My very first fan fiction with my 2 favorite games. Lemme know what you guys think. Thanks!

Axton was upgrading his Sabre Turret with even more ridiculous firepower than he thought was necessary, but then again, there could be nothing but the best for his sweetheart of a weapon. Anyways, with the Warrior and Handsome Jack out of the picture he was going to have to find a new adventure. Sure saving a backwater planet full of psychopaths and murderers was fun and all, but it's not something thats gonna make it into a history book. That's why he was with the Crimson Raiders. To write history. Currently Lilith was trying out her newfound Siren powers. Since she was practically bursting with eridium energy, her powers were constantly evolving, and now she was crazy enough to try sending someone else into Phasewalk.

"Umm... d'you guys think this is safe?" Axton thought aloud," I mean, sure Lilith's got some major badass power ups but I don't want to explode or nothin,"

Zero, mocking him as always, replied, "Great Axton is scared?/History won't be written/Chances lost, oh well,"

"C'mon Mr. Commando, suck it up and lets get on with it," Lilith cheerfully said," Ain't like the time I dissolved that baby skag, I've been practicing,"

'Somehow that doesn't make me feel any better,' Axton thought, but resigned himself to his fate. He returned his trusty turret into the digistructor on his hip and prepared himself for what was hopefully a painless transition to wherever the hell Lilith goes when she did her Siren stuff.

"Here goes," Lilith said with uncertainty, uncertainty that Axton noticed a little too late.

"Hey are you su-" He started to argue but the purple waves of energy enveloped him inside a sphere, blocking all further communication.

Axton was breathless and speechless, but not in the way he had hoped. It wasn't the sleek beauty of the universe folding around him, not the realization he was traveling into another dimension.

It was the massive amount of pain coursing through his body.

"Somethings wrong!" Lilith shouted, struggling to pull him back. But the sphere just grew brighter as Axton's consciousness faded from the agonizing pain.

His body was thrown through impossible dimensions, catapulted through space and time and reality like a ragdoll. And when it finally stopped, Axton was unceremoniously dumped into a random alternate universe with no conceivable way back.

Shepard and his team were pinned down under the YMIR mechs' fire, running out of thermal clips and running out of time. Cloned Krogan slowly creeped upon his team's position. Not to mention the poison gas would surely kill Okeer and his creation by the time they killed all the remaining enemies. He ducked down further under the flimsy cover, hoping to find some way to finish this battle quickly.

"Mordin, think you could-" He started to say, but suddenly a blinding light filled the room, followed by the crash of thunder and explosion. Shepard peeked up, surprised and slightly deafened by the phenomenon.

'Did the mechs just blow up?' He thought, seeing the carnage that filled the room.

"Holy shit!~~" Jack exclaimed, ecstatic about the scorch marks covered every surface. The rusted metal designed to withstand space combat had warped and melted around a central point. At the center of all the chaos was a lone man collapsed on the floor, with scarcely any armor and wearing clothes of a style reminiscent of Earth military. In any case, he just saved their lives with some damn powerful explosion.

"Someone carry him to the shuttle, I'll go check on Okeer," With all the battles Shepard had been receiving the past few months, he wasn't going to let someone who wiped out a room full of krogan and heavy mechs slip through his fingers that easily.

Axton woke up slowly. He had to, since every damn part of his body seared with pain with every small movement. He tried getting up but found his limbs and head strapped down to a table. An older woman, a doctor judging from her lab coat, was talking to a 30-something man.

Next to him however, stood a lizard looking thing, with horns. God-damn freaking horns. Nothing with horns ever turned out good for Axton.

'What kind of hell did I get myself into this time?'