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Audrey thought she had pretty good perks with being a cop, but being Mac's girlfriend was a whole other level.

She didn't get cheek from anyone in town, in fact no one even dared to touch her. Items were discounted at various stores, she didn't have to pay for drinks at Luna Mesa or for repairs on her car. Her job was made easier by local trouble not resisting arrests, there was no more vulgarity from men in the holding cells and she had even made friends with some of Mac's delinquent friends.

But the best perk of all, was having Mac all to herself.

Mac had her staying at his house for the majority of the week, claiming her every night as his in every position he could think of. He'd take her out to neighbouring counties, sometimes even further, and show her around. He made sure no one looked at her in public, and Audrey always knew the best way to calm him down. They suited, and nearly everyone was content with Mac being distracted. Nearly everyone..

"Mac, what are you doing son?"

Mac's gaze snapped back to Walter, his eyes having been set on his waiting truck outside. He frowned, momentarily confused by his father's question, he looked over at Devon who watched him expectantly. When Mac gave no answer, Walter sighed heavily and set his elbows on the bar.

"What are you doing with her?" He asked pointedly.

Mac's eyes hardened and he straightened up on the bar stool, "Nothing" He snapped.

Devon scoffed from his place behind the bar, "You expect us to believe that lame excuse Mac" He chortled. "We know, in fact, the whole damn town knows" He sneered. He lent forward over the bar, and Mac rose quickly from his bar stool.

"Shut your damn mouth Ashton" Mac threatened.

Walter slammed his hand down on the counter top, silencing both his sons. He pointed one finger at Mac, eyes narrowed challengingly. "I ain't happy 'bout you running around town with this girl. She ain't from around here, she doesn't know how it works in Cainneville" Walter snapped.

"She won't-"

"Shut it!" Walter snarled. Mac's mouth tightened in a firm line and he watched Walter continue. "If she catches wind of our business, our whole operation will shut down, and do you know what he will do to us?" Walter asked. When Mac made no move in answering his question, Walter mimicked slitting his throat with his index finger. "We're dead" He added for good measure.

Mac glared at Walter, "She isn't a problem" He said through gritted teeth.

"You better make sure she isn't a problem" Walter retorted, "Otherwise I'll make you end her or Devon will"

Devon gave Mac a sadistic smile, and the hairs on the back of Mac's neck stood up defensively. His hands scrunched into fists and he gave the two men a murderous glare. "Now we wouldn't want that now, would we?" Devon asked snidely.

Mac's nostrils flared and he nearly barrelled over the bar top just to get to his smug half brother. Walter's bat was out in a flash, barricading Mac off from successfully socking Devon in the jaw and possibly doing more damage. Devon merely smirked, arms crossed with smugness.

"Mac?" Walter asked in confirmation.

"She ain't a problem" Mac reassured firmly.

Walter nodded in dismissal and Mac kicked away from the bar. He stormed outside, anger coursing through his veins at the thought of Devon touching her. The thought of anyone touching her was enough to fire him up. He smacked himself on the temple, what the fuck was happening to him? They had only been together for a week and he was turning into a complete pussy. Hell no was he some fag that ran round for a girl all day.

Mac kept telling himself that, it became his mantra as he drove back home.

But when he strolled through his front door, and seeing his girl bent over the oven with his boxers and shirt on, he was ready to give up the inner fight.

She pulled a tray of meatloaf out of the oven and spun around quickly, a bright grin on her face. "You're home" She exclaimed. She came forward and placed the meatloaf in the middle of the table, setting out a plate and cutlery for him. "I just woke up by the way" She added, gesturing to her lazy attire with brief self consciousness. She turned back around and opened his fridge.

"I would rather you have nothing on when I got home, but this will suite me fine" He mocked exasperation, and he didn't miss the slight smile that spread across her face. He'd by lying if he said that it didn't set his hormones on fire when she wore his clothes. In fact, it was something he could get use to.

He took a seat and as she neared him with a bottle of beer, he pulled her onto his lap, his nose buried in her neck. She squirmed on his lap, shrieking from the ticklish sensation that his facial hair gave her. She placed his beer on the table and ran her hand through his short hair. His hand firmly cupped her jaw and he pulled her face forward, claiming her lips in a slow and deep pace.

He made a noise of protest when she broke away, frowning childishly when she rose from his lap and went around to the other side of the table. "How was work Mac?" She asked him whilst dishing his meal for him.

"Ain't exactly the best day when you go to work with a hard-on" He growled, in which she smirked across the table at him. "I had to fucking jerk myself off like I was sixteen years old in my truck"

She hadn't meant to be such a tease this morning.

Then again, teasing Mac was her favourite past time and she knew that Mac would make her pay in the best way possible. She could tell he was ready to do it again by the dark look in his eyes and the way he sat forward in primal anticipation.

"Not tonight Mac" She protested, shaking her head quickly. "I've got night shift tonight and I can't be late"

Mac sighed heavily and sat back in his chair, "Call in sick, spend the night with me" He demanded. Audrey couldn't control the somersault her stomach did, it took all her will power to turn down his offer. She shook her head again. "At least spend time with your man tomorrow"

Audrey laughed, "You know I do have other things to do than spend time with you all day" She said seriously.

Mac rolled his eyes, "But you know you want some quality loving," He watched her smile again, before curiosity got the best of him. "What are you doing tomorrow?" He asked her, trying his best to hide the disappointment in his tone.

Dread filled her face and she nibbled on her lower lip, "Don't get angry" She pleaded as he lent forward suspiciously. "I'm meeting with Jim tomorrow"

As soon as she said it, Mac's dropped his knife and fork with a loud clatter and gave her a hard look across the table. "What?" He snarled, he rose from the table and paced in the middle of the kitchen irritably.

"It's just that I said yes to it last week, and its only to patch things up" Audrey defended quickly, she was surprised that she felt the need to justify herself to Mac. Her explanation didn't cool Mac's anger, he stared at her hard.

"I thought I told you to stay away from him" He snapped.

"Look I know you don't like him, but its not like I'm gonna do anything with him" Audrey explained, she too rose from her seat and neared Mac. "It's only bowling" She added as her hand snaked out and stroked Mac's forearm.

"I didn't know you liked bowling" Mac grumbled.

"I don't" She muttered, "I just feel bad about you beating him up"

Mac sat back down at the table, keeping to himself as they ate dinner in silence. When they were finished, and Audrey was cleaning up, he decided to speak. "I get to drive you there and back" He demanded.

Audrey faced him in amusement, "Okay Mac" She humoured him.

He sauntered over to her, his strong arms wrapped around her waist while his hands roamed to her ass and squeezed it. He lifted her up onto the counter, stepping between her legs where their crotches met at perfect level. He lightly rubbed himself against her, while his lips attacked the sensitive spot on her neck. She moaned breathlessly, eyes fluttering shut.

"Mmm..no Mac" She said, "I can't be late to work tonight"

"Fucking tease" He muttered as her hands went under his wife beater and roamed over his dirty chest. She sucked his lower lip into her mouth and bit lightly, before dragging her teeth over it and letting go.

"Careful Mac, I might make you abstinence for a week" She threatened lightly.

Mac grinned at her and she sighed, "Can you drive me home?" She asked him.

"You are home" He muttered beneath his breath. He ducked his head down when her curious eyes focused on him, when he said nothing else, she kissed him lips quickly before scurrying off to his room. She tried her best to ignore the butterflies racing around her stomach, the way her cheeks grew pink and the giddy feeling that swarmed in her chest. She folded up his clothes and placed them on his bed, shimmying herself back into the red dress from the date Mac and her had last night.

She came back into the living room, her face a blank canvas and his as well. They ignored his previous comment, although Mac's mind was racing a mile a minute. He cringed at the thought of saying it, but he still wanted to know what Audrey thought.

He kept it playful in the truck, giving her the usual dirty talk and making her blush and squirm beneath his gaze. He pulled into her driveway, trying his best to convince her to call in sick. He was persistent but Audrey was far more determined and stubborn.

"No" She said firmly.

Mac sighed and led her up to her front door. He grabbed her from behind as she inserted the key into the lock. She giggled as his hands grabbed at her thighs, then her hips and playfully tickled her ribs. She opened the door, giggling like a school girl and trying to swat him away.

"Mac!" She squealed.

He pushed his hips into hers, his arms firmly locked around her waist while she struggled to get out of his grip. He was grinning in amusement, watching as her cheeks grew pink and she chewed on her lip. He could tell she was close to giving in, and he pressed himself against her, only to have them both toppling over the threshold and landing on the carpet inside the house.

He slapped her ass as he rolled off of her, although his other hand remained on her hip, groping her though her dress.

"Mac stop it!" She laughed, slapping Mac's hand away.

Her amusement soon faded when there was a clearing of a throat. Audrey's eyes locked on a pair of feet only inches from her feet, she felt her body freeze as her eyes traveled up a pair of legs before she was met with a pair of cold green eyes. She scrambled up in a quick flash, Mac following after her while she shuffled her feet nervously.

"Erm hi" She greeted awkwardly.

"Hello to you too Audrey" Nina said with disapproval.

Audrey wasn't too fazed by her, she was more worried about the murderous look she was getting from Mitchell. He regarded her angrily, then his stare flickered over Mac. He made a noise of disgust and Nina stepped forward quickly, grabbing his arm incase.

"You two are home early" Audrey whispered.

"Apparently not early enough" Nina hissed.

Mac grabbed at his crotch and rearranged himself, unfazed by both Nina and Mitchell's disgusted looks. He glanced over at Audrey who gave him a warning look, she nodded towards the door and he shrugged, smacking her ass as he left.

"Hows your mum Mitch?" She asked him.

"Fine" He snapped through gritted teeth.

Audrey knew she was in for an earful.

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