General Disclaimer of Sorts

The story line for Hallelujah was inspired by many things including contemporary Christian rock, religious controversies, outrageous religious stereotypes and my own various and colorful religious experiences.

Hallelujah is in no way, shape or form meant to offend anyone.

This is going to be a fiction revolving around religion and will include religious themes but it is not meant to:


preach to the choir

argue with beliefs

change beliefs

support certain beliefs

support any one dogma or theology

It is my hope that, through reading this fiction, I might entertain my lovely readers and provoke thought about certain religious issues.

That said, I am not an expert in any type of religion and I don't expect to be treated as such.

The Writer's Religion?

I'd like to give a brief synopsis of my own religious journey.

My religious beliefs involve being exposed to many things; Judaism, Christianity, and years growing up in a Baha'i home.

Growing up, my mother dated a man named Dave. He was Jewish. Their relationship lasted through three years of my most impressionable years. I have celebrated three years of Hanukkah, I love the little chocolate coins, dreidel is still one of my favorite games and synagogues are awesome in general.

Regarding Christianity, I lived with my very Christian best friend for two years during high school and went to Gateway church every Sunday (Gateway, by the way, is the inspiration for the church featured in this story by the same name). I own a bookmarked bible, I still wear my purity ring (woot-woot 18 year old virgins) and I relate the most to God through contemporary Christian rock music.

As for growing up Baha'i? This was my mother's chosen religion and, morally, my favorite, even though my own experiences with this religion are less than stellar (blame the gossiping Middle Eastern harpies of Northern Texas). If you don't know about Baha'i, I suggest giving it the good old Google try – it's worth it.

Second Pleading Disclaimer:

Please, give the story a try.

Despite this page you are reading, Hallelujah will not involve that much religion – I promise.

I do not want any flames for this story, because I don't think they are necessary.

If you have suggestions, I'm happy to hear them. I love constructive criticism!