BEFORE you guys read this please understand that I've been busy. While not going into too many details a lot of new, exciting, turbulent changes taking place in my life right now, and it's put off writing for a bit. Anyways, I'm still at it. My stories are still alive.

"Meet the missus!"

The turret, now assembled, started firing upon the mercenaries and scattered many of them. One with a rocket launcher was taken down by the turret, although his shields and armor held up for more than Axton was comfortable with. Still, it proved that Axton's gear had still retained at least some their lethality. The sudden flanking gunfire startled the mercenaries as they noticed the giant gun shooting at them from above and behind. He fired on one, pleased to see his Tediore repeater work through the shield of one unlucky enemy and the headshot electrocuting the poor bastard. He tried to get a bead on another but they scattered into cover. Instead of one giant mass the enemies spread themselves around the room, hiding from the turret fire flanking them. Just the right setting for a good firefight.

Well… if he were facing a bunch of bandits. But these were professional mercenaries, not psychopaths with buzz-saws and speech impediments. They recovered astoundingly quick and still retained the suppressing fire on Axton and Kasumi. Intense focused fire took down his turret within a dozen seconds of deployment.

"Sonuvabitch?!" Experience and coordination were uncommon in the enemies he usually faced, even from Hyperion troops, who preferred to let their robots deal with the brunt of the assault. It would make little difference in the short run. Strategies and squad-play meant nothing to Axton.

He popped up out of cover, running towards the enemies while riddling two mercs who were advancing closer. He dropped into a laying position at barely knee-high cover. Kasumi took advantage of Axton's bewildering move and advanced into close quarters while cloaked. With a swift strike to the back of the neck one of the remaining dozen enemies blacked out before Kasumi cloaked her way back into cover. The mercenaries noticed the attack and started firing on her position heavily.

"Hey Ax, can you do something helpful for once?!" Kasumi shouted over the din of gunfire

"I'm on it Ms. Bossy-pants. Reloading!" Axton called out; loud enough for the mercenaries to hear. They took a few steps closer, only for an unlucky man to be hit with a Tediore gun reload. Sparks of electricity coursed around him as he was fried alive inside his armor. The charge spread to nearby enemies as well, overheating their weapons and disabling a few shields.

"MAN! That never gets old!"

The gun reappeared in his hand and he continued to shoot. The electric bursts took out the shields of nearby troops and the duo's combined fire quickly wiped out another group of unfortunate souls.

The only ones left were the two huddled behind the most solid cover they could find, behind a Krogan sculpture. Apparently Axton's effective tactics were enough to deter even elite combatants. Kasumi was about to throw a flashbang to draw them out but stopped when she saw Axton move towards them.

He ran up to the waist high cover, grabbing the hatchet on his side, reached over the cover, and buried it in one's chest. The other was probably too shocked or too terrified to intervene. Axton hauled the struggling man up and over the cover by the hatchet, and crushed his skull with a sickening stomp of his boot. At the sight of his last ally being brutally killed the remaining mercenary threw down his gun and ran away as fast as he could.

The sound of explosions did not go unnoticed, and they resounded throughout the compound as the thief and commando tore their way through the garage.

"What in the name of the Goddess is going on?" A patron asked, catching her glass of champagne as it rattled on the table. The other guests had noticed the disturbances as well, and their conversations grew louder and louder. They were all confused and curious about what was happening and Hock knew he was losing control of the situation.

"Everyone please, there is nothing to worry about. Simply some excavating so I can expand my garage."
They quieted down a little.

"Sometimes I find that I have so much money it just won't fit in one vault, you know how it is." That small joke seemed to ease most of the tension. The guests conversations fluttered back to gossip and corporate hobnobbing. He'll have to deal with rumors later; Hock left for his personal quarters and locked the doors behind him.

He pulled one of the Eclipse guards aside and spoke in a harsh growl,

"I don't know what I pay you for if you can't kill one girl and some slumdog lackey!" He shoved the guard towards the door,

"Seal the exits and lead them to the docking pads. I'll deal with them myself!" Using a switch on his desk, he opened his secret personal elevator down to his private hangar.

Coming soon: The first mission comes to an end, as people are killed, friendships are grown, and sarcasm is spat.