her slit. Her mouth fell open, eyes fluttering closed, "Calliope, are you not wearing underwear?"

Thighs were already quivering around her hand while she shook her head, "N-no, didn't want panty lines," she explained in broken groans.

Whatever control she'd been holding on to, whatever thoughts she'd managed to keep in mind to keep her sane, just broke, and two fingers plunged up into wet heat, so, so, wet, the incoherent thought broke through her brain, her mouth sliding from where it was against her girlfriend's jaw to cover her mouth.

Her thumb made hasty circles while her fingers continued to thrust in and out as best they could at the angle they were at, continuing an ongoing, sloppy kiss with Callie. She could feel Callie's walls start to clench around her fingers, and she rubbed her fingers against her with every downward pull out of her, wanting desperately to see the her girlfriend come, before a long fingered hand clamped around her wrist, shaking legs doing the same around her hand.

Confused, she pulled back, taking in Callie's swollen, bruised lips. Her voice was nearly frantic, still feeling her warmth around her fingers, "What? What is it?"

Callie's other hand came up as she let go of the blonde's wrist, both trembling as they unbuttoned her jean shorts, unzipping them, slipping into Arizona's wet underwear, "I want to feel you – with me," she panted out, her fingers lightly running over trimmed blonde curls, while Arizona shuddered in response.

"Yes," she moaned, "Hurry." Because even though she hadn't been touched yet, she was so close, and sometimes she felt like she could come just from watching Callie.

Restricted by her shorts, those fingers slid against her, working in quick circles around her clit, legs relaxing slightly, enough for Arizona to continue moving her hand between Callie's legs. They moved in tandem, rhythm building quickly, and the blonde felt herself ready to tip over into a fast, sharp orgasm so quickly…

Moving her hand faster inside of Callie, pumping harder, brown eyes snapped open as her mouth opened in a silent scream. Seeing those eyes blur, then roll back, while her walls rhythmically tightened around her fingers, while Callie's fingers simultaneously jerked against her, she came herself, collapsing onto her girlfriend, pushing them both against the wall of the building.

Feeling any semblance of tension swiftly melt from all of her bones, and only feeling Callie – sometimes she thought this feeling was all she needed, Callie against her, feeling her, smelling her – she exhaled contentedly.

It was minutes later when Callie pulled her hand from her underwear, zipping and buttoning up her shorts, her voice low, "Did we just fuck in an alleyway? When it's not even actually dark out yet?"

She leaned back, gently pulling her hand from inside her girlfriend, her light whimper setting Arizona on fire again, as she brought up her hand, licking it clean. Sighing contentedly, she sent her girlfriend a lazy smile, "What was it you said earlier? We have to take what we can get?"

"And try to make it work," Callie added on this time, smoothing her dress down, before reaching her damp hand out, lacing it with Arizona's still damp hand, as they started walking back to the sidewalk. After a few seconds, dark brown eyes slid sideways to look at her, "We still have to talk about stuff."

About Rachel. And time management. And how to handle everything that was coming at them. "I know," she said, tightening her hand, "Just, not tonight?" Tonight, she just didn't want to think about whatever problems they had. She just wanted to enjoy Callie.

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